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Ali Systems Specialists in the fabrication, supply and installation of aluminium doors, windows and shop fronts. Established in 1994, we have gained a wide range of experience covering all types of architectural glazing projects for Building Contractors, Architects, Schools, Local Authorities and Retail customers. Clients come back to us time and again, because we handle everything: initial consultation, CAD drawings, installation and aftercare.

We fabricate our products ourselves, here in the UK, using components sourced from a selection of the major and well-known systems houses. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and offer a proven product with outstanding technical back up and quality control at a competitive price. All of our products are available in a choice of aluminium or hybrid (aluminium external and timber internal).

We've prepared loads of information about the standard aftercare of our aluminium products. Like any system with moving parts, a little routine maintenance will vastly extend the operational lifespan of your doors and windows.

read more › We fabricate and install high quality aluminium windows and doors that can be tailored to suit traditional and contemporary properties. We are experienced at working on large development projects that require contractors to deliver on time and to budget. Our window and door systems are suitable for new build developments and property refurbishments and have been designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of industry standard hardware. Featuring a polyamide thermal break to reduce heat conductivity, the aluminium windows we supply are particularly suitable for residential, educational and light commercial applications.

read more › Our glazed aluminium shop fronts consist of modular ranges of doors and framings that will make an attractive entrance to any retail premises. Our swift installation process means minimal disruption to your business. We can fabricate and install a range of commercial entrances suitable for all sized openings. We cover all aspects of installation from initial estimation and design through to final installation and aftercare. All these doors come in standard sizes that can be fitted to larger openings with attractive glazed surrounds.

read more › A non-loadbearing curtain wall allows architects to give a building an attractive and contemporary facade of aluminium and glass. We supply and install curtain wall systems for building exteriors that exceed current requirements and anticipate future building regulations. Senior Architectural Systems are the industry leaders when it comes to curtain wall system design. We have chosen to fabricate and install their system designs for our clients because they are in the vanguard of next generation curtain walls.

read more › Thermally efficient aluminium bi fold doors bring the outside in. Engineered for strength and stability, bi fold doors are a luxury statement feature that will add to the value of your property. We use locks designed specifically for securing doors - some cheaper installers will cut corners by utilising 'window' hardware on doors of this type. Bi fold doors can be securely locked and still used as a main entrance by inclusion of a swing panel which can be opened from either side. Provided as standard, this feature restricts the ability for a door to be forcibly removed from its tracks by a prospective intruder.

read more › Secondary glazing systems offer a host of benefits including improved sound and thermal insulation, increased security and reduced condensation all whilst adding value and retaining the character of the property. We've partnered with leading manufacturers to supply and install their advanced secondary glazing systems for windows and doors. We install glazing systems that are strong, reliable, long-lasting, discreet and unobtrusive. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

read more › All architectural products benefit from occasional maintenance. Our systems are no exception. Here's our guide to what to look for, what you can do yourself and when to call the experts in. These are guidelines only; the frequency of inspection depends upon the environment in which the product is situated and the standard of appearance that is required. If your visual inspection reveals damage or impaired function, initiate an immediate investigation by a person familiar with the product. Repairs must be carried out before user safety or product function is jeopardised.

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