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Caldwell Hardware Established in 1888 Caldwell Hardware has grown to become a market leader in specialist hardware for the UK window and door market. Backed by over 120 years' experience in manufacturing Caldwell delivers quality, design-led hardware solutions to PVCu, timber, aluminium and composite window fabricators. We manufacture a comprehensive range of products including traditional sash window hardware and balances, and hinges and restrictors for more contemporary window styles such as pivot.

Our window hardware can be manufactured for all materials and systems, and can be incorporated in windows for installation in a variety of projects from domestic through to heavy-duty commercial applications. Caldwell offers standard and customised options but most of our solutions are made bespoke to the client through our in-house design process and manufacturing facilities.

read more › Caldwell UK is your single source for specialist window and door hardware. We manufacture a comprehensive range of products for domestic, commercial and social projects. This includes spiral balances, constant force spring, block and tackle, hybrid balances, and high performance hardware for casement and pivot window styles. All products are designed to be safe, secure, reliable, durable, and add aesthetic value, and can be made for all window materials and systems. Caldwell primarily supply quality hardware for the sash window market.

read more › For more than 120 years Caldwell has been supplying quality hardware for window manufacturing. In this time we've introduced a number of industry firsts such as the first moving coil constant force balance, first co-located casement window operator and lock, and first heavy duty spiral balance. Caldwell has also expanded into international markets to become a world leading specialist window hardware manufacturer, with over 1 billion balances sold so far. Founded in 1888 by Allen Boucher and William Caldwell, Caldwell Hardware supplied clock spring counterbalances for window construction throughout Northeast America.

read more › The Caldwell Group has been committed to providing leading hardware solutions for over a century and continuously invest in our staff, products and manufacturing processes to remain confident in offering a first-class service for every customer through every stage of buying from Caldwell. Caldwell UK aim to raise the bar of window hardware production, setting new standards of innovation in the window and door market. We offer a wide range of window and door hardware but most of our products are designed bespoke to the client.

read more › In addition Caldwell's CAB membership, we also belong to the GGF, the Glass and Glazing Federation. The GGF is the leading body within the UK supporting the development of the glazing industry. As prominent GGF members, our clients can be assured that we maintain the best technical and health and safety standards promoted by the organisation, as well as remaining up to date on the latest product standards, innovations and industry developments. Our participation in leading groups such as the GGF ensures that we provide only the most helpful, up to date and innovative products and services to our clients.

read more › Caldwell can provide a comprehensive range of sash window hardware for both contemporary and traditionally styled frames. Whether you require hardware for timber, PVCu, aluminium, or a composite material, we have an extensive range of both functional and decorative sash window hardware to suit all applications. Our sash window hardware is able to facilitate improved operation of the window in terms of security, ease of use and also consistent operation regardless of sash size or weight. Among other items, Caldwell are able to supply sash locks, shackles, sash lifts and spring balances, in a wide range of models to ensure that fabricators and specifiers are able to install sliding sash windows which are able to perform to exact performance and aesthetic requirements.

read more › In addition to supplying hardware for both timber and aluminium sliding sash windows, Caldwell's comprehensive hardware range is also able to cater for virtually all PVC-U sash window configurations. Our hardware which is specifically designed for use in PVC-U sash window systems is both decorative and functional, ensuring that our customers are able to specify to exact aesthetic and performance levels. Caldwell's decorative hardware for PVC-U sash windows ensures that our customers can create windows which not only operate to an exact specification, but also achieve an appropriate aesthetic.

read more › As a manufacturing material, Aluminium presents unique aesthetic and performance benefits. Offering superior strength and slim sightlines, it is increasingly used in modern window designs, and to ensure we cater for this demand, Caldwell's sash window hardware is suitable for installation in a variety of aluminium sliding sash windows. Our extensive range of aluminium sash window hardware enables specifiers and fabricators to select products from our range, with the confidence that they are able to meet the required specifications of almost any criteria, catering for specific levels of security, performance and safety.

read more › Caldwell are able to manufacture and supply a huge range of sash window hardware specifically designed for use in sliding timber window systems. Whether you're specifying for conventional timber windows, a box sash type vertical sliding window, or even a tilting Timb-A-Tilt hardware system, we are able to advise and supply timber sash window hardware to suit virtually all applications and window configurations. Our range of timber sash window hardware covers both functional and decorative hardware products.

read more › Caldwell's range of products for conventional timber sash windows covers a wide selection of decorative hardware, enabling our customers to specify for virtually any aesthetic requirements - providing hardware which is suitable for both traditional designs, and also more sleek, modern appearances. Available nominally in gold, white or chrome finishes (though other finishes are available for a number of our products), Caldwell's decorative hardware range includes sash locks, lifts, and keepers. Additionally we are able to manufacture sash rings for when a window pole is required for sash operation, as well as sash window hooks and a selection of tensioning tools to achieve predetermined levels of sash tension for optimum usability.

