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Top Tints has been established since 2003. We have offered a mobile tinting service since day one, so have many years of experience working outside. Coming from an automotive glazing background, with NVQ level 2 qualification, you can be assured a quality job. We are not a franchise, and our quality of work is critical, to uphold our 5 star reviews and excellent reputation.

100% Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer glass tinting and safety / security window films for for all sorts of glass, including automotive, marine, residential and commercial. The most important factor of getting a quality job is down to the experience of the installer. It takes many years of practice to become a competent installer of window films, so choose carefully.

It is definitely not a trade that can be learned over night. I have seen other companies offering a price match guarantee, but can they offer a quality match guarantee. Here at Top Tints we have tried and tested many types of window films over the years.

read more › There are many advantages to having your vehicle glass tinted. Not only will it block 99% of UV rays, It will also reduce heat and glare from the sun, whilst giving you added privacy and security. It is ideal for keeping your passengers and pets cool and out of the sun on those long journeys. Your passengers will also find it easier to view media screens / tablets, and unlike stick on blinds, the tint will cover the whole of the glass, giving them total protection from the sun. We also offer tail light and headlight tint films.

read more › Over the past few years we have had a lot more requests for glass tinting on Boats and Yachts. It is a great way of adding privacy and reducing unwanted heat and glare from the sun. Feel free to get in touch for a quote. We have no problem travelling to Marinas around the country to carry out the work.

read more › Having your house glass tinted is a popular choice these days. If you are struggling with privacy issues, heat control or interior fading, then a residential window film could be for you. We have specially selected a variety of window films to meet your needs. It also gives you added security as it makes it difficult to see if people are home or not. With our maximum strength reflective film, you have the benefit of seeing out, whilst no one can see in. Even with the more subtle neutral films you really have to concentrate to be able to see in.

read more › Are you struggling to concentrate in your work place due to the heat and glare from the sun. Having your office / commercial glass tinted has many benefits. Not only will it save you money on your air conditioning bills, it will reduce heat and glare, making for a more productive workforce. It will make it easier to see computer monitors, and reduces the risk of migraine and headaches due to excessive sun glare. You will also gain the added privacy that the window film will give.

read more › UK Law states that your front windscreen must let through 75% of light, and your front side glass must let through 70% of light. As pretty much all cars produced today have a slight tint in the glass from the factory, if you choose to have your front glass tinted you could be breaking the law by using your car on a public highway. For more details on this please visit the VOSA website. Legally, you are allowed to tint all glass behind the driver (B pillar backwards) as dark as you choose. Top Tints will not take any responsibility should you choose to take your car on a public highway should you decide to have your front glass tinted.

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