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Finepoint Glass We are specialists in bespoke structural glass designs & installations in the UK & London. Finepoint can offer you a collection of the finest and most bespoke structural glass systems that offer complexities beyond boundaries. Bespoke, unique and stunning designs provide properties across the UK with luxury additions to enhance both visuals and performance.

We specialise in bespoke-designed structural and architectural glass systems, which are used to build our stunning range of aluminium doors, aluminium windows, wine cellars - and other high-quality products - for residential and commercial customers throughout London and the UK. With roots going back nearly 30 years, at Finepoint Glass you can be confident that your project is in the safest of hands.

We are a nationwide structural glazing company in London and throughout the UK - while our clients are based in mainland Europe, Africa, Dubai, India and the U.S. Our directors have vast experience in structural and architectural glass system processing, design, and aluminium fabrication fields and our teams are highly qualified.

read more › Here at Finepoint Glass, we offer a range of precision engineered door systems to residential and commercial businesses. Our impressive array of door profiles are designed to not only improve the security of your property but add a sense of sophistication and class to the build. Aluminium doors bring a sense of grandeur & class to any property. They combine ultra slim sightlines with modern functionality, offering exceptional longevity. The head-turning visual appeal of our frameless glass doors suits both contemporary and traditional homes.

read more › Finepoint glass offers a range of slimline aluminium sliding doors to architects, homeowners, business owners, and property developers. Each of our slim designs will bring your property in London to life. Our InfiniGLIDE 6 can be created with a maximum panel height of 6500mm. Alternatively, explore our Schuco sliding doors profile to discover its thermal properties. Review our range of aluminium sliding doors to discover their benefits and find the perfect product for your needs and architectural project.

read more › Aluminium bi-fold doors fulfil a range of important functions. They let in light, communicate beautiful sightlines - from the outside and the inside - and open to almost threshold length, resulting in a wide access point that's perfect for entertaining. Our ultra slim aluminium bi-fold system connect interior spaces and join the main body of a home to its adjoining garden. Our slimline bi-fold doors are flexible in design, in that they can be used to serve a multitude of different functions. Whether you're a residential customer looking to add value to your London home, or a business owner seeking an original design solution to bring your premises to life, you'll be able to find what you need when you choose Finepoint Glass.

read more › Casement doors provides the optimal blend of functionality and design for homes across London and the UK. Our high quality, precision-engineered aluminium casement doors offer you all the security and convenience of a solid aluminium door, whilst giving your project an enhanced feeling of space and light. One of our many priorities with our architectural glass is the security measures put into place. We want all our customers to feel safe and secure, whether that be at home or work. Our casement doors are the ideal solution for stunning designs mixed with unrivalled security.

read more › The head-turning visual appeal of frameless glass doors benefits both contemporary and traditional homes in London and the UK. Read on or enquire for free today. We offer a selection of the finest quality frameless glass doors throughout London and the UK. Enjoy an enhanced feeling of space and natural light with our beautiful glazed doors. At Finepoint, we excel in providing homeowners, business properties and architects with an incredible collection of bespoke glazed frameless doors. Our selection of frameless glass doors in London will instantly add a sense of grandeur to a property, whilst providing some of the best qualities a glazed door has to offer.

read more › Steel doors are designed to offer characteristic charm and heritage appeal, whilst providing an excellent standard of performance and efficiency. At Finepoint, we offer cutting edge steel doors that have been crafted to offer beautiful designs, perfect for any residential or commercial property. Our collection of steel doors in London are the perfect choice for your property that bring harmony between quality grade steel, modern manufacturing techniques and clever innovations. The standard of doors that we offer are crafted to only offer an exceptional standard of design and performance, that will truly enhance every property they're installed into.

read more › Finepoint offer the highest quality and longest lasting architectural finishes for projects in London and the UK. We offer a range of special finishes for our customers' architectural glazing projects. Our portfolio is expansive enough to cater to any requirements - whether commercial or residential. And, because we manufacture everything in-house, you can be sure the finished item we deliver will meet your requirements. Find out more about our special finish glass solutions today and create a unique product for your unique project with a range of architectural frame finishes.

read more › Here at Finepoint Glass, we offer a range of precision engineered window systems to residential and commercial businesses. Our impressive array of aluminium profiles are designed to not only improve the way a property functions but adds a sense of sophistication and class to the aesthetic of your property. Aluminium windows offer a sense of grandeur & class to any property. They combine ultra slim sightlines with modern functionality, providing exceptional standards of longevity. Add lasting value to your residential or commercial property & benefit from a profile that offers incredible structural integrity with our aluminium casement windows.