read more › Timb-A-Tilt is a complete hardware system from Caldwell which allows for the production of high quality, timber vertical sliding windows with an integrated tilt back facility. This in built tilting facility allows the end user to carry out easier window maintenance and cleaning, as it can be carried out from the inside. Whilst Timb-A-Tilt hardware provides greater levels of convenience, it also manages to maintain the aesthetic of traditional sliding sash windows, offering the best in both functionality and appearance.

read more › At Caldwell, we produce one of the widest ranges of spring balances currently available for sliding window systems. Our huge range means we can cater for virtually all applications, and that fabricators are able to cater for precise levels of durability, cost and ease of use. Suitable for PVC-U, aluminium and timber windows, balances from Caldwell can be used in a variety of environments, ranging from restoration projects to new build developments. We can supply leading models of spring balances available in a range of different diameters and load bearings, as well as those suitable for both non-tilting and tilt-in sash window designs.

read more › Designed to act as a counterbalance to the sash, and also be able to hold the window in any position, Caldwell can provide spiral balances made to fit both tilt-in and non-tilt sash window configurations. Our spiral balances are also designed to provide some opening assistance to benefit the end-user's operation, whilst also facilitating a smooth and easy sliding action. Caldwell can supply balances suited to all frame materials and varying load bearing levels, including Spirex, Alumatilt and Spiralift models.

read more › Featuring a larger, 17mm diameter design, Ultralift balances can be specified for use in both tilt-in and standard sash window designs. Unlike Spirex, Spiralift and Alumatilt balances, Ultralift sash window balances are double sprung, offering increased efficiency and a smoother operation. Because of this double sprung design, they can offer the end user up to 75% increased mechanical advantage compared with standard operation. They can also be installed in systems heavier than single sprung alternatives, being able to support sashes up to 27kg in weight, so are suitable for specifying in more substantial window frames.

read more › Like Ultralift balances, the Torso models are double sprung to give the end user significant levels of mechanical assistance when operating the window, with inner and outer springs supplying equivalent levels of tension to match the weight of the sash. Torso balances, however, are able to cater for much heavier sash weights, supporting sashes from 3kg - 45kg. Offering torque free operation for smoother movement, Torso balances are renowned for their reliability, being able to provide lift for over 100 years' worth of regular use.

read more › Caldwell can provide you with a wide range of functional sliding sash window hardware in any material you require - whether it be timber, PVC-U or aluminium. Our comprehensive range of functional hardware ensures that specifiers and fabricators can confidently choose products from our range which are able to meet the required specifications of almost any criteria, catering for specific levels of security, durability and safety. Pivot Bars - Ensuring the stable tilting of action of tilt-in sash windows, with the option to accommodate sash horns.

read more › Standard pivot bars fit onto the bottom of the sash, and facilitate easier cleaning by allowing the window to tilt inwards. Standard pivot bars can either fit into an existing shackle, or feature a shackle integral to the pivot itself - shackles which Caldwell can also supply. Standard pivot bars from Caldwell are also durable featuring a finish which provides 480 hours of corrosion resistance, so are suitable for specifying in projects which require windows which give longevity. Standard pivot bars are suitable for PVC-U, timber and aluminium sliding sashes, and can be supplied to fit both horned and non-horned sash window designs.

read more › Tilt restrictors from Caldwell allow for the retention of sashes up to 50kg (depending on the selected version) whilst in the tilting position. The retention provided by the tilt restrictor facilitates cleaning which is both easier and safer for the end user, as it can be done from inside. Featuring integrated bi-axial anti-jamb devices, Caldwell's tilt restrictors ensure that once lowered, the sash is able to seamlessly return to its upright position. Depending on the required sash weight, and levels of usability, Caldwell can supply three tilt restrictor variants: standard, quick release and heavy duty.

read more › In addition to the huge selection of functional sash window hardware Caldwell can supply, we can also provide specifiers and fabricators with a wide choice of decorative window hardware options. This ensures that we can manufacture and supply sash windows hardware which not only allows the windows to operate to an exact specification, but also achieve an appropriate aesthetic. Sash locks - For additional security, the top and bottom sashes can be locked to prevent unpermitted opening or intrusion.

read more › Caldwell can supply a range of sash locks in virtually and style, RAL or anodised colour, and a variety of finishes, meaning we can supply suitable sash locks for virtually any project. As a specifier, fabricator or designer, our wide range of locks means you can choose from both traditional and modern designs, but also specify to exact levels of security and aesthetics. For modern new builds, sash locks can be supplied in bright and vibrant colours, whereas for renovation projects, we can supply sash locks more suited to traditional appearances.

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