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Shuttersup Let's work together to realise your vision for your home, with beautiful plantation shutters made up to your exacting standards, down to the very last detail. More and more people are choosing to improve their home with shutters - and with good reason. From aesthetics to insulation, convenience to durability, light control to kerb appeal, shutters are simply a smarter choice than blinds and curtains.

Here's why it's time to open up to shutters. There's a never a bad time of year to have shutters in your home. In summer, they keep rooms cool, shaded and ventilated. Then as the cold dark nights draw in, they create a uniquely warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. Our plantation shutters can fit just about any window, door or gap you can think of.

We even provide custom-made shutters for unusual and odd window shapes, from circles to triangles to arches. Window shutters are the allergy sufferer's friend. Where curtains and blinds harbour hard-to-clean dust and allergens, shutters are wipe-clean and hygienic.

read more › Highly versatile, stylish and robust, interior shutters offer maximum light control, security and privacy when needed. Known for enhancing rooms aesthetically, plantation shutters are widely regarded as the ultimate window dressing. Shutters can be created to suit any home or room environment. Whether dressed with curtains for that traditional homely feel or without, for a more modern and simplistic finish. As window shutters are a more permanent fixture, they can also be a good investment - adding value to your home!

read more › Full HeightCovering the whole window as one unit, these shutters are one of our most popular styles. Tier on tierCovering the whole window with two sections that open separately from one another. SolidOur traditional looking & secure style which can be cr eated partially or completely solid. Track systemsOur track mounted shutters are perfect for wide openings that require a run of shutters. AntiguaStylish and available in five cool white tones, Antigua is our entry-level range. Manufactured from high quality MDF covered in a patented polymer coating, Antigua offers an exquisite finish for even modest budgetsSelect material.

read more › Each of our designs has its own characteristics and benefits, offering distinct aesthetics while providing varying degrees of light and privacy. Scroll down to read about the six different styles we offer. Full Height Simple, elegant full-height shutters are our most popular style. Dressing windows and doors from top to bottom, the clean lines of this style offer a great look and total privacy. Tier on tier Versatility is the word for our tier-on-tier shutters. The top and bottom panels open independently, so you never have to choose between light and privacy.

read more › The world's most popular shutter style looks great on any window or door, adding finesse through simple, uninterrupted lines. Slats can run the full height of the panel or you can have a mid rail added at no extra cost. This option allows you to open the upper and lower slats separately and benefit from light and privacy at the same time. Shutters are proven to be the most effective window dressing for keeping in heat - even better than secondary glazing due to the superiority of wood over glass as an insulator.

read more › No other window dressing can match the versatility of tier-on-tier shutters. The twin panels can be opened independently, like stable doors, giving you ultimate control over light and privacy in your room. Tier-on-tier shutters are the perfect choice for overlooked rooms or homes on busy streets. Closing the lower tier gives you total privacy in the living space, with the upper tier thrown open to let in all the natural light you want. The multitude of combinations of open and closed panels and slats makes tier-on-tier the perfect all-weather shutter.

read more › Solid panel shutters are statement shutters that come with functional as well as aesthetic benefits. Robust, durable and highly insulating: the ideal bedroom shutter. Traditionally Victorian, solid panel shutters have surged in popularity in recent years, thanks to their unique decorative qualities. Rooms with a traditional or vintage design are transformed by this shutter style, particularly when colour-matched to a key element of the room dcor. Customers choose our solid panel shutters to cover windows, doors and wardrobes, divide rooms or act as a freestanding screen.

read more › Stylish, practical and popular, Caf style shutters make an amazing visual impact within your room and viewed from outside. The lower portion of your window is covered, with the top left open to natural light. Our Cafe style shutters are typically installed to cover the lower half of the window, but you can choose to make them higher. Where privacy is the priority, it isn't uncommon for us to fit shutters that cover the bottom two-thirds of the window. Traditionally, Caf style shutters are found on Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian box sash windows, but they also bring a unique sense of style to modern homes, dressed with curtains or not.

read more › Odd-shaped windows are no obstacle to us! We can design and manufacture bespoke shutters to fit that porthole, arch, octagon, triangle or peculiar angle exactly, in the way that no curtain or blind ever can. Our bespoke shutters can be designed and manufactured to fit exactly onto any irregular shaped window setting, with a wide variety of special shaped shutters to suit even the most challenging of shapes. Compared to curtains and blinds, made to measure shutters can be fitted to the same curve and definition of the recess, allowing for the perfect fit with no gaps.

