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PR Solar Window Films With window film, heat will ricochet off the glass, keeping the room at a consistent temperature. Blinds allow heat to come in through the sides, so they are far less effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature. It's also worth remembering that window film is the significantly cheaper option, too. We supply and install window films for homes and businesses throughout the UK, offering a variety of solutions.

See our window film ranges. We will come and measure up ourselves to ensure accuracy and provide a quote. Let us take care of the process for you, so there's no concern that you might have measured incorrectly. Our site visits are completely complementary. We install your film for you, so you don't have to worry about buying window film online and fitting it yourself.

It's a job for true professionals like us. The person who carries out your consultation also fits your film, giving you one point of contact throughout. We offer the longest window film guarantees in our industry, and we use products that are of the highest quality.

read more › We are a leading window film supply and installation company, offering you convenient, professional solutions. With quality products, flawless application and a focus on service, we make sure every customer enjoys a straightforward journey towards better windows. Much of our business comes from recommendations. Our customers are more than satisfied with the work we carry out for them, so they spread the word about our services. We started out as a small family business in 2000 and we've grown a great deal since then, becoming a limited company in 2015.

read more › Homes can benefit from window film in many different ways. We regularly meet homeowners who might be frustrated with an overly hot conservatory, looking for an alternative to net curtains, or struggling to see their television in the direct glare of the sun. A residential window film can help iron out all these issues and more, allowing you to make the most of your home and enjoy it as much as possible. Your home is too important to ignore; by making what will be a minor adjustment in the grand scheme of things, those problems that are wearing you down can be entirely eliminated.

read more › Added daytime privacy. People won't be able to see into your property in daylight - it's the perfect alternative to net curtains. A clear view from inside. You will be able to see outside perfectly clearly, just as you would without a window film. Window film reduces glare from the sun, allowing you to watch TV, and it protects furniture from fading. Our alternative to net curtains window film is the perfect solution for getting rid of those old net curtains. Replace them with our one-way daytime privacy window film.

read more › Lower cost than replacing the glass. This window film is a lower-cost alternative to installing rippled glass or sandblasted glass. Added privacy for you. Frosted window film means nobody can see in from the outside - perfect for overlooked bathrooms. Plenty of natural light. Natural light can still come in through the window film, so your room won't be dark or dull. There will be less glare from the sun, creating a more comfortable environment inside your bathroom. We focus on customer experience and quality throughout the process, from the moment we arrive in our fully branded vans.

read more › Enjoy solar protection without spoiling your view. Solar window film will help stop your conservatory from getting too hot, as well as preventing glare and furniture from fading. What's more, it is more convenient than blinds, and often considerably cheaper too. We also supply and install market-leading polycarbonate conservatory solar window film. If you have a polycarbonate conservatory, you can benefit from more ambient temperatures and less glare, without having to install conservatory blinds.

read more › Better thermal performance. Energy-saving window film can increase insulation by up to 30%, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Suitable for homes and businesses. These window films can be applied to residential or commercial windows to help save energy inside. Significant cost savings. Energy-saving window film will help you cut your energy bills and will be much cheaper to install than new windows. We prioritise customer experience, helping you from beginning to end. From the moment we arrive in our branded vans you will know you have chosen the most professional window film company in the business.

read more › No need to replace the glass. It's excellent value for money as you don't have to invest in rippled or sandblasted glass. Lots of diffused light. The window film still lets plenty of light in, so your room won't feel dark or dreary after application. Extra privacy, anywhere. Use frosted window film anywhere - it's also suitable for use in damp environments like bathrooms. The glazed window film will reduce glare, so you can look in mirrors or at screens more easily. Frosted window films have a lot of applications around the house, but where they really shine is in commercial settings.

read more › Choose a window film that blocks visibility during the day or select a frosted film for complete privacy at any time. If you use screens, such as computers or televisions, these will be much easier to see with a glare-reducing kitchen window film. We are professionals first and foremost, arriving at your property in branded vans to give the right impression from the start. Our customers often comment that they are happy they chose our professional team. We start each project with a full, free consultation.

read more › Reduces glare and heat by up to 85%. Mirrored window film is highly effective in reducing glare, allowing people to see computers and other screens easily. By reflecting almost all UV light it also protects your carpeting, plants and furniture and it prevents heat spikes on sunny afternoons, thereby saving you money on your energy bills. People can't see inside, protecting your privacy and keeping sensitive documentation safe on business premises. On upper floors, it also protects against drones with cameras, a thoroughly modern and very real threat to privacy most people are not prepared for.

