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Investing your hard earned money in your home is a big decision. Choosing the right company is essential. We provide the highest levels of workmanship, quality products and professionalism - all at affordable prices. Your property is our priority. Our experienced team take due care and diligence when working in your home and every project, however large or small is finished to the highest standards.

Replace your misted double glazing, broken single panes or upgrade to A-rated energy glass. If you need window and door repairs fast then look no further than the Woodfield Window Doctor. We are able to repair any broken panels or replace faulty hinges on your windows and doors. I recently used Woodfield Windows to repair a faulty door handle. It was a quick and simple repair, carried out efficiently and within half a day of making my initial request.

The faulty component was shown to me and it was explained how it was causing me the issues that I was experiencing with locking the door. Fortunately the repair turned out to be easy to fix and was carried out within 15 minutes.

read more › Philip started Woodfield Windows in 1985 determined to provide the finest quality products at great value for money. The company has grown on its reputation for consistently providing outstanding and professional service, dedicated to ensuring every customer is left happy. This is why Woodfield Windows is one of the most respected window, door and conservatory companies in the local area. We welcome you to visit our showroom to view some of our products first hand where our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be on hand to find the best possible option for you, without the overbearing sales pressure!

read more › I recently used Woodfield Windows to repair a faulty door handle. It was a quick and simple repair, carried out efficiently and within half a day of making my initial request. The faulty component was shown to me and it was explained how it was causing me the issues that I was experiencing with locking the door. Fortunately the repair turned out to be easy to fix and was carried out within 15 minutes. The service that I had was once again second to none. I say that as I have used Woodfield Windows on numerous occasions over the last 24 years spread across all three properties that I have lived in within the local area.

read more › Cutting edge engineering to achieve a slimline uPVC section, providing modern style to uPVC windows. Hugely popular in the London boroughs, upgrade your property with high performance, low maintenance uPVC windows. Ovolo: This sash design aims to replicate the ornate curves of classic wooden windows, so is the perfect choice for a traditional or period property. Chamfered: Smooth and contemporary, this profile will help to achieve a more subtle style and is best suited to modern faades. Looking for an attractive, slimline window system?

read more › Robust design and clean lines, create a sleek and refined aesthetic, without compromising quality. If you are looking for high energy performance without compromising on aesthetics, then our aluminium frame window system may be what you are looking for. With cutting-edge manufacturing, utilising the latest thermal break technology and installed with A-rated energy glass, our aluminium windows retain outstanding energy efficiency. Our aluminium frame windows are incredibly sturdy, allowing us to reduce the overall frame size (compared to uPVC) providing slimmer sight lines.

read more › Casement windows are the most prevalent style of window in Britain. Characterised as a window hinged at the top or side, they allow for easy functional use in any property. Installing replacement windows is a big decision and can be seen as an investment in your property. Our uPVC casement windows are secure, energy-efficient and boast a slim-line profile, which is pleasing to the eye. Replacing or upgrading your windows can compliment and enhance the appearance and value of your property. At Woodfield Windows we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality.

read more › Bay windows often come with a variety of nuances that can determine the structural integrity of the bay. Time and again, we successfully and skillfully replace bay windows. This is owing to the 35+ years of industry experience of our dedicated in-house surveyor. Furthermore, installations are thoroughly checked by our Installations Manager, who has served over 25 years at Woodfield Windows. This is how we have built our reputation. By providing consistent, high quality service and faultless installations year after year.

read more › Sliding sash windows are prevalent across many of the London boroughs. At Woodfield Windows we have extensive experience in the installation of full box sash sliding window replacements. Primarily available in uPVC, we are also able to manufacture and install traditional Timber box sash windows if requested. What sets us apart from the competition you may be thinking? It is our willingness to accommodate the finer details of your individual project. Speak to us to discuss what you are looking for and you will find that we are dedicated to meeting what you want with what we can provide.

read more › At Woodfield Windows we are able to accurately match and fulfill any period design style you may require to maintain the look and enhance the performance of your period property. Woodfield Windows has been manufacturing and installing high quality, energy saving double glazing for over 30 years to homes within the London boroughs. Your windows will be designed bespoke to your personal specification and will be expertly installed by our dedicated and experienced fitters. We pride ourselves on our personal and attentive service and can assure the highest quality, efficiency, security and style will be provided for your home.

