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Elitis Windows Doors & Conservatories Elitis PVCu windows are available in a wide range of styles, colours/finishes and glazing options. Mix and match to create the ideal look for you. Whether you're looking for a beautiful new entrance door or want to let the outside in with a patio or bifold door, the Elitis range offers a range of stylish options. We can create a range of conservatory designs including popular classic styles such as Victorian and Edwardian, modern Lean-to styles and even bespoke conservatories.

Whether you want to upgrade the faade of your home or want to carry out a DIY extension project, we offer a range of easy to fit systems which are guaranteed to offer high performance. Flush sash windows are those that sit flush within the frame, and open like casements rather than vertical sliders. They are a simple solution if you want to re-create the timeless authenticity of traditional timber sash windows.

So called because they're made up of composite materials, Elitis Gallery composite doors feature a highly insulating foam core with a GRP skin, reinforced with galvanised steel and sealed inside a 70mm multi-chambered PVCu outer frame.

read more › Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Elitis have been manufacturing and supplying quality PVCu windows, doors and conservatories for installations in properties across the UK since 1976. The Elitis range is manufactured using the latest techniques, materials and security devices, offering you quality, low-maintenance and durable home improvement products which are also excellent value for money. We also supply a range of roofline and other building products including fascias and soffits, cladding, flat rubber roofing and roof windows for DIY projects, although we do have installers trained to carry out all types of household maintenance.

read more › Here at Elitis, we're not just known for our high quality range of home improvement products and expansive network of professional installers, but our ability to provide the best opportunities possible for budding homeowners to achieve their dream home too. Another tool that allows this to happen is our dedicated double glazing showroom. Please feel free to view our virtual showroom tour below, click and drag to view in 360 degrees and click the floor to move around. If you'd like to visit our showroom, or want to get in contact, please visit our contact page or use the details below.

read more › The Elitis range of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories are manufactured in our factory in Stoke-on-Trent and supplied through a network of specialist installation and home improvement companies. Elitis installers have chosen the brand because they want to fit the best, and every installer carries out work to a high standard and in a professional manner. By submitting your details you confirm that you agree to the storing and processing of your personal data by Elitis as described in the privacy statement.

read more › Elitis PVCu windows are available in a wide range of styles, colours/finishes and glazing options. Mix and match to create the ideal look for you and upgrade the energy efficiency and security of your home too. We manufacture casement windows, sash horn windows, bay and bow windows, tilt and turn windows, and reversible windows in the Elitis Linear and Elitis Contour systems. Whatever style of home you live in we have the ideal window for you. Linear is a chamfered system, featuring a clean, geometric design which works perfectly with modern/new-build houses, whereas Contour has soft, sculpted curves suited to older styles of property.

read more › The cold mornings are rolling in and many homeowners who have had the very latest high performance elitis windows installed, may be encountering an unusual phenomenon. External condensation may occur on the latest energy efficient double glazed windows and demonstrates that the windows are doing a fine job of keeping heat in the building. The phenomenon is a natural and predictable event caused by the outer pane of the glazing being colder than the glass that it replaced. You may be asking yourself though, "why didn't I see this on my old windows?"

read more › Bay and bow window styles are typical in older properties. If you're looking to replace old timber windows but want to maintain the original appearance of your home, Elitis offers bay and bow window styles which are energy efficient, secure and stylish. Using our high performance PVCu and aluminium casement styles in the Elitis Contour and Elitis Linear profiles, we can create bay and bow designs, with fixed and opening casement window options. We can also incorporate our Elitis sash horn windows to create a more traditional window design for your home.

read more › We manufacture quality casement windows using the Elitis Contour and Elitis Linear profiles. Both of these feature a secure 70mm, five-chambered profile which also improves thermal insulation. Elitis Contour offers a traditional curved appearance and Elitis Linear has a more modern geometric design depending on the look you want to achieve in your home. Opt for aluminium for maximised glass sashes and views to the outside. Windows can be customised with a range of different glass and colour options.

read more › Add a touch of traditional charm to your property with PVCu or aluminium sash horn windows from Elitis. This style combines the simple top-opening functionality and modern performance of a casement window with the classic look of a sash window. Elitis sash horn windows feature a run-through horn on the frame, rather than a glued or bolt-on horn, meaning no unsightly glue lines or exposed screw heads. It can be used to replace traditional timber sash windows, giving your home the appearance of a wooden window but without the associated costs and maintenance.

