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Royal Doors Royal Security Doors View details OUR SERVICES ARE FOCUSED ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF DURABLE AND SOLID DOORS TO ENHANCE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF YOUR HOMES. Aluskin Windows View details A NEW Contemporary