read more › At Finepoint Glass, we offer elegant and bespoke architectural glazing solutions to homeowners, architects, and commercial properties in London and the UK. As part of our window services, and through various partnerships with architects, we have mastered the creation of a frameless box window, otherwise known as an Oriel Window. Oriel Windows, sometimes referred to as a box window seat, is a beautiful option for bringing a sense of grandeur and luxury to your property without having to worry about missing out on modern innovation.

read more › At Finepoint, we offer a collection of high quality flush glazed windows that are perfect for all style of residential and commercial properties across London and the UK. Beautifully sleek flush windows designed to enhance a properties visuals & offer impressive standards of longevity. The flush exterior of the window systems creates a beautifully sleek profile where the profile sits flush within the frame. Compared to standard casement window styles, this profile does not appear bulky and will only enhance the visuals of a property.

read more › Add charming and modern glazed picture windows to your London or UK property, and enjoy a wealth of bespoke performance and visual benefits. Choose Finepoint Glass today and we can provide you with an incredible collection of modern picture windows that combine stunning visuals and enhanced performance. As a company, we pride ourselves on our excellent range of glazed picture windows. The profiles have been carefully crafted using the highest quality materials and toughened glazing to ensure exceptional standards of long lasting performance.

read more › Steel windows encapsulate a timeless aesthetic with the most modern performance standards. Wherever you are based in London or the UK, enquire about pricing today. The structural steel windows in London that we install bring the ideal harmony between premium grade steel, modern innovations, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to capture a standard of window that goes above and beyond. Not only does this make them a fantastic replacement for their original steel counterparts, it also means that they will be an outstanding investment.

read more › The slimmest sightlines and finest technology make our slimline windows the perfect addition to any project in London or the UK. Minimal frames are a must-have for modern homes and commercial spaces in the UK. If you're looking for a way to add luxury appeal to your residential or commercial property in London or the surrounding UK areas, then our minimal frame windows are the ideal solution for you. With over 40 years working within the structural glazing industry, you can trust our team to provide you with exceptional service and the highest quality of aluminium windows.

read more › Stunning glass floors for commercial and residential applications across London and the UK. Our bespoke walk on glass has no limitations. Once fitted, our exquisite walk on glass will look stunning and allow lots of light into your room. We design and manufacture our products, so we know to install them to achieve the best effect. If you live in London - or anywhere else in the UK - contact the Finepoint team to discuss the benefits of installing walk on glass in your home or at your business premises.

read more › Stunning glass rooflights featuring slim sightlines and the highest quality glazing for those in London and the UK. Glass rooflights bring natural lights and an enhanced feeling of space connecting internal spaces to their surroundings. Our fixed rooflights will enhance your interior and exterior spaces. Find a skylight or walk on glass roof lights that's perfect for your residential or commercial design project - in London, or anywhere else in the UK. Rooflights fill the space below them with lots of natural light, immediately connecting the rooms in your home or office premises.

read more › At Finepoint, we can provide you with a stunning collection or aluminium roof lanterns that have been manufactured and designed to offer incredible performance and visuals to properties across London and the UK. Enjoy endless amounts of natural light and ultra slim sightlines with our bespoke roof lanterns. If you live in London or elsewhere in the UK, and are looking for a stunning way to upgrade your residential or commercial building then our collection of roof lanterns are the ideal solution.

read more › Here at Finepoint Glass, we offer a range of structural glass systems to residential and commercial businesses. Our impressive array of profiles are created to not only improve the way a property functions but adds a sense of sophistication and class to the aesthetic of your property. Structural Glazed Extensions connect the indoor and outdoor spaces of your London home effortlessly. These unique glazed extensions will will illuminate your home. You can transform your London residential or commercial space through our glass balustrades.

read more › Effortlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces in London and the UK with our unique structured glass extensions. Structural glass extensions for architects and homeowners in commercial & residential spaces in London & the UK. Our glazed extensions in the UK, otherwise known as glass box extensions, are designs and built by structural glazing experts & architects in London. We understand the importance of a high quality structure and the use of natural light which is why we dedicate ourselves to creating a visual masterpiece that also performs well.

read more › Transform a residential or commercial space in London or the UK with our custom made glass balustrades. Glass balustrades can be used to support a range of purposes - in atria, staircases and to protect balconies, sliding panels and opening rooflights. Minimal and visually stunning, they provide a range of unexpected and welcome benefits. Benefit from improved safety and security, but without compromising on aesthetics, when you ask Finepoint to install outdoor glass balustrades at your place of work or in your home.

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