read more › They are a simple solution if you want to re-create the timeless authenticity of traditional timber sash windows. Residence 9 windows have been specifically designed and manufactured to imitate their historic counterparts, including by featuring mechanical joints that replicate the appearance of timber. This is done so successfully, the flush sash windows conform to Article 4 Conservation guidelines. This makes them suitable for use in a number of conservation areas. We also make it easy to create the most authentic window possible - thanks to our wide range of additional hardware options and elegant coloured finishes to add to your Residence 9 windows.

read more › Vertical Sliders are seeing a resurgence thanks to the traditional look they posses. Many buildings have been subject to inappropriate window replacements that have ruined the character and look of the property. Our windows enable you to install new windows that blend into their surroundings - city or countryside, commercial or residential. Our heritage vertical sliding sash windows are perfect for conservation or traditional projects, a classic look with modern advantages. Sculptured Georgian bars, sash horns, two sliding sashes and a choice of hardware, together with a selection of beautiful finishes, all add to the traditional feel of these beautiful windows.

read more › Aluminium windows are an incredibly popular option in today's modern world. As well as possessing incredible efficient energy performance figures, they also offer a multitude of colour options. Our Aluminium Window System is the perfect choice for residential or commercial projects, offering a cost effective, high performance solution in a wide range of configurations and formats to suit your building design. This superior system is available in Top Hung, Side Hung, Tilt before Turn, Fully Reversible and Steel Replacement formats with a range of glazing and hardware options.

read more › New home building regulations now make it a necessity for an escape window to be installed, with a clear unobstructed opening of 850mm high x 50m wide as a minimum requirement. In the case of a fire, this window would be used as a safe exit if access to the ground floor is not possible. Unlike standard windows which open to a point, Elitis fire escape windows open to reveal a full opening and improved exist space, meaning they satisfy the building regulations requirement for fire escape windows.

read more › Tilt and turn window styles are a practical window solution for modern homes. Utilising an innovative tilting and turning mechanism, Elitis tilt and turn windows are easy to maintain and provide natural ventilation for a property without compromising its security. Tilt the sash inwards from the top to ventilate a room without having to open the window fully or open as a side hung inwards window for full ventilation and an easy way to clean the glass from inside the building. Elitis tilt and turn windows are manufactured using modern aluminium or our PVCU chamfered or traditional sculptured profiles, and offer high levels of thermal efficiency, weather proofing and security.

read more › High quality timber effect windows, and our Timeless flush sash windows in particular, perfectly imitate 19th century timber sashes, and offer a range of modern performance benefits that will last for years. Boasting maintenance ease, energy efficiency and security, our Timeless windows are a cost-effective timber alternative solution, and therefore help to bridge the gap between standard PVCu and higher end timber window solutions. To give the most authentic timber look possible, our Timeless timber effect windows are hand built using traditional craftsmanship.

read more › Many people are converting their lofts as a way of utilising the extra space in their home, rather than moving. Elitis pivot roof windows can be installed into a loft space, letting light flood in and turning it into a bright and airy additional room in your house. Where space is limited and a specific design is needed, Elitis roof windows are ideal. The window opens on a pivot so won't it won't intrude into your home when trying to get more fresh air into a property, and has much more glass than a regular window, letting more light in.

read more › Whether you're looking for a beautiful new entrance door or want to let the outside in with a patio doors, French doors or bifolding doors, the Elitis range offers a wide range of stylish door options. Refresh the look of your home and improve thermal insulation, weather proofing and security with an Elitis door, manufactured to the highest standard and supplied through our network of specialist installers. Elitis manufacture PVCu and aluminium entrance doors, an affordable replacement door option which suits most types of property.

read more › PVCu doors from Elitis provide excellent functionality, superb security, and an attractive aesthetic, all for an affordable price. They are fitted with 8 point multi-hook locking systems as standard and any glazed sections are made from toughened safety glass. Whatever type of PVCu doors you're looking for, with Elitis, we're sure to have the perfect doors for you. PVCu doors from Elitis are available in a range of styles and finishes including authentic wood grain finishes and a variety of coloured foils.

read more › The River collection of PVCu entrance doors from Elitis offer beauty, choice and functionality all for an affordable price. Choose from six designs which come in white on white as standard. There is also the option of solid wood grain effect colour to replicate the look of a real timber door, and white on woodgrain finishes for a different look inside and outside of your home. A range of door furniture is available for the River collection of doors including handles, letterplates, numbers and knockers.

read more › Bring the outside into your conservatory or living room with an Elitis inline sliding patio door. This style slides left to right rather than opening inwards or outwards, perfect for home's with limited space. Elitis patio doors are available in two, three of four pane options, enabling you to create larger glass areas and fill your home with light. Choose from solid white, or pick one of our wood grain finishes including White, Light Oak, Red, Green, Black and Blue for the appearance of timber with none of the costs or maintenance hassles.

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