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Kent Window Films Kent Window Films is a small family company based in Kent that has been specializing in the supply and installation of window films for over 10 years. We take pride in our work and every application process will be treated with the same high level of care and integrity. We strive to achieve professionalism in all areas of our work within the window filming industry.

Here's just some of the reasons that window films are rapidly increasing in popularity for home owners and business owners alike. Solar film will help reduce heat in your home whilst also minimising sun exposure without losing all of your natural light! Safety / Security films are a clear adhesive film that is applied to glass to increase strength and to hold the panel in place if it was smashed.

Our privacy or frosted film is perfect if you want to add some extra privacy to your windows or conservatorys! We offer a range of services for businesses, schools and many other commercial properties. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of families and businesses to help protect their properties, families and belongings.

At Kent Window Films we treat each an every one of our customers with the same, high level of care and respect. We are courteous, polite and most of all provide the best possible services. We aim to provide you with useful, factual advice and disclose all of the positives and any possible negatives sides to all of our product or services to help you

Privacy windows films come in many forms. Each option has its own range of applications and helping you choose the best window film to meet suit your requirements is part of our service. Some films work by obscuring the view completely, and other window films work by creating a light difference between inside and outside, making it very hard to see

Solar film is primarily designed to reduce excess heat and glare from the sun. It reduces up to 99% of UV rays entering through your windows helping to reduce the bleaching effect on blinds, furniture, carpets as well as protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. Solar film is particularly popular with conservatory owners. Due to the reduced UV

Our conservatory films can be applied to both polycarbonate and glass conservatories making conservatory films a great solution to anyone suffering with excessive heat in their conservatory. Applying solar film to your conservatory will not obstruct your view like blinds, and conservatory solar films are significantly less expensive. Conservatory window

Security film is a layer of adhesive film that is applied to windows to prevent, or at least make it very difficult for intruders to break through glass. Security film is very similar to safety film, however it is considerably thicker. Most burglaries are carried out by opportunists looking for an easy win, security film makes life very difficult for

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