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Seh Bac Stylish, secure and energy efficient doors - whether you're looking for a new front door, or a set of glass patio or bi-fold doors. Design your dream conservatory with the help of one of our designers, with your choice or windows and doors, and a glass or tiled roof. The ultimate modern door; these versatile doors create a seamless link between your home and garden.

Protect your home and smarten up the exterior with attractive uPVC fascias, soffits, gutters, downpipes and cladding. Yes, I would like to receive marketing communications regarding SEH BAC products, services & events. By submitting your details you confirm that you agree to the storing and processing of your personal data by SEH BAC as described in the privacy statement.

Windows, Doors & Conservatories from SEH BAC across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Surrey and the South East. At SEH BAC we create bespoke home improvements serving all requirements in double glazing, triple glazing, windows, entrance doors, conservatories and more.

read more › As a multi-award-winning company, we wouldn't be where we are today without our highly-skilled and knowledgeable team of experts. Dedicated to creating a home that each and every one of our customers deserves, allow us to introduce the SEHBAC family. Joined the company in 1987 Installing Windows & Doors, after 10 years was appointed Branch Manager. I then took a 12 year Holiday! Returning to Head of Windows & Doors in 2013 and then becoming Managing Director in 2019. Enjoy keeping fit & days out with the family.

read more › We're celebrating over 50 years of bringing unparalleled home improvements to the South East here at SEH BAC. Your home is important and reflects who you are; you will spend some of the most important moments of your life there. We understand this and want to give you the home you deserve. As a multi-award winning and highly respected window, door and conservatory installer in the South East, we can bring our personal touch to your next home improvement project. Here at SEH BAC, we're proud to have won many prestigious awards for our products as well as our work in the community.

read more › We offer replacement windows in five functional styles and three high-performance materials: uPVC, aluminium and timber. This is in addition to our bespoke window shapes, for those wanting to fit a window in an unusual shape. You can choose from over 150+ RAL colours and a range of customisations in the design and buying journey, for the perfect solution for your home. Our glazing options include advanced double, triple and secondary, as well as decorative glazing, all of which are designed to provide comfortable interior temperatures, great home security and strong noise cancellation.

read more › The most popular window style, casement windows are the standard windows you will find on homes around Britain. Casement windows can be opened wider than any other type, allowing for maximum ventilation. They also require the fewest muntins, which are panel-dividing strips, so provide the best views and let the natural light in. Available in high-performance uPVC, timber and aluminium, they are the most versatile window style, fitting perfectly into any home regardless of its style and age. They are also available in a plethora of colour and customisation options.

read more › Modern flush sash windows unite classic timber sightlines with the high performance and low maintenance features of present-day uPVC. Combined with advanced double or triple glazing, flush sash windows are designed to heighten your home's thermal performance and kerb appeal tenfold. Choose from a range of refined painted and woodgrain finishes or 150 RAL window colours, including on-trend shades like Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, and Olive Grey. Amongst the many custom design options available, for the ultimate finishing touch choose from three charming handle styles complete with secure locking; standard, traditional or contemporary.

read more › Heritage windows are the ultimate compromise between the beautiful aesthetics of traditional wooden flush sash windows with the low maintenance and modern qualities of uPVC windows. Utilising our advanced double-glazing, heritage uPVC windows are sure to improve your home's thermal performance. We offer a full range of authentically made uPVC wood effect windows, including our popular Suffolk window and timber effect flush sash windows. During our simple design and buying process, we'll work to get the look that's right for you.

read more › Our collection of bespoke sliding sash windows are available in either high-performance uPVC or timber, both of which provide authentic period charm combined with innovative modern benefits, including superior thermal capabilities, weather-resistance and home security. They can be fitted with either our advanced double or triple glazing, dependent on your specific requirements. You can choose from a number of woodgrain effects for classical aesthetics, or for a more unique appearance, we offer 150 attractive RAL colours.

read more › Our range of tilt and turn windows offer the ultimate versatility in terms of operation and maintenance, as they can be opened either from the top frame or sideways. The inwards opening makes them ideal for high-rise buildings or homes in which accessing the exterior of the windows is difficult. Available in both efficient uPVC and sleek aluminium, we can offer an ideal solution for your specific requirements. You can choose from our double and triple glazing options, and over 150 attractive RAL colours or wood effect finishes for the window frames, meaning they're suitable for any type of home.

