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We are based in Birmingham and cover Gay Village, Bordesley Green, Duddeston, Edgbaston, Smethwick and Handsworth Wood. With over a decade of experience, we have worked on thousands of sash windows in Birmingham, West Midlands. Sash windows can prove difficult to live with in West Midlands the state of the art era since of the problems as in draughts, decomposing and ambiguous work which can result in a lack of upkeep.

By installing timber or sash windows and doors to your West Midlands property, you will improve every aspect to your home whilst restoring it to its former glory. Most often seen in Victorian or Georgian buildings across Britain, the sash window is a fairly common feature which Sash Windows Birmingham uphold in the approach. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any interrogations or feel free to get in touch with us by phone at 0800 061 4053.

To ensure your traditional windows in West Midlands are Prepared to tackle many more years of hustle-free use, Sash Windows Birmingham are able to offer great restoration services to sash and casement windows, including the establishment of security bolts as well as draught seals.

read more › At Sash Windows Birmingham we complete projects in West Midlands ranging from small domestic houses to larger, commercial buildings. At Sash Windows Birmingham we are dedicated to reserving the classic proportions of traditional sash windows, meaning you may be confident in the high standards and attentions to detail our suggestion is to any client in West Midlands. Sash Windows Birmingham striving to create & preserve the historical beauty of the sash window, proves that our business will always offer aseptically pleasing results for the Birmingham area.

read more › If replacing sashes is not a viable option then Sash Windows Birmingham are also able to produce any new windows and frames. At Sash Windows Birmingham we only provide new sash windows that will most certainly benefit your property and which need hardly any service. You can expect to have years of trouble free use from your new Sash Windows Birmingham sash windows which are ensured to provide you with tranquility and sophistication. Take as much time while you need to work out the time for the design and finish of your windows because at Sash Windows Birmingham we understand how important it is for you to be totally glad over your products.

read more › At Sash Windows Birmingham in Birmingham we have advisors always on hand to talk through your design options and thoughtfully consider the most fitting options for your West Midlands property. Professional replacement windows from Sash Windows Birmingham will always go unnoticed, seamlessly blending with the existing facade and offering correct proportions, balance and harmony with their surroundings in West Midlands. Sash Windows Birmingham are able to manufacture authentic, top quality replacements in our Birmingham workshop if your existing sashes are beyond repair.

read more › At Sash Windows Birmingham we focus primarily on sash window repair, but also aim to upgrade the performance of the window as a whole. Sash Windows Birmingham will replace weather-strips, chains or cords, rebalance and lubricate the pulleys and then carefully restore the sash into their frames. To eliminate draughts and air leakage, Sash Windows Birmingham can employ a special sealing method during repair work. It is very rare that damage or decay to sash windows is unable to be fixed by Sash Windows Birmingham utilizing the modern instruments and bearing the most high education of the product.

read more › Maintaining the authentic appearance of timber windows is important and this does not need to be compromised for your West Midlands home to be more energy efficient and less costly to heat. Sash Windows Birmingham are able to retain the character, charm and loveliness of the conventional sash window with either of our experienced repair or restoration services. At Sash Windows Birmingham we know It is now nearly impossible to install single glazed sash windows in a property because of modern building regulations.

read more › Sash Windows Birmingham can replicate any form, shape or design in Sash Windows Birmingham sash windows, which means you can promise a person, tailor made model in your consumated product. If you decide to chose Sash Windows Birmingham bespoke window service, you will like the gains of having each window crafted to your own requirements and specifications. Sash Windows Birmingham are able to repair an original design of window, or alternatively, create specific, individual designs. Sash Windows Birmingham are able to create customized sash windows that can be single or double glazed or in a casement style.

read more › At Sash Windows Birmingham we will confirm a delivery date, manufacture your new windows or doors and then start fitting when they are completed. During installation our team from Sash Windows Birmingham will always remove and dispose of any old windows or componants. Sash Windows Birmingham can carry out repairs to the window frame or sill, meaning your sash windows will look and run like a new box. All windows at Sash Windows Birmingham have integrated with top-notch locks, fasteners and weather seals.

read more › All of Sash Windows Birmingham carpenters and joiners are skilled, experienced craftsmen who will protect you receive the best product and price for your requirements. If there are any questions or concerns while you installation process then do not hesitate to ask one of our Sash Windows Birmingham fitters. Sash Windows Birmingham take pride in every stage of our projects, and the fitting of your windows is no exception. Sash Windows Birmingham suppose you should always ensure that you totally comprehend the product and service you are being awarded and the amount you are going to pay.

