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Shield North West Shield NW are the industry leader in the manufacture, sale and installation of security doors, sash windows, panic rooms and garage doors. Every one of our products is designed to enhance and augment the security of your home without turning it into a fortress. It is a sad fact that crimes against householders and businesses are on the rise. Statistics tell us that there is a crime committed every minute of every day.

In addition to this the type of crime is becoming more violent, with people being subjected to horrific acts of violence as a means to get access to their property and valuables. With all of the Governments cuts that are being imposed on the Police, it is highly likely that these types of crimes will rise. It is imperative that you do what you can to avoid becoming a victim.

To help you avoid becoming one of these statistics, we are proud to offer the ultimate in door security, SHIELD doors. Our doors are the toughest available on the market, but this high level of fortification does not compromise on beauty.

read more › Shield NW are more than aware of how safety and security are a now major concern for everyone in today's uncertain world and no one gives peoples safety more attention than they do. With violent crime at an all time high, it is our sole purpose to provide our clients, both domestic and commercial, with absolute peace of mind. Shield Security Doors have been established in the UK for a number of years now, providing beautiful security doors to many different types of clients. They supply the strongest security doors currently available on the market.

read more › Every one of our doors is custom built to your exact requirements. Shield NW is proud to offer the strongest security doors currently available on the market. Yet strength does not mean a lack of style, our incredible range of doors provide not only impressive intruder protection, but also impeccable design. The doors are predominantly made out of steel, but are unique as on first appearance they look like normal doors. Only upon closer inspection can you appreciate what you are dealing with, the internal construction of these doors are to put it simply awesome.

read more › Due to the current economic climate businesses are facing greater threats and the risk of crime is more evident. Commercial and industrial premises need to be protected as would be assailants try to steal your assets. Our doors are suitable for commercial, industrial and retail properties and can be designed to fit into existing surroundings. Providing the maximum protection without drawing attention that you have something of value to steal. These doors have been installed in offices, jewelers, banks and designer boutiques.

read more › Listed Buildings are maintained by English Heritage and have been designated by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport as being of special architectural or historic interest'. These properties are subject to controls relating to changes to them, this is to ensure that their historic character is maintained. Our doors are built To adhere to listed building standards and are designed and manufactured to replicate the original design. Whilst replicating these doors we also build in exceptional strength.

read more › Fire doors are obviously installed to stop the spread of fire and are usually constructed from wood. Where fire doors are installed they can become a weak point of security and wold be assailants would use these doors and as an easy point of entry when trying to break in. Our unique range of fire Doors not delay the spread of fire and smoke, the also offer unrivalled levels of security to protect your people and your valuable assets. These doors can be built up to security class 4 and have unique high security fire locks into them that can be operated with the simple push of a handle.

read more › These doors are built of strong stuff, with strengthened steel insides and steel formed frames and thresolds, these doors are built to keep out the most determined intruders. Frames, fixing points and lock units are all protected using the highest grade materials available. Our doors and windows are manufactured using only the highest grade materials and world class locking systems. They are designed and built using the latest technology and also hand crafted ensuring longevity. Our doors are recognised as the ultimate security door and are used to protect some of the highest profile people and premises throughout the UK.

read more › The windows are built to the same standards and offer the same level of uncompromising security. We use the same high grade material as we do in our doors and ensure that they operate perfectly, opening and closing effortlessly, but are resistant to every form of assault and easily able to withstand crowbars, screwdrivers, drills, or even bullets. We can design and build any style of window or French door, and even have a range of high security patented sash windows. These windows and doors incorporate high security glass units and if required can be built to provide bulletproof protection.

read more › Panic rooms, or safe rooms, are are becoming common place in properties across the UK. They are designed and built to provide you with a safe location for you to wait for assistance should your property be breached. Think of a panic room as a vault for your most important assets, your life and your family. We apply the same level of attention to our panic room s s we do our doors. Strengthened walls are built from floor to ceiling for structural continuity, using steel studs braced with reinforcing ties, if required and can utilize bulletproof material such as Kevlar as an added level of defence.

