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World Of Windows We are the Pioneers in providing Elite Aluminum Window System in Ahmedabad since 2000. We have gone on to design, supply and install quality aluminium window and door systems for more than 20 Years. Our project references testity to the excellent products & services provided by us to our elite clients. We have executed the most elite residences, exclusive villas, hi-end apartment complexes, educational institutions & public buildings.

We supply the best products from the such as slimline sliding system/ minimal sliding system/casement system/ sliding folding door systems/ louvre system/ curtain wall from Technal France & Sliding Systems / Openable Windows from DOMAL, Italy. We have worked with almost all renowned architects from Ahmedabad & also from Mumbai & Delhi. The fact that most of time have entrusted us with some of their most challenging projects is testimony to our products & services.

Our window and door systems are therefore authentically European and can deliver maximum wind and water tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, and security in its locking devices.

read more › The stunning look is just the beginning. ARTYAL delivers a series of benefits and guarantees worthy of a world-class product. Both in terms of thermal insulation and configurations, ARTYAL strikes that difficult balance between transparency and comfort. The glass alone cannot slide, maintain tightness and ensure mechanical resistance to wind pressure. ARTYAL manages to convert these large glazed walls into a resistant wall-tested for watertightness, air permeability and intrusion resistance. Its system design has passed stringent certification tests.

read more › The bearing system can accommodate up to 600 kg per leaf whilst offering a smooth operability. Its central reinforced profile ensures outstanding wind resistance, allowing the realization of remarkable heights. Technal LUMEAL is a minimalist sliding system with a concealed opening sash. Its minimalist design optimizes natural light and ensures an 8 to 14% gain in glass surface area depending on the application. LUMEAL can be used to create different opening configurations combining a fixed section and sliding section, associated with a slim central meeting stile.

read more › Technal TOPAZE (Original, made in France) aluminium section profiles are used to build large size doors with height up to 3.4 meters. This system has been designed to offer maximum natural light with narrow sight lines. Special reinforced sections improve the profile inertia. With its robust frames, durable hardware, quality tracks, and strong locking systems, Technal sliding system ensures low maintenance, superior reliability and a smooth sliding operation. Subjected to 20000 cycles of opening and closing tests, this sliding system guarantees longevity and ease of use with leaves weighing up to 200 kg.

read more › The TOPAZE FB casement frame is fully integrated within the TOPAZE series with no thermal break. Its wide choice of applications and technical solutions makes it ideal for all types of residential and non-residential projects. The TOPAZE FB casement is fully compatible with the door and sliding systems in the suite. It is available in a variety of applications such as single and double sash windows and patio doors with inward or outward opening. Constructed on a 46mm module, the TOPAZE FB casement meets European standards for acoustic and weather performance.

read more › The new AMBIAL folding door creates a full opening to the outdoor, allowing to enjoy a panoramic view, letting natural light flowing in. AMBIAL, the folding sliding door, can accommodate up to 10 leaves, each with a maximum height of 3 m and a maximum width of 1.2 m, allowing an opening 12 m wide. Each leaf, supported by exclusive Technal tracks, can bear a weight of up to 15 kg whilst providing high thermal performances, water and wind resistance. Wide selection of configurations. Open-in, open-out, central or side opening configurations, AMBIAL can be adapted to meet all requirements and encourages architectural creativity: villas, architect built houses, house extensions, hotel or restaurant terraces.

read more › The SAFETYLINE system is ideal for new build or renovation projects involving commercial or residential properties. This louvre system reduces reliance on air-conditioning by favouring the natural ventilation and solar protection of buildings, thus contributing to energy savings. Operator handles: lever, turning, crutch or winch, for symmetrical and simultaneous opening of louvres 80°. This solution designed for Jalousie SAFETYLINE motorization reconciles users comfort, access and aesthetics, these are essential brand values.

read more › Unique aluminium structure for all external appearances. The discreet and consistent 52 mm for the mullions and transoms give a uniform appearance to the entire GEODE range. These opening frame solutions provide natural ventilation whilst maintaining the aesthetic lines whatever the appearance of the external faade. The structure's integrated thermal break and the possibility of using the highest performance glazing means that the lowest Ucw coefficients can be achieved. Energy consumption for heating, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning is reduced.

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