read more › The tilt allows you to easily ventilate your home without leaving the windows wide open, simply turn the handle 45 degrees once to open the top slightly. Then if you want to clean the window, simply twist the handle 45 degrees again and the window will swing inward on its side hinges. This allows you to fully open the window reach those hard to get areas. With a restricted opening ensuring that your child does not fall or trap their fingers with the window open. Tilt and Turn windows provide peace of mind for families with small children.

read more › The cost effective alternative to replacement double glazing. Always manufactured bespoke to your window openings, to ensure maximum energy performance. Secondary glazing is a cost effective way to improve the performance of the windows in your property. It works by installing a second "screen" of double glazing, to further prevent heat loss. Secondary glazing can provide fantastic energy efficiency benefits without the larger investment and overhaul of a complete double glazing replacement project.

read more › If you live in a 'period' property, and need to replace your old Crittall* or metal framed windows or doors, then we can help. We supply and fit slimline metal windows into commercial and residential properties. We also offer a complete range of building services if you require this as a part of your project. Maintaining the charm and style of your property as well as keeping the heat in and reducing outside acoustics. Ensuring we meet the traditional slimline metal framed look but also provide A-rated energy performance standards.

read more › Improve the energy efficiency of your property by replacing your windows with modern double glazing. Our uPVC windows come 'A+' Rated as standard. A combination of modern window engineering and A-rated energy glass, double glazing works by reflecting thermal energy back inside the property. Double-glazed windows are effectively two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar. The vacuum cavity between the panes is filled with air or gas to improve the insulation to prevent heat loss and reduce acoustic penetration.

read more › You are able to attain the pinnacle of energy performance with triple glazing, reaching up to A++ energy ratings. Triple glazing is just what it sounds like. Three layers of glass (instead of the usual two panes) which greatly enhances the thermal energy efficiency and acoustic reduction properties of your windows. Choosing to install new uPVC triple glazed windows into your home can make a considerable improvement to the appearance and significantly enhance its insulation and security properties.

read more › Do you live on a busy road? Frustrated with building works or loud traffic? Block out the hustle and bustle with acoustic glass. We can replace your existing glass with acoustic laminated double or triple glazed units, helping to reduce outside acoustics. Do you live near a busy road or railway and suffer with noise pollution? Installing or replacing existing glass with acoustic glass can help to reduce your external noise issues. With over 35 years experience within the industry, our experts are happy to help you make an informed no-pressure decision.

read more › Restore your windows to good health by choosing to repair with the Woodfield Window Doctor. Our experienced team of dedicated repair engineers are able to supply and fit replacement window hardware. It is quite common for window hardware to break down over time. At Woodfield Windows, our dedicated and experienced team of "Window Doctors" are able to bring your windows back to life! So if you need window and door repairs fast then look no further. We are able to repair any broken panels or replace faulty hinges on your windows and doors, all at excellent value for money and saves you from replacing an otherwise working window or door.

read more › Our expert team are here to help you make an informed decision, ensuring you choose the perfect replacement windows for your property. From the first point of contact we work to understand precisely what is is you are looking for - ensuring your quotation is bespoke to your project. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision. Once you are happy and have agreed in principle with the scope of works, we can then draw up your contract.

read more › All of our windows carry an A+ energy rating, ensuring a very high level of energy efficiency. Installing a window with a higher standard of energy efficiency allows you to save more money on your heating and energy bills. This is because it will cost less money to maintain the temperature of your home. Firstly, the latest technology in the manufacturing process ensures that our window frames are made to be draught proof, weathertight and thermally preservative. Secondly, we install A-rated energy glass units, which are coated with an invisible film on the inside pane which reflects internal heat energy - sending it back inside the property.

read more › Have a look through our window FAQ section to see if we can answer any of your questions, but feel free to call us on 01895 622 207 if you need further assistance. Providing a quotation for replacement double glazing takes into account a lot of variables and cannot always be done 'off the cuff'. With this in mind, there are plenty of options that can be changed or tweaked to ensure the cost of the job is tailored to fit your budget. Call a member of our team today on 01895 622207 to see how we can help to meet your project requirements.

read more › Choosing to replace with Woodfield Windows provides you with a 10 year insurance backed warranty, covering parts and labour. Additionally, with our high street presence - you know that we are here to stay and can call on us any time to resolve any minor issues you may have with your double glazing. This applies to all installations, together with IWA's Insurance Backed Guarantee, which means that if Woodfield Windows experience any unforeseen difficulties, then IWA will take control over Woodfield's guarantee.

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