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Here at the Cotswold Shutter Co all our wooden window shutters are made from solid hardwood only, no MDF, or any other type of engineered wood are used in our shutters. Measured, designed & installed by our experts to ensure the perfect fit every time. Our shutters can be manufactured to any size and shape matching the layout of your windows or doors perfectly.

Our main working area covers Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire although we do also work in the surrounding areas installing perfect window shutters in all types of homes and commercial properties. We believe in the shutters we supply which is why all of our shutters come with a three year warranty as standard.

Our aim is to always exceed our customers expectations which is why all our fitters undergo comprehensive training for all our shutter products & have the experience to advise you on the best possible options for your window and door coverings.We are able to supply shutters for any size or shape of window. New build or a characterful older property; we have the window shutter solution for you and your home.

read more › The Cotswold Shutter Co Ltd is a local family owned business managed by myself (Joe) & my better half Tiffany with the help of a small dedicated team of shutter professionals. Our head office is in the beautiful north Cotswold town of Moreton In Marsh, Gloucestershire and we also have a location in Oxford. Having two locations enables us to cover a large area providing our bespoke window shutter service to customers in the Cotswolds, Oxford, Gloucestershire & Warwickshire areas. The business itself was born out of the desire to grow a business which reflected the creative personality of Tiffany and the more practical and technical skills of myself.

read more › All of our shutter styles are available in a variety of different colours and we can also provide a grained finish as the only material we use is natural hardwood from sustainable sources. Full height shutters work well in almost all windows. You can choose to have Mid-Rails and T-Posts to mirror the layout of the window frame and opt for split control panels to allow top and bottom sections to operate independently. Bay windows come in all shapes and sizes and we have the shutters for all of them.

read more › When we talk about full height shutters we are referring to a plantation shutter style where by each shutter panel is the full height of the window. Full height shutters are often thought of as being less versatile then other styles such as tier on tier when this is not actually true. We are able to include a mid rail at any height or add a tilt mechanism split; both of these options enable you to control the top and bottom louvres separately allowing light in the top while ensuring privacy by having the bottom section of the shutter panel closed.

read more › Cafe style shutters are positioned to cover the lower half of your windows and do not reach the entire height leaving the top half uncovered. The top of the shutter frame is usually aligned with a horizontal section of your window frame meaning it is not visible from the exterior of your property. Any type of tall window benefits from this style of shutter and it works particularly well with sash windows. Cafe shutters are more commonly used on the ground floor as it is not essential to have the entire window covered at night as it is in the bedrooms.

read more › Bay windows don't require a special type of shutter, they can be Full Height, Cafe Style or Tier on Tier. We do all the hard work making sure each angle is measured correctly so you don't have to. If every angle and size of each individual window is different we will match it perfectly with your shutters using vertical and horizontal T-Posts. When fully open bay window shutters can take up space in your bay so choosing what furniture to have in this area is important. Our surveyors will advise on the best possible shutter design and help you visualise how they will look.

read more › Here at The Cotswold Shutter Co we love Tier On Tier Shutters as not only do they look great they also provide the most flexibility when compared to any other window covering. The two sets of panels which can be the same or different heights open & close individually like a stable door. Tier On Tier shutters are perfect in rooms where privacy is important but you would like a section of the window to remain uncovered such as bathrooms or rooms that are overlooked by passers by or neighbours. Its important to make sure there is enough wall space either side of the shutters if you want to fold the shutter panels flat back against the wall.

read more › Tracked shutters provide the perfect shutter solution to larger openings such as patio doors. They can also be used as a room divide providing the flexibility you need to separate a large space. A stronger fixing than normal is required as the track sits above the shutters and is used to suspend the shutter panels. A discreet bottom track is fitted below the shutters to control the alignment and ensure they open and close smoothly. The use of a shutter track system means we are able to span an almost limitless width as they effortlessly glide from side to side.

read more › Custom shaped shutters are increasing in popularity as our window shutters can be manufactured to any size and shape. The devil is in the detail and custom shutters do require a more considered approach to design and installation as they can quite often be difficult to access and large in size. With more and more people opting for self build homes the desire to have floor to ceiling windows and fully glazed gable ends has meant our installers are coming across bespoke window shapes and sizes all the time.

read more › Our colour ranges have been curated to provide a diverse offering; from subtle pastel tones too characterful natural grains. During your home survey we will be able to show you physical colour samples to make the choice easier. We can also colour match to many popular paint brands. Our Neutral & Coloured collection are also available in a 'grained' effect.

read more › We only use 100% FSC certified Hardwood in all our different shutter designs. It is sustainably sourced and grown specifically for window shutters and is used for the entire product including the frame, shutter panels & louvre's. Many other shutter suppliers use a range of materials within the same shutter such as MDF and ABS plastic which all have individual properties and may age differently.

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