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Barleywood Joinery We make handcrafted, high quality sash windows to revitalise your home. If your sash windows, frames or sills are in need of some rejuvenation, we can offer varying techniques to solve common problems such as minor or major rot, draught proofing, cord renewal and window rebalancing. Our expert joiners use specially selected timber to create stunning casement windows that will truly stand the test of time.

We can repair existing units using our experienced and knowledgeable team or fit brand new casement windows, whatever is right for your home. Here at Barleywood Joinery we make bespoke doors to your exact specification so we can create a door that is right for the character of your home. We can design a new door from scratch or replicate an old one and using our CAD drawing system we can help you get the door of your dreams.

When looking at a building there are few features which are as important to the character and appearance as the windows. Attractive, well-maintained, historic windows contribute not only to the beauty of a building, but also to its historic and architectural interest and its monetary value.

read more › We are a Hertfordshire based company that specialises in the making and restoring of traditional Sash windows, Casement windows and Doors. Everything we do is bespoke and personally made to order as we do not have a standard size or style that we mass produce. We offer a full Sash window repair, restoration and draught proofing service. Our timber windows and wooden doors are renowned for their attractive design, excellent paint finish and their ability to be customised to meet your exact requirements.

read more › Our team of specialist joiners hand craft every Sash window with precision and expertise to create stunning timber windows to enhance the value of your home. We use traditional construction methods and high quality materials to produce spectacular windows that will stand the test of time. The classic box sash window has been a feature of Britain's architecture for over three centuries. Thought to have been of French origin, this timeless style was adopted in Britain as early as the 17th century, and is truly part a our heritage.

read more › Our dedicated joiners hand craft every Casement window with the care and attention required to create beautiful timber windows. Using traditional materials and construction methods, we achieve stunning pieces of joinery that will stand the test of time. Casement window features have developed over time, with small glass panes used initially, which increased in size as glass making methods developed, with leaded lights popular in the early 19th century. Smaller pane sizes became popular again in the Edwardian era.

read more › Here at Barleywood Joinery we specialise in making beautiful bespoke doors. Our skilled joiners hand craft every door to meet your exact specification. We can work with you to design a front door from scratch, or we can even match any existing doors like for like. We use CAD drawings to help you visualise the design before manufacture. All of our doors have a subtle draught proofing system. We use a range of high quality timbers to create a door that will not only stand the test of time, but suit the character of your home.

read more › Here at Barleywood Joinery we can make new double glazed Sash and Casement inserts which match your existing window design. Our Sash and Casement windows can be installed in your original framework so replacing your tired windows is easy. Providing the framework is in good condition, there is no requirement for the removal of the complete window frame, we simply remove your old sashes and install our Insert system, so there is no major plastering or redecorating to be done. The Insert window offers all of the traditional features of a sash window but with modern benefits.

read more › Here at Barleywood Joinery we can install slimline double-glazed units which fit into the existing rebates of most traditional windows and doors. This provides you with all the benefits of modern windows without the cost of renewing your windows. By using slimline double glazed units we can double glaze windows with a glazing bar thickness down to 21mm. Barleywood Sash window restoration can double glaze your existing sash windows without the costly expense and disruption of replacing the whole sash box and frames.

read more › Traditional windows can be made wind and weather tight very easily, and a few small repairs can improve the efficiency of your home almost as much as new windows can, at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Repairs of traditional windows are almost always cheaper than replacements. We will never replace an historic window unless it is beyond economic repair. In the very rare cases that a window is beyond economic repair we can make a replacement window in our joinery workshop, our team of skilled joiners can match like for like with painstaking attention to detail.

read more › We offer draught proofing for sash and casement windows so you can preserve the charm of your traditional windows whilst benefitting from properly sealed units. Well maintained windows fitted with draught proofing are more energy efficient, saving you money on your heating bills and keeping you warm and cosy. Once installed, draughts and rattles are eliminated and the window offers more sound proofing than before. New parting beads and staff beads that work with a Teflon Gasket complete the seal around your window.

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