read more › To retain the market value that traditional timber sashes bring to your property, as well as their historic charm, it is important that you hire Sash Windows Birmingham to uphold their usage and look. By using the correct materials and specialist techniques, Sash Windows Birmingham attempt to diminish the concentration of intervention and focus instead on permanent repair solutions. Sash Windows Birmingham always will perform only the job that is necessary to confirm your windows are structurally competant, and will always follow preservation principles.

read more › Frequent inspection of your windows will advise you on any minute issues that might arise, such as draughts, before they become more significant and Sash Windows Birmingham are feasible to assist with this. Sash Windows Birmingham are experts in window refurbishment and will offer competitive prices for our historically accurate designs. During refurbishment, Sash Windows Birmingham give you the chance to embellish your new windows with your own ideas and styles. Draught proofing your strounty home will defend it from heat loss, dirt intake, and noise pollution whilst also lowering the ammount you pay on heating bills.

read more › Single glazed sash windows can be inappropriate as concerns to thermal and noise insulation in your West Midlands home. If you are concerned about the sound your sash windows let in then also examine solutions available with the best use for gentle furnishings such as hanging up thicker curtains in your West Midlands home. Sash Windows Birmingham always recommend installing great draught proofing measures to the sash and timber windows we see to prevent draughtiness and reduce noise while sticking to the original style of the windows.

read more › The first step by Sash Windows Birmingham in renovating your sash windows is to take out the windows from their particular frames. Before any work is carried out, surveys will be carried out by Sash Windows Birmingham well-trained team to appraise the quality of each window. Excellent results can be achieved by Sash Windows Birmingham renovating the windows you already own in your home, meaning that proxy doesn't require to be your decision. Sash Windows Birmingham have already completed hundreds of windows with the efforts of our skilled staff who can also help you restore your sash windows.

read more › You period property will have a list of building requirements which will need to be complied with and which Sash Windows Birmingham will see to before we put in your heritage box windows. You may be living inside a preserving range in West Midlands if the buildings are of historical or architectural importance and need to be safeguarded. Getting a highly powered and excellent quality Sash Windows Birmingham replacement window is a good idea anyway since low-quality work can cause value reduction of your period property as has been known to take place before.

read more › If you want benefits like efficient energy consumption and secure and rattle-free windows with easy use then Sash Windows Birmingham authentic timber sash windows will be ideal for you. For a top end product with proficient experience and input that will provide value for money, call Sash Windows Birmingham on 0800 061 4053 to uncover our timber sash windows. For a sympathetic window replacement that keeps your timber sash windows in the same style as your home, call Sash Windows Birmingham. Both softwood and hardwood frames can be fabricated by Sash Windows Birmingham for your timber sash windows revolving around what you need.

read more › Known for their excellent durability and insulation qualities, wooden frames can last for many centuries so ensure that you call up Sash Windows Birmingham protect them for you. Sash Windows Birmingham know that rediscussing the wood that is used to create your wooden sash windows nails down that they are dully substantial and impressive in all wither conditions. Sash Windows Birmingham only hire experienced and qualified installers who possess broad knowledge of their trade and the materials that they apply.

read more › Marrying the classic charm of sliding sash windows with the premier hardware, Sash Windows Birmingham sliding sash windows are virtually identical as compared to the original sliding sash windows. Sash Windows Birmingham have something that will be appealing to everyone at Sash Windows Birmingham with sliding sash windows to suit every home. All of Sash Windows Birmingham sliding sash windows have been carefully designed to provide practicality, together with, simplicity and beauty. Able to open from either top or bottom, Sash Windows Birmingham sliding sash windows are designed to be convenient so now can also be suited to slope in and out too.

read more › Designed by Sash Windows Birmingham to replicate traditional windows, uPVC sliding sashes provide a traditional looking sash window associated with the several benefits of uPVC and free from the issues sash windows can have. Period properties can have issues, but with Sash Windows Birmingham UPVC installed you will have found a long lasting and cost effective solution for your sash windows. If you want window frames that require no maintenance or updating even following ages of handle and that have great insulation, durability and strength, then get in touch with us now at Sash Windows Birmingham on 0800 061 4053.

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