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Gpse Ariah (UK) Limited specialises in conservatory cleaning, repair and maintenance in Kent and the surrounding counties including Sussex and Essex. We offer a number of conservatory maintenance services from cleaning, solar inserts and solar film to repair and replacement of glass. We will get your conservatory looking brand new again. Conservatory Medic offers a bespoke service for the private homeowner, which begins with a free inspection and quotation for customers within Kent.

Alternatively, you can send us photos of any of your conservatory's issues, along with a brief description of the problems it faces, which can be sent to us via email, picture or text message, or via WhatsApp. Using this free preliminary service, we can create a highly accurate estimate, to give you an idea of potential cost of works prior to visiting your property.

We email over all our quotations, which helps speed up the process, or we can post the quotation if you are unable to provide an email address. Due to our wide expertise and extensive knowledge of overcoming many conservatory problems, we can help with almost any issue where others cannot.

read more › Conservatory Medic specialises in conservatory improvements and maintenance in Kent, the surrounding counties of Sussex, Essex, as well as south London. We offer many conservatory maintenance services from valeting (cleaning), solar control, leak repairs and replacement of glass, all the way through to new roofs, windows and doors. We will take conservatories to the next level, so they look brand new again and are better insulated. For a FREE conservatory inspection and quotation in Kent and surrounding areas, get in touch today.

read more › Conservatory Medic spent over 12 months inspecting and investigating the market for roofing systems we would be confident to offer our existing customer base and new clients, until we were happy to put our full faith into a product that would do the job correctly. The Guardian Warm Roof is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement. Unsurprisingly then, there are many compelling reasons to replace your existing conservatory roof with this impressive system. A key aspect is the enhanced thermal qualities enjoyed with a conservatory roof replacement.

read more › Conservatory Medic offers conservatory maintenance and repairs in and around Kent. We can fulfil all your conservatory repair needs, from leaking gutters to fitting an entirely new conservatory roof. Got a leaking conservatory roof? We can usually repair a leak with small adjustments to the roof panels and expert resealing. Sometimes, many other people have had a go at repairing a leak with silicone sealant, which ultimately makes things worse where they don't understand the makeup of a conservatory.

read more › Conservatory valeting and cleaning in Kent and the South East. Conservatory Medic can valet conservatories externally and internally. Say good riddance to green algae building up on your conservatory roof, and box gutters full of debris. We have proper ladder systems to safely access crests and finials and those hard-to-reach areas on your conservatory roof. We will bring back that lovely white uPVC again and freshen up brown uPVC conservatories to look brand new. Wooden conservatories can also be rejuvenated, while making sure that the all-important paintwork is not damaged in the process.

read more › Is your conservatory too hot? We can reduce unwanted heat from entering your conservatory and reduce UV and glare by using solar film on your glass conservatory roof. This is cheaper than what's provided by a quality blind company - and it actually works, unlike blinds. To get an idea of how much solar film will cost, simply measure the length and width of your conservatory, multiply the two figures, and the multiply the result by 55 - this will give you the amount in GBP. Many internal conservatory blinds are sold as a product that will cool your conservatory, but this is not the case.

read more › While we tackle all glazing-related work, most of what we do is in repairing, maintaining and upgrading the specification of roofs and single/double glazing. We have vast experience in this area and deal with all manner of problems relating to windows, doors and patio/French doors, conservatories and glazed roofs. This work can range from the replacement of broken glass and misted double-glazed units on a side window, to upgrading to a new thermal sun-reflecting roof system. If you have any problems with your glazing and need some advice as to whether it can be repaired or replaced, please contact us.

read more › Conservatory Medic specialises in resolving leaks on conservatories, covering problems ranging from dripping gutters through to major roof leaks. We offer free inspection and quotation. We can generally see what the issue is straight away upon inspection. We can then provide a repair quote, and advise on any other improvements we may observe on the conservatory that you may not be aware of. We offer our services broken down individually so that you can choose whether you would like to proceed with the total advised quotation or only the issue that you have called us for.

read more › Conservatory Medic offers a comprehensive range of window types and an extensive range of styles, colours and finishes that are certain to enhance any property look. Alongside this, our windows bring the benefits of energy efficiency, greater security, noise reduction and the advantage of little or no maintenance. As we are also in the business of maintaining other brands and installation companies we know what will be the best advice and service to offer by looking at what your options are at your property along with safety as a priority at all times.

read more › Conservatory Medic offers a large range of new conservatory roofs that can be bespoke made to suit your existing uPVC or timber conservatory frame. 5. We can install a thermal solid roof with tiled effect to give you true year-round use of your conservatory - this roof system can be designed and constructed onto your existing conservatory side framework for more information on this design please go to our Thermal Roof page. Is your conservatory attached to your property to a room lacking light intakes or windows?

read more › Lanterns have become more fashionable over the years and the technology and design has come on greatly. Combining uPVC and an aluminium capping style creates a clever, functional system with versatility in colour and shape. Our British-made skylights are constructed from a 100% aluminium structural frame. These bespoke traditional-style aluminium roof lantern skylights have been professionally designed to bring in as much natural sky light from outside throughout the year. Our roof lantern skylights' profile and frame is extruded from the highest quality aluminium and constructed with polyamide thermal breaks that allow for no cold bridging transfer between inner and outer aluminium sections.

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