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Securtask Securtask Limited are an ASD-Architectural / Forster and Stemcor / Voest Alpine approved manufacturer of glazed steel fire resistant-fire rated and security systems as follows;. We specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of steel glazing systems, which will ensure physical protection of people and property. This covers: Screens, Doors, Windows, Partitions and Curtain Walling.

Energy Efficient - Fire Resistant (Fire Rated) & Smoke Resistant - Steel Glazing Systems - CAD Design / Drafting Services and much more. Fighting fire & security threats with steel and glass for both internal and external applications. Linda has good technical knowledge of fire, security, ballistic and acoustic applications for doors, screens, windows and facades.

I have dealt with Linda for a number of years and securetask consistently delivered a first class level of service, on the numerous projects we have employed their services on. From estimating, through design and installing a quality finished product, they have shown a professional and pro-active method of working and proved to be very cost effective.

read more › Offering specialist glazing solutions, whether it be fire rated doors, fire proof windows, security glazing, bullet proof or bomb blast glass systems. Securtask will establish what system is needed for the level of protection or performance required. We will look at what the customer is trying to achieve and recommend accordingly, taking into account the options available and offering alternative cost effective solutions where possible. With all our systems we will ensure that the correct glass is used in conjunction with the correct steel framing system whist understanding the clients needs for aesthetics.

read more › Securtask Limited are an ASD-Architectural / Forster and Stemcor / Voest Alpine approved manufacturer of glazed steel fire resistant-fire rated and security systems as follows;. Ensuring adequate protection to life and property is one of the highest considerations when designing or refurbishing a building. Compliance with the standards laid down for fire safety is both mandatory and crucial. Securtask can help to establish the level of fire performance required and offer a complete solution to meet them.

read more › Securtask offer a full range of fire resistant (fire rated) steel glazed framing systems covering the full range of fire resistant performance requirements. All our products meet British Standard BS476 Part 22 and have been tested to the new European Standards. Securtask Limited are an ASD-Architectural / Forster approved supplier of glazed steel fire rated systems from 30 minutes integrity only right through to 120 minutes integrity and insulation. In the event of fire our integrity only glazed fire rated systems provides an effective barrier against the passage of smoke, flames and hot toxic gases.

read more › More correctly called bullet-resistant glass (because no glass is totally bulletproof), it's made from layers of tough plastic called polycarbonate sandwiched in between pieces of toughened glass. This sandwich of layers is called a laminate. It can be up to ten times thicker than a single pane of ordinary glass and it's usually very heavy. When a bullet strikes bullet resistant glass, its energy spreads out sideways through the layers. Because the energy is divided between a number of different pieces of glass and polycarbonate interlayers, and spread over a large area, it is quickly absorbed.

read more › In conjunction with our ballistic products Securtask design and manufacture steel anti attack / anti vandal / anti bandit security glazed systems. Designed to resist manual attack, such as might be made by an individual armed with an axe, sledgehammer or crowbar. The systems are designedspecifically to offer maximum protection coupled with aesthetic design and place particular emphasis on frame and glass strength.

read more › With a little help from Nick Cable at Op2mise, we have a new website up and running with a News section to keep you fully updated with the goings on of the fire and security glazing world. I would like to thank Nick for sorting out the age old problem for any website and that is to get Google on your side so that the website is being found by all our lovely visitors. You can search our news articles using the search window or by selecting a category or a tag.

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