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ABL Doors & Windows ABL doors are an industry-leading supplier and fitter of precision-hung doorsets to housing developers, builders and regional authorities on a local and national scale, providing a service that reduces both cost and hassle in new-build and renovation projects. Supplying and installing fire doorsets that are guaranteed to comply with all fire regulations and save you time and money.

With access to over 4,000 different styles of internal door, we to provide and install precision-hung internal doorsets, for every application. ABL's pre-hung doorsets are the best value, and most hassle-free way of ensuring acoustic certification in apartment blocks. ABL's specialist ironmongery department offers an extensive range and selection to suit any residential or commercial application.

All your internal carpentry solutions with start to finish project management when selecting our fitting service. The perfect external doorsets for your development projects, providing easy, cost effective and compliant external door sourcing and installation.

read more › Since 2003, ABL doors have been been supplying and fitting precision-hung doorsets for housing developers, builders and regional authorities on a local and national scale, providing great value while taking the hassle out of the door fitting process, in both new-build and renovation projects. ABL doors was founded when Andy Williams, previously of the UK's largest door slab manufacturer Premdor, spotted a frustration in the housing development market with the way that doors were sourced and fitted.

read more › Our end-to-end service is the key to our successful relationships with some of the UK's biggest housing developers, and the reason we are fast becoming the country's leading supplier and installer of doors and doorsets. With access to over 4,000 styles of door from the UK's leading manufacturers, we are able to source door slabs to any specification. Whether you are looking for a popular design of internal door to fulfil a large housing development, or a very specific, high-end design to satisfy the most discerning of client, ABL can provide you with the perfect combination of frame, door slab and door furniture.

read more › At ABL, we pride ourselves on the unrivalled end-to-end service we offer our clients, and ensuring customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Below are a series of comments from some of our clients, including some of the biggest names in the construction and development industries. ABL staff are knowledgeable, provide a very good service and introduce new and alternative products for use in our bespoke houses. ABL Doors constantly produce high-quality products at competitive prices on a variety of products to suit our business and come highly recommended.

read more › At ABL, we are internal doorset specialists. Our extensive supply chain gives us access to over 4,000 different styles of internal door, from all of the UK's most popular manufacturers, allowing us to provide precision-hung internal doorsets, for every application. Our internal doorsets are entirely customisable, down to the finest detail, allowing you to give your customers a choice, without it costing the earth. We can even provide internal doorsets with dual-finish door frames for developments where customer choice of internal frame/skirting finish is different to that chosen for use in communal areas.

read more › Fire doors are the most important prevention method for the spreading of fire in housing and commercial developments. At ABL our pre-hung, fully certified fire doorsets offer the highest level of protection to occupants, by ensuring the perfect fit every time, accurate to 1/100th of a millimetre, and when fitted by an ABL fitter are guaranteed to pass all fire safety regulations. Fitting pre-hung fire doorsets in situations where fire doors are required, such as commercial properties and apartment buildings, is the best way to ensure compliance with building regulations.

read more › Established in 1989, Secured by Design is the official Police security initiative which focuses on using intelligent design to increase security and reduce crime. At ABL, our precision manufactured security doorsets are tested to be fully compliant with this initiative, conforming to the relevant PAS 23/24 certification parts E and M. By precision-hanging the doorsets in our factory we are able to ensure that every new door is as secure as the last. To reach the levels expected, our security doorsets ensure that both door & frame are shielded as well as keeping all hinges hidden.

read more › In recent years, building regulations have started to introduce soundproofing rules for doors, in particular front doors to apartments in apartment blocks. Recent changes to regulations mean that 31 decibel acoustic doors are a requirement, and ABL acoustic doorsets are certified to the correct level. Pre-hung acoustic doorsets from ABL guarantee building regulation approval, and our precision manufacturing process ensures the highest levels of acoustic protection. Correct installation is paramount when it comes to effectively preventing the spread of sound through apartment buildings, which is why pre-hung doorsets are the best value, and most hassle-free way of ensuring certification.

read more › We have been supplying external doorsets to our customers for over 15 years, and were one of the first companies in the UK to offer this service. During this time, building regulations, with regards to external doors, have changed dramatically, and continue to do so with some regularity. Keeping abreast of these changes is a key part of our external doorset business, and our industry insight and knowledge is second to none. Adopted following the Kyoto Agreement, building regulations surrounding external doors mean that they are required to meet an ever evolving list of requirements, introduced to create a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gasses.

read more › The Denham Film Studios project was a unique opportunity for ABL Doors. Set on the site of the former British Film Production studios responsible for hundreds of major motion pictures, including 1946's 'Great Expectation', the development was set to reinvigorate the former glory of the 40's and 50's. With 224 new and converted homes, the developers, Weston Homes, set out with the aim of capturing the spirit of the Bauhaus architectural movement, bringing original art deco design into a fresh modern surrounding.

read more › At ABL doors, we work closely with a range of developers to supply our doorsets to outfit a variety of projects. Weston Homes' Project Genesis was developed as a revolutionary step forward in the housing development process, moving on-site production into individual specialist manufacturing environments such as ours. With an emphasis on quality and value, we are able to provide complete doorsets to Weston Homes projects, allowing the door, framing, trim and ironmongery to be fitted quickly and accurately.

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