read more › Bay windows are a common feature in Victorian homes and are still incorporated into new builds today. The epitome of British style, they will inject a touch of sophistication to your home whilst adding a light and spacious feel. With their recognisable angular or curved shape, they can seamlessly blend with both old and newer properties. If you do not already have bay windows, a roof and base can be created to allow an easy installation that will dramatically alter the look of your home from the outside, whilst providing additional living space on the inside.

read more › If you are looking for something a little different or have a niche space to fill, we offer a bespoke window service as part of your unique window buying journey. Available in uPVC, timber and aluminium, we can create any shape or design you require to make your home stand out from the rest. Maybe you have a blank wall in a room that could really benefit from an injection of light, or an awkward space that a beautiful window could brighten up. Tailor-made to your requirements, our bespoke windows will add something special to your home.

read more › Double glazing is the most popular form of glazing for windows and doors due to its versatility and efficiency. Available in every window style; windows that are double glazed offer high performance as well as giving you an attractive window that is an asset to your Essex or South East home. You can choose from double glazed casement windows, bay windows or bespoke windows in high-performance uPVC, aluminium and timber. There are still many homes putting up with inefficient single glazing that is seeing their heating leaking out of their home and going to waste.

read more › Triple glazing is a significant step up from double glazing and the guaranteed way to have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. Commonly found in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, triple glazing is the perfect solution to enjoying a warmer home for less during those harsh cold winter months and is expected to become increasingly common in the UK. This means now is the time to future proof your home with new windows, doors, or even a triple glazed conservatory. Triple glazed windows can be over five times more effective than single glazed windows.

read more › For those who live in listed buildings or conservation areas, secondary glazing could be the best or only option for upgrading nonperforming old windows. Some homes cannot have their original windows altered due to building regulations to retain the original appearance, or you may not want to get new windows installed so you don't spoil the heritage style. However, this doesn't mean you have to put up with a draughty house once winter arrives. Just because you don't want to adjust the exterior of your home, it doesn't mean you have to be without the benefits of double glazing.

read more › Our collection of custom-designed windows are made with high-performance glazing panels that will significantly improve your home's thermal performance and durability. Not only will you benefit from these advanced performances, but we can incorporate decorative glass options during the buying journey that will add a distinctive style to your home. Take a look at our range of glass options that can be included in our casement, heritage, sliding sash, tilt and turn, bay and bespoke window styles.

read more › A versatile material, uPVC windows can be created in any colour imaginable and a range of authentic woodgrain effects to allow you to choose a design during the buying process that complements your home. For attractive windows that offer it all; energy efficiency, security and style at an affordable price point, choose uPVC windows for your new or replacement windows. This specification actively retains the warmth inside of the room, whilst stopping any cold elements from entering. The multi-layered design also means it's a robust and durable material that will keep your home safe and secure.

read more › Wooden windows remain a favourite amongst homeowners due to their premium appearance and ability to last over 60 years. They look particularly suited to period and country properties but as they can be designed in over 30 colours during the design process, timber windows can also add character to newer homes too. Our A+ energy rated timber windows offer everything you would expect of a modern replacement window, whilst improving the kerb appeal of your home. They are incredibly durable, thermally insulating and weather-resistant.

read more › If you want the ultimate modern performance and aesthetics, aluminium should be your window material of choice. Thin-framed aluminium windows look particularly stunning in modern homes, but with a range of wood effect finishes optional in the design process, they can also blend with traditional properties. With superior sturdiness and durable frames, its one of the strongest materials on the market. It's advanced manufacturing also makes it extremely thermally insulating, able to achieve A+ energy ratings.

read more › Here at SEH BAC we are with you every step of the way. Whether you're confused about planning permission or want to know how to take care of your new windows, we have the right guide for you. With our expert knowledge, we've compiled everything you need to know about keeping your new home improvements in top condition. Following these simple guides will ensure that your new windows, doors and conservatories stay looking good and working hard for you for years to come. A conservatory is an important investment.

read more › A lot of homeowners keep looking for high quality windows to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their living space, while making the place more functional. In order to match the windows with the living space, and make sure you get the perfect fit, it's important to hire professionals for the job. Once the windows have been installed in your home, you need to be confident that they're fully supported. This will make sure the windows look perfect for many years to come. Besides offering a solid 10 year guarantee, our company also offers good advice on how you can take care of your windows after installation.

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