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City Sound Secondary Glazing is the most effective option of reducing noise travelling through windows and doors. Secondary glazing is a cost effective way of improving thermal insulation without altering the appearance of the property. We offer the highest performance, minimalistic secondary glazing the industry has to offer. Dealing direct with the manufacturer ensures unbeatable value and superior quality.

We are a flexible, accommodating company, that values customer service like no other. Due to our volume of manufacture and impeccable quality control, we are able to offer trade clients (on a supply only basis) a 40% discount on all enquiries, making us London's most competitive trade supplier of secondary glazing. Secondary glazing can reduce noise by up to 80% and once fitted is hardly visible.

It can also reduce your heating consumption dramatically, making your property more environmentally friendly. City Sound has been serving London's community since 1968. Recognized for our superior level of workmanship and impeccable after sales service, we are still very much a family run company that has been passed down through the generations.

read more › Back in 1968 Derrick Smith founded City Sound, at a time when secondary glazing was virtually unknown, despite the growing problem of old Victorian sash windows in London buildings. Although beautiful, these sash windows were often poorly fitting and allowed in all the noise, draughts and dirt of a growing city. As most of the buildings in central London are listed, the thought of changing the original windows for double glazed units was not an option. Rightly so - could you imagine what London would look like today if everyone had installed double glazing to their own design?

read more › Find below a few examples of our most popular window styles. Our sash style windows incorporate our unique EASY CLEAN system that is exclusive to City Sound. Give us a call on 020 8523 3210 or email us for more information on all the other style options we offer. Vertical sliding sash windows are by far the most popular style of secondary glazing. It is important to make sure the new secondary windows mirrors the transom bars of the existing, external windows so insuring the secondary glazing is as modest as possible.

read more › Commonly called "Vertical sliding sash windows" within the industry, sash windows are by far the most common window style. For this reason of course, our secondary glazing sash style windows are equally as popular. Consisting of two panels (top and bottom) that slide up and down, our sash windows are counter balance with pre-tensioned springs to hold the weight of the panels. This enables the window to be opened to any position, also allowing for the panels to be operated with minimal effort. It is essential for your new secondary glazing to mirror the external windows.

read more › The most versatile of all the styles available, horizontal sliding windows (side to side sliding) can be manufactured with 2, 3 or 4 sliding panels. This style of secondary glazing is a perfect match for Crittal windows. The individual sliding panels slide with immense ease, allowing unobstructed access to the external windows. All our windows sections are made of aluminium, powder coated white as standard. Frames can however be customised to a different colour or finish to match surrounding dcor.

read more › An alternative to screw fixed units, fixed lift out windows have a removable glass panel that can be easily lifted out of the master frame to facilitate access to the external windows. This style of window is often used on external windows that are very rarely used or in air-conditioned offices where cleaning between the windows needs to be facilitated. Lift out windows are also a very popular alternative in bay windows. Most people only ever use the middle sash window in a bay for ventilation, so we often suggest mimicking the middle window with a secondary sash window, but having lift out windows for the smaller, side windows.

read more › A versatile, efficient and inexpensive style of secondary glazing that can be side or top hung. This is a strong system with slender sightlines, allowing full and easy access to the outer windows or doors. With minimal dust ledges and a tight seal, this style of window is often favored by hospitals, surgery rooms or laboratories. In addition to the single side or top hung units, this style of secondary glazing can also be manufactured as double hung units, being a very good match for double casement windows or french doors.

read more › When a building has been listed it is protected by law and Listed Building Consent might need to be obtained before any changes are made to it. Repairs that match exactly may not need consent, but examples of work, which may do include changing (or adding) windows and doors, as the effect of any repairs is not always straightforward. The owner of a listed building carries the responsibility of applying to their local authority for Listed Building Consent. The first step should be to ask the authority's Conservation Officer if your proposals are likely to be accepted before making a formal application, saving you the time and money of an unsuccessful application.

read more › Serving our clients with honesty and integrity since 1968, our reputation speaks for itself. We have residential customers that have been using us for years, referring us to friends and family. They will always return, knowing that they have and will always deal with a company that has their best interests at heart and will deliver a quality product and service each time. They are also comforted by the fact that we have been with them for many years and will be here for many more to come. This is an important point to keep in mind, as we will always be here to fulfill our 10-year promise to our clients.

read more › Dealing with commercial clients and projects needs special care and knowhow. Weather you be an architect looking for the right company and product to specify in your clients plans, a contractor tendering for a project or if you are already on site, City Sound has the experience and background to help steer you and your project into the right direction. Being a medium size company, we have the flexibility to adjust our ways to suit each project and will always go the extra mile for each and every client that comes our way.

read more › City Sound welcomes any enquiry from the trade for supply only of our secondary glazing. Our in house factory manufactures a substantial volume, enabling us to offer trade clients (on a supply only basis) a 40% discount on enquiries. Our timely delivery of orders and impeccable quality control make us London's most competitive trade supplier. If you would like a quote for supply only, please feel free to call us on 020 8523 3210 or email us with the necessary information. We are available for any enquiries.

read more › At City Sound Glazing we only work with Aluminium frames for several reasons. Many property owners have their own preferences when it comes to window frames, and there are benefits to each material, be that aluminium, wood or uPVC.To explain the pros and cons of. When we think about secondary glazing, we have images of being wrapped up inside trying to stay warm in the freezing cold winter. There is a myriad of benefits when it comes to secondary glazing. Not only is it one of the cheapest ways to make your warmer, but it also.

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