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Proper Mods Proper Mods are the premier car modification specialists in Essex, East London, and the surrounding areas. We service your window tinting, car wrapping, reverse parking sensors, audio installation, paint protection film, HID and LED Light and Hands Free Kits requirements. We work with a variety of top class suppliers as well as some cheaper alternatives so we can service any budget.

read more › Proper Mods is the best car modification workshop in East London. Based in Ilford we have been tinting windows for over 9 years. We can provide the top window tinting brands, or cheaper alternative window tinting films if price is your main goal. We can tint the side windows and the back windows up to 25% depending on the age of the car (due to the law). We have tinted many varieties of car, although not all are shown on our website, you can find more on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have a specific car you are interested in seeing with tints, please give us a call and we'll do our best to find an example of a car we have worked on.

read more › We can tint your home or office windows to add privacy or security, your conservatory to keep things shady, or even add reflective security film to entirely stop people from seeing in. No matter what you need tinted, we can acheive it. Proper Mods can also undertake commercial and residential window tinting. Tinting your conservatory can really help during hot weather, especially if you have pets or small children. Privacy tinting can protect your home and goods, especially on out houses which may be more vulnerable.

read more › Whether you want matt black, chrome silver or aligator skin, we have a variety of matierals and colours for you too choose from. Check out the wide variety of vehicles that we have wrapped on our Instagram. Proper Mods are a custom automative workshop specialising in car and vehicle wrapping. We can provide any kind of wrap, from a matt colour like matt black or matt white, through to shiney, reflective chrome colours like chrome silver, chrome gold and chrome blue. We can even do Crocodile Skin textures which you can feel with your hands.

read more › Protect your car with Paint Protection Film. This invisible film protects the paint against cracks and scratches that are only too common from every day use of your car. Whether it's salt on the roads in the winter, bird muck on your car when you park under a tree, or simply rocks and stones bouncing up after other cars run over them, PPF will protect your paint job. Some vehicle washing products can also damage paint, why take the risk on your car? If the car does get a scratch then simply heating the panel with hot water can help the PPF to self-heal (even heating by the engine or sun can cause this).

read more › Proper Mods can fit both reverse and forward looking parking sensors. If you or others you know find parking a chore, installing these sensors helps to make the job a lot easier and avoids any dinks, dents and possible insurance claims. From Barkinside to Beacontree Heath - Proper Mods are the best Reverse Parking Sensors Installers. We all know what it's like, you have a car, but it has a few nicks, dents and scratches on the bumper from a few misjudgements with parking. Even worse if you weren't the one who made the misjudgements!

read more › Wether you want a heavy duty sub, DVD screens, AMPs, or just a simple upgrade to your radio facia, we can provide the installation. We will hide the wires and leave your car looking excellent with no mess and no stress. Have you seen a killer stereo that you would love to have in your car? Perhaps you want screens in the back of your headrests? Or perhaps you want another audio configuration that you've seen. Pimp your ride today by bringing us the equipment you want installed and we'll install it for you.

read more › High Intensity Discharge lights do exactly that - provide a LOT more brightness allowing you to see better, and allowing other drivers to see you better. HID and LED lights are often as standard in newer vehicles and adding them to your vehicles can give a prestige feel and making your car more modern. See more dangers at night, improve the look of your vehicles, reduce the chance of people pulling out on you, and warn animals and pedestrians that you are coming.

read more › Drive with ease with a variety of hands free car kits from industry leading Parrot or cheaper alternatives. Avoid being penalised whilst on the road and even connect your phones audio to enjoy your driving experience. Kits start from 99.99. With the new law regarding driving on your phone in full force, and it is being strictly enforced, it's easy to get 6 points on your license. Furthermore, if you're within the first 2 years of driving that means you lose your license. Even if you're not within the first two years you're treading on thin ice and the points last 4 years now.

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