read more › No prying eyes. Maintain your privacy and keep documentation protected - people won't be able to see in from the outside. Potential burglars won't be able to see the interior of your property either, making it much more likely they will move on to try and find an easier target. You will still be able to see outside and enjoy plenty of natural light streaming in through your windows. Given how important natural light is for mental health and overall mood, this is truly invaluable. A plentiful supply of natural light is also well-known for making the interior of properties appear bigger, which is a real benefit if you ever decide to sell.

read more › 80% increase in strength. Safety window film can withstand everything from footballs and stones to bricks and shrapnel. Bomb blast protection. For ultimate protection against unexpected explosions, safety window film is reliable and durable. Unlike standard glass, safety film prevents windows from shattering, meaning a reduced risk of injury. This film is designed to withstand graffiti and vandalism, keeping your windows looking their best. Safety window film is fitted into the window frame, making it much harder to break in through the windows.

read more › Security window film can prevent accidental damage, making windows more resilient if hit by footballs or other objects. Windows are one of the most expensive parts of the house to repair or replace. For a relatively small investment up front, you can save yourself thousands in the long run, as accidents can and do happen, and often at inopportune moments. Your security film holds shards of glass together, making sure panes don't shatter if damaged. A window shattering can potentially be extremely dangerous and cause serious harm to anyone in the vicinity (both inside and outside).

read more › Skylight window film can reduce glare by 82%, making it more comfortable in your home or office. Watch TV and look at computer screens with ease. Your temperature stays ambient all year round, with the film blocking 82% of heat and offering 33% thermal retention when needed. We are the experts in skylight window film, and we're a highly professional company. From the moment we arrive in our branded vans, to the time we leave you to enjoy your window film, you will be reassured you have chosen the right window film company.

read more › Natural sunlight can be a beautiful feature in a room, but it can create unwanted heat. When a window is fitted with solar window film, it reflects the solar and radiant heat away, so that only the light is allowed through to the room. Solar window film can also be fitted to skylights and conservatories, ensuring every room maintains an ambient temperature. The glare that comes from windows can make it difficult and uncomfortable to look at screens. Window film reduces glare by up to 82%. We are the experts in solar window film, and we have a reputation to prove it.

read more › UV window film can also be fitted to skylights and conservatories to control the glare and ensure every room can maintains an ambient temperature. We are experts in UV window film installation - as our name suggests! We are a family business built on trust and reputation, doing what we say we will do to ensure our customers are completely happy. From the moment we arrive at your property in our branded vans, you will know you have made the professional choice. We come to your property and measure up, meaning we can give you a full and accurate quote that isn't based on your own, potentially inaccurate, measurements.

read more › Many businesses can benefit from the use of commercial window film, helping to save money on energy, make buildings better insulated and generally improve the environment for customers and staff. Glare is one of the biggest issues experienced by businesses, preventing staff from seeing computer screens or other screens they use in their work. Commercial window film can help prevent this, making windows more glare resistant and improving privacy as an added bonus. It's perfect if your business is located in a busy place.

read more › Nobody will be able to see into your building, offering you a far greater degree of privacy. Less than 1% of transmitted light is still visible inside the building, offering complete light control. We can use film in your company colours, or we can include branding or logos within your film design. Glass is held together more securely, preventing shattering if the window is broken or damaged. We are true window film experts and will help you every step of the way. As a family-run business, we have an excellent reputation for the service we provide, and we do everything in our power to ensure customer experience exceeds expectations.

read more › Your window film will increase the strength of windows by 80%, so they're harder to break. An added benefit is the 99% UV blockage, helping to stop furniture fading and protecting people. This is a bomb blast and security solution that doesn't look unsightly - windows look the same. We are the true professionals when it comes to bomb blast window protection. From the time we arrive in our fully branded vans, you will know you have made the right decision - we look and act as professionals at all times.

read more › We are experts in window film, and we have built up a reputation to prove it. From the moment we arrive at your premises in fully branded vans and uniform, you will be sure you have chosen the professional option. We visit your property, measure up and find the right window film solution for you. This allows us to provide you with a full, free quotation, so that you know all costs upfront. Window film requires professional installation to deliver the full benefits. We are installation experts, giving you a far better finished aesthetic than self-installed film.

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