read more › A door is only as good as its lock, and these doors come with a choice of the most sophisticated locking systems available from some of the worlds leading manufacturers such as Assa Abloy, CISA, Mottura, Fiam, and Mul T Lock. From simple mechanical locking systems to advanced biometric locking systems, the choice is extremely comprehensive. In order to achieve the security classes only certain types of locks can be used, and we ensure that every class of door has locks installed that exceeds the minimum class requirements.

read more › Security doors, for many people in the nation, might not appear at first glance to be an essential addition to their properties. After all, do we not live in safe, prosperous neighbourhoods here in the UK? While many people concerned with the safety of their families have moved to safer regions and cities, you can ultimately never eliminate risk altogether. More than ever we live in a changing world where unforeseen circumstances or challenges can create vulnerabilities from even the most benign-appearing situations.

read more › External security doors play an important part in deterring any burglars from breaking into a commercial property. We often see these security doors in industrial settings, such as factories, and in buildings such as schools and office blocks. However, a lot of companies can be put off by how bulky and cumbersome these doors can look - especially to potential clients. When your business is trying to attract customers through the door, you obviously don't want an intimidating front door to your business.

read more › Front door security products are sought by many companies working in sensitive areas. However, over the past few years, there has been an increase in the amount of residential home owners who have sought to have security doors installed in their properties. So, what are the major differences between having a standard door installed, and having a security door installed? Well, there are three key differences between the two when it comes to the materials used, and the construction and manufacturing processes.

read more › Best security doors for front doors are often what people search for when they want to protect their families and homes. However, a lot of people are worried about the visual effect that such doors can have. Sure, they may deter a burglar, but they also may make your door uninviting or unappealing - especially if you want to, one day, sell your home. So, can you gain the certainty and safety provided by security doors, whilst also keeping the subtlety and low-key nature of regular doors? This is, most certainly, a very valid question.

read more › High security doors are a growing topic of conversation, and this comes as no surprise. We live in a constantly changing world, and while those changes open, for many, new and unexplored opportunities, they can also illuminate new security. While taking steps to ensure your digital security and privacy is now a common practice, for example selecting an accredited anti-virus software, it is surprising how few people take the steps to ensure their physical safety and protection, and that of their non-digital valuables.

read more › High security steel doors have grown in popularity over recent years as many businesses look to protect their assets and properties. Depending on the type of business you do, any corners cut in security can end up proving extremely costly. From leaked sensitive information and data, to theft of materials, poor security leads to problems and repercussions that go far beyond a theft. So, prevention is extremely important and security doors are an essential part of that - particularly for companies harbouring sensitive information or in industrial settings.

read more › Best security doors are what you want to find when you are looking to improve the security of a property or a particular room. Since you are making a financial commitment for such security, you're going to want to make sure you find the best and most secure high security doors available on the market. These types of door are generally applied to front entry and back screen doors in order to make properties safe from theft, but there are also circumstances where these types of door are internally installed.

read more › High security doors residential home solutions have become a very hot topic for people up and down the country. We've seen the headlines and stories of how families can be targeted by intelligent thieves for robbery, as well as the threat of terrorism that seems to be an ongoing concern for the country. While the risk of being involved in such incidents is still very low the simple thought can lead to people feeling scared in their own homes. This corresponds to an increase in people investing in home security systems - from CCTV, and security doors, to high-quality safes, locks and even to panic rooms.

read more › Security front doors UK wide is not a thought that will have occurred to many homeowners or even businesses across the country. While there are near constant reports of security concerns across the globe, the worst of these seem to, thankfully, pass by the UK. Even in major cities, it tends to only be larger business and persons of note that take such security measures. So, if you are not a multi-millionaire, or a business based in the centre of a city such as London, Glasgow or Liverpool, is there really a need to secure your home with security doors, windows and panic rooms?

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