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Doors For Industry We offer quality aftercare on all our installations, including service, maintenance and repairs work. We are proud to offer over 25 years of experience manufacturing a variety of high quality bespoke door and loading bay solutions for the industrial market. We provide safe and affordable solutions for a wide range of businesses, and offer expert installations across the UK by highly qualified engineers.

Our tailor-made shutters and loading bays can fit specifically to your low or high use needs, and we provide comprehensive maintenance packages that suit your requirements and the products installed, to reduce risks of breakdowns. Our rapid response emergency repair team of experienced engineers can carry out on-the-spot repairs around the UK for all of our installations.

With free on-site surveying, we create accurate bespoke roller shutters with a variety of options for both high and low use industrial needs. All our insulated roller shutters not only protect against erratic weather conditions, but they are also electrically operated via the Safedrive direct drive system.

read more › Established 25 years ago, we are the proud manufacturers of a variety of high quality shutters and doors to commercial, industrial and retail premises. As well as manufacturing our own shutter and door solutions, we also provide an expert installation service and excellent aftercare including maintenance and repairs work, all at a competitive price. With a variety of door and loading bay solutions on offer across the UK, our expert engineers and knowledgeable team can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

read more › We are proud to have worked on a wide range of installations and with many clients across the UK. Although it would be impossible to display all the great projects that we have been involved in over the past 25 years, we have taken a selection to demonstrate the variety of our work. For more information or to arrange the installation of our high-quality doors at your industrial or commercial premises, get in touch with our team of experts today. We worked on a recent project for Matrix IDC Ltd in Market Drayton installing manually operated sectional overhead doors on their phased development.

read more › With our team of industry experts, experienced in providing the best products for our customers, we can help you to find the right industrial door solution for your business. Not only do we manufacture our own high-quality roller shutter doors, we provide a fully comprehensive servicing, repairs and maintenance service to all our customers, ensuring their doors are operating at full efficiency at all times.

read more › Insulated roller shutters provide an economical way to tackle changes in weather. We provide a range of insulated roller shutters for industrial and commercial properties. For premises where energy conservation and protection against the elements are key, our insulated roller shutters provide an ideal solution. With 25 years of industry experience, we are proud to manufacture bespoke roller shutter doors, tailored to your businesses needs.

read more › Steel roller shutters provide a practical and cost-effective solution to any property, which offers a high level of security for your peace of mind. Our steel roller shutters are manufactured to the highest standard. You can rely on us to provide you with long-lasting, robust-made doors for your industrial or commercial premises. With a steel roller shutter, you can choose the best opening solution for you, whether that be electric or manual operation. All our steel roller shutters are bespoke, and if required can be powder coated to a colour from our standard range.

read more › Fire shutter doors provide an excellent solution for safeguarding your property against fire-related accidents, allowing you to isolate non-fire areas from blazes and subsequently protect your workforce, visitors and the contents of your premises. Flameshield 240 allows for total peace of mind for both security and fire risks. Whether you need the shutter for a commercial, industrial or retail premises, we are able to tailor make our fire shutters to your specifications and level of aesthetics.

read more › Sliding folding doors provide a practical solution to a variety of commercial and industrial spaces. For a busy workspace environment, sliding folding shutters can help to keep up with the pace of your business while keeping the premises secure at all times, enabling ease of access for workers and visitors alike. Available for bespoke specifications, these shutters can be built around your needs, with electrical or manual operation. With highly qualified engineers across the UK, you can rest assured that your installation of these shutters won't slow your business down.

read more › Steel hinged doors are exceptionally strong whilst maintaining a pleasing visual aesthetic at industrial and commercial premises. Suited to buildings with high traffic levels, both in terms of workers and visitors, these doors are a hard wearing and durable business solution. Here at Doors For Industry, we supply a variety of fully assembled, steel hinged doors in a wide range of sizes to suit your premises' individual requirements.

read more › At Doors for Industry, we understand that finding the best answer to security while keeping your property looking visually pleasing can sometimes feel impossible. Our window shutters provide the best solution to this problem, meaning you don't have to compromise on your property's needs. Our range of expertly-manufactured made-to-measure window shutters are guaranteed to uphold the aesthetics of your space whilst performing to excellent standards. We provide free on-site surveys to assess the needs of your property and make sure they fit the right specification for you.

read more › To save time and energy by maintaining room temperature, the high-speed door provides a smart solution. Moving quickly during opening and closing mechanisms, the doors control traffic flow providing ease of vehicle access and reducing noise levels at industrial and commercial premises. This smooth system allows for the uninterrupted flow of day-to-day business operations. Where speed, security, reliability and performance are necessary, the high-speed doors are the solution. Don't let slow mechanisms delay your productivity, choose our quality bespoke high-speed door solution.

read more › For commercial and industrial premises, security shutters provide an important solution, offering improved safety for workers and visitors at your premises, as well as protecting expensive equipment and contents for your peace of mind. Security Shutters can be manufactured in aluminium or steel depending on your requirements. Aluminium shutters provide high levels of security whilst maintaining a pleasing aesthetic at your premises, meaning you don't have compromise style for safety. The range of aluminium shutters we offer are manufactured to suit a variety of customer specifications and premises, with various design options.

read more › Our retractable security gate system keeps a pleasing aesthetic at your premises whilst providing a high level of protection, giving you total peace of mind about the safety of your property. All our grilles are approved by The Association Of British Insurers and we can also offer Security Rated Grilles Certified to LPS1175 Levels 1,2 &3. Ideal for those looking for a lower cost manual option, these retractable gates are easy to operate and are exceptionally smooth and quiet thanks to the smooth-running carrier system.

read more › Loading bays are a practical solution for industrial, commercial and retail premises where deliveries are made on a regular basis. Speeding up the flow of work for your employees, loading bays allow for the swift and versatile delivery of large, bulk deliveries. Dock levellers can be either electronic or hydraulic, provided in both swing lip and, a more versatile choice, the telescopic lip. We offer a variety of sizes, both standard and more bespoke to suit our customers' individual requirements, with all levellers manufactured and installed by our professional and highly qualified team.

read more › Providing control of and protection against any unwanted air pollutants or pests, as well as improving insulation at your facility, plastic PVC strip curtains are a cost effective solution for industrial, commercial and retail premises. Our expert team will survey your premises to get custom measurements for your strip curtains, allowing for accurate and quality installation. Get in touch with our experts for more information on plastic strip curtains.

read more › With over 25 years' experience in the industry, our team of expert engineers are highly-skilled in their trade. Doors For Industry are not only a leading manufacturer of shutters and doors for various industrial and commercial premises, we also provide second-to-non aftercare on all our installations, including service, maintenance and repair work. We offer planned preventative maintenance contracts to your requirements, as well as our emergency rapid response call-outs by our expert engineers.

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