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M Bark Roof Solutions Mbark is an established family run business based in the north-west and has been installing conservatories and building extensions since 1987. All of our tradespeople are qualified and with lots of experience. We started supplying and installing conservatory beautiful warm roofs in 2007 throughout the country and are always constantly working harder to improve our methods in our warm roofs and ensure an entirely efficient installation to every type of conservatory.

MBark will give you back your dream of a beautiful living space either it being in your Conservatory or Orangery, that can be used all year round just like every other room in your home. We are here to help you get the best warm roof solution you require and over the last ten years tried every kind of warm roof solution there is. Mbark doesn't only just give you one option; we can install Three types of conservatory warm roof solutions on any conservatory to suit your budget with a variety to suit.

All Three of our conservatory roof solutions including the Supalite Roof, Timber Bespoke solid roof and a Reinforced Roof will fit any conservatory and give you an option on how much you want to spend.

read more › We started supplying and installing conservatory beautiful warm roofs in 2007 throughout the country. Mbark Roof Solutions are always constantly working harder to improve our methods in all our warm roofs installations. We ensure a totally efficient installation to every type of conservatory and are always here to answer any questions you have. If you would like more information regarding our products or services then please feel free to contact us. I consent to my details being used by Mbark Roof Solutions for the purpose of replying to my enquiry.

read more › Mbark have gone with technology on this lightweight warm roof it is the Supalite warm roof. We go to the NEC in Birmingham every year looking to improve our warm roof systems. The Supalite roof consists of hollow aluminium rafters and it has a lightweight aluminium ring beam with a 150mm soffit attached to it. This also can provide Soffit lights which can give your conservatory an ambient look as the night falls. The Supalite warm roof has 3 layers of thermal foiled back insulation this keeping the u-value at 0.18.

read more › The timber bespoke lightweight solid roof was one of the first we started installing and are always looking to improve it. Thermally its cheaper than the Supalite Roof. Mbark can install your wood bespoke roof with a soffit if preferred. A soffit over hangs the eaves, so it looks like a house roof except you can install downlights in the soffit all around the exterior of your conservatory which will give an ambient look at night. As most of our competitors don't use battens on the inside to tie the roof together, but just plasterboard straight onto the timber rafters and then put the battens on followed by plasterboard being fitted to the battens this leaves a gap for the heat to escape.

read more › This option is quite popular for conservatory roof replacements. The reinforcement roof is created by taking out the glass or polycarbonate and then leaving your existing conservatory roof structure. We strengthen your aluminium rafters with JB red roofing battens manufactured to BS 5534 which are screwed to each side of your existing aluminium beams to keep it robust and strengthen the conservatory roof. The warm reinforcement roof then gets installed with a 40mm followed by a 25mm foil back rigid insulation other options include TLX multi-foil insulation.

read more › The thick lines pressed into each Aluzinc-coated steel profile results in increased shadow definition, resulting in a tile that looks virtually indistinguishable from traditional slate, while simultaneously offering unmatched vandal and weather resistance. For centuries, slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. With authentic surfaces and edges, TapcoSlate Classic highlights the beautiful character of slate, at the same time enhancing roof performance through innovative design.

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