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Stained Glass Door Studio We're a Birmingham based stained glass studio, we have over 30 years experience in the installation, design, manufacture, restoration and repair of stained glass windows & doors. Here at the Stained Glass Door Studio in Birmingham, we're experts at all things stained glass. At our workshop located in Kings Heath, you can see us working on stained glass doors and stained glass windows; we're here to offer you advice and guidance on your stained glass choices.

The fine art of stained glass has been in practice since ancient times, it entered a revival period during the 19th century when a lot of ancient buildings were restored to their former beauty. Our team can help you capture some of that ancient beauty in your home using the same techniques that were used over 150 years ago. We supply beautifully crafted stained glass doors and stained glass windows to the whole of the UK.

So no matter what style of door or window you're looking for, we have something to suit your requirements and if not, we can make something, hand crafted, just for you.

read more › Using stained glass within your interiors can create some really amazing spaces, the bright and colorful light at different times of the day can really add a great atmosphere to your home. Whether you're adding stained glass to an existing door or installing a new one, we're on hand to help you decide. We'll also design your stained glass panels to your specification and also provide you the door. Our doors are solid wood made and are build using mortise and tenon joints, providing stability and longevity.

read more › Stained glass windows are a great alternative to curtains, blinds and shutters, providing you with privacy and adding a spectacular original feature to you home. We restore and repair all types of stained glass windows from Victorian stained glass windows to church and period stained glass. As well as restoring and repairing original stained glass, we can also design bespoke one off pieces, designed just for you. Perhaps you like the idea of having stained glass in your home but certain styles are not to your taste or the interior design of your home, we have various modern and contemporary styles available to choose from.

read more › We're one of the UK's number one stained glass companies specialising in restoring and repairing stained glass, we're based in Birmingham and have over 30 years of experience in installing, designing, manufacturing, restoring and repairing stained glass in both windows and doors. Our company offers the best in stained glass manufacturing and installation. We have a wide variety of designs that are in store for our customer to choose from according to their interior design, arrangement, and decoration on their respective projects or establishments.

read more › Our stock range of Victorian, Edwardian, 1930's stained glass front doors, all of our doors are handcrafted in Birmingham and always made using the highest quality sapele hardwood. Our Sapele hardwood front doors are crafted by master craftsmen using traditional methods. In our workshop in Birmingham we also handcraft stained glass panels using traditional methods. We have a selection of stock doors on display or if you have existing doors, 32" x 80" stained glass panels can be made to match your existing glass.

read more › If you think it's time to change your old doors, why not try door stripping before rushing out to purchase something new? Many old doors just require a bit of TLC and once paint removal has been carried out, you may find beautiful wood underneath. Door stripping is the removal of all the layers of paint that have been applied to your doors over the years, revealing the wood underneath. The process has been in practice since the early 1980s and produces excellent results in both uncovering the basic moulding of a door and preparing the surface for a new and more attractive coat of varnish or paint.

read more › Stained glass windows have a varied history, originally found in medieval churches, the origins of stained glass lead all the way back to ancient times. Stained glass windows and doors are often found in Victorian houses and generally a lot of stained glass windows and doors found in Victorian properties are original although you may find that some have been repaired or even replaced over the years. Stained glass is a simple concept, lead is soldered together that holds a series of mosaic coloured glass, usually forming a picture of some kind.

read more › Do you have damaged stained glass windows in your property? If so it may be time to have a professional look at them, it can cost as little as 50 for a simple repair and might just add that finishing touch to that room you've just re-decorated. Having your stained glass windows repaired and cleaned by a professional is a must, as using harsh chemicals or steam on them yourself may damage the glass and in-turn the whole window. Not only will having your windows professional repaired increase the lifespan of the windows, it will also allow more light into your home by removing all of the built up dirt and dust that has gathered on them over the years.

read more › Are you looking for Stained Glass Doors in Birmingham or the West Midlands? Here at the Stained Glass Door Studio in Birmingham we're experts at crafting the finest examples of stained glass doors. We offer traditional and contemporary designs to all of our customers. With over 30 years experience our team can cater to all your requirements. All of our doors and windows are hand crafted in our studio, here you can watch us work and enquire about the different styles and solutions for your home or business.

read more › Are you looking for Stained Glass Door specialists in the Solihull area? Stained glass went through a revival period in the 19th century in the United Kingdom; a lot of buildings were restored during this period. Stained glass can be found as far back in history as medieval times. Our specialist stained glass team in Solihull provides bespoke services that will help you restore, repair or design your stained glass windows and stained glass doors. At our showroom in Kings Heath, Birmingham we have a variety of design to suit your requirements.

read more › For door stripping Birmingham, there is no better place to turn than The Stained Glass Door Studio. We are a company with 30 years of experience in the windows and doors industry and we are experts in our field. As well as manufacturing, installing and repairing stained glass windows and doors, we also provide a professional door stripping service. When you choose The Stained Glass Door Studio, you can be sure that you are choosing a high quality door stripping company. We are based at Kings Heath and offer our services throughout the Birmingham area.

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