read more › Track system shutters are fantastic anywhere in your home where a long run of shutters is needed. They're particularly popular as room dividers, patio door covers and fitments for walk-in wardrobes. Our By-Pass and Bi-Fold systems offer two distinct sets of functional benefits for different uses. We'll advise you on all the technical aspects when we discuss your project with you. For now, be assured that our expertly-made track system shutters will look incredible, perform perfectly and achieve the desired outcome for your home.

read more › With five ranges to choose from, it's easy to select the right materials and look for your budget. Manufactured to the highest standards and built to last, our Antigua, Fiji, Java, Samoa and Portchester all come with a 5-year warranty. Antigua Range At ShuttersUp we never compromise on quality. That's why our Antigua range is manufactured from medium density fibreboard, creating a robust shutter whilst making it affordable for all. Wrapped in a water resistant polyurethane coating, this range is resistant to colour fading whilst staying child and pet friendly.

read more › At ShuttersUp we never compromise on quality. That's why our Antigua range is manufactured from medium density fibreboard, creating a robust shutter whilst making it affordable for all. Wrapped in a water resistant polyurethane coating, this range is resistant to colour fading whilst staying child and pet friendly. MDF stands for medium density fibreboard. Due to its lack of defects, MDF is a woodwork product that is used predominantly within cabinet making. Denser than ply wood and cost effective to manufacture, MDF is a perfect material for a lustrous yet affordable shutter.

read more › Available in wide range of colours and louvre sizes from 47mm to 89mm to suit all tastes and can be hinged together in rows of 4 panels making a great solution for large windows. Because of the strength of these shutters the wood will not bow on such installations. Cuba range of shutters come with the choice of different tilt rods for operation including offset tilt rods, central tilt rods and silent tilt rods which are hidden from view. This range is also available with remote control and comes with a 5 year warranty on all joinery.

read more › Made from Paulownia hardwood, Fiji is the lightest material in our range. The perfect choice for wide expanses and ideal for doorways, this hardwood also comes with a wide range of colours and stains to choose from. Paulownia is by far the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. Native to Southeast Asia but used worldwide from construction to bio-fuel and even surfboards. As Paulownia will grow in areas where the soil lacks quality, these trees are being used more and more to help reforestation.

read more › Manufactured using a hardwood core and finished with a hard-wearing ABS Plastic, Java is perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens where water could otherwise cause a problem. Java is also extremely strong which is ideal for commercial projects such as nurseries and schools. ABS plastic has a resistance to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts. PVC plastic is more commonly known but ABS is far superior and far stronger, which is why ABS is perfectly suited for American football helmets. Are you looking for a more secure solution?

read more › Samoa is our premier shutter choice and a true favourite amongst joiners. Made from the finest Ayous when painted and White Teak when stained, Samoa has a tight grain and smooth texture for a beautiful finish. Strong and stable, Samoa is available with a new hidden hinge system for a more seamless look. Held in high regard by any who work closely with timber and manufactured from only the highest grade of Ayous and White Teak, dependent on if you are planning to have a paint or stain finish. This distinctive hardwood shutter features thick robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge.

read more › New to our range, the Portchester style of shutters deliver safety and style in equal measures acting as an additional layer of window protection and enhancing home security, without compromising on the elegance you come to expect with our shutters. Created using Aluminium with patented strip proof Italian locks and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Our Aluminium Security Shutters use architectural grade aluminium powder coating in 3 standard colours or custom colour options. The shutters are corrosion resistant with a durable finish and resistant to scratching and bumps.

read more › Our shutters are the ultimate solution for all rooms of the home and can be created in a style and finish that suits your existing room dcor and requirements. Using different materials and woods we are also able to create shutters that will stand the test of time no matter which room they are installed in. For example we have ranges of shutters that are created with waterproof properties, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Whether you are after shutters for the whole house, or for specific rooms we can come up with the perfect solution which not only look fantastic, but work and function in a way that suits you and your family.

read more › The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home for you and your family. It is where the majority of time is spent for many, so having a room that is comfortable to live in designed in a style that suits your taste is very important! It is also one of the first areas that visitors to your home will see, not only inside the home but often from outside. Our Shutters are a great way to transform the look and feel of your living room, while also adding extra comfort in the summer and winter months due to the excellent airflow and insulation properties.

read more › Shutters for bedrooms throughout the home are one of the main areas that we get asked to carry out installations. Whether you are looking for shutters for your master bedroom or children's bedrooms, we have different styles and types of shutters to suit all needs and tastes. Having shutters fitted in your bedroom is a convenient way to adjust the light and privacy that enters your room. They also act as a great natural layer of insulation to help keep you warmer at night! All our shutters can be wiped clean which helps keep away the dust from your bedrooms, perfect for those family members with allergies.

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