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Advanced Tinting With over 20 years in the window tinting industry we guarantee quality products & solutions. We have been providing cost effective, quality solutions to these problems for over two decades in the Windows Tinting industry, covering Bournemouth, Dorset, Salisbury and Wiltshire. We guarantee a variety of solutions to ensure we meet requirements for business, vehicle, home or conservatory windows.

Whether at work, at home or travelling, windows are a means of fresh air and essential for day to day living. But with it comes glare, uv damage and fading to interior upholstery. It is a cost effective solution to bring existing glass up to current British Health & Safety Standards. This is more cost effective than going to the expense of replacing existing glass.

We have many years experience and extensive product knowledge. We will assist you every step of the way. We can help to specify and select the most suitable window film for all your requirements. Window tinting is a quick, cost effective alternative to expensive glass products or glass etching.

read more › Are you one of those in the UK that find that they have a beautiful conservatory that is unfortunately unused 50% of the year as, during the summer you find it too hot and uncomfortable to relax in, and during the winter it is just too cold. Conservatory window tinting is a very cost efficient solution to this by providing both protection and insulation for your conservatory and allowing your conservatory to create a cooler environment in the summer and a warmer one in the winter, allow you to use your conservatory all year round.

read more › More and more homeowners are taking advantages of what residential window tinting can offer. Residential window tinting provides energy savings, privacy and security. It can even enhances your homes appearance. It's surprisingly affordable for any size home. A light shade of Vista V48 can reduce the solar heat entering your home by over 53%. When sunlight directly enters into your home, it can disrupt your life by making it difficult to see your television and computer screens due to glare. Vista Window film not only blocks the direct glare from the sun, but will remove the need to install blinds or shades.

read more › Commercial Window Tinting can provide your place of business with a highly professional look, and incredibly comfortable feel. There are a variety of reasons your business could benefit from commercial window tinting including:. Ensuring your place of business is not visible from the outside will increase security and provide higher levels of privacy. Advanced tinting are a highly experienced and professional window film company we are able to offer a wide variety of window film options:. This reduces the cost of maintaining a comfortable environment for employees customers and clients.

read more › In essence the Law now states that the Visible Light Transmission must be at least 70% through the driver and front passenger windows - even after the application of Window Film (or other accessories). However, there are no restrictions to the darkness/colour of the window film that can be applied to windows behind the 'B' Pillar. A. Many reasons. Firstly manufacturer glass does not protect the passengers from UV radiation - which can be harmful to you, your children and pets (see World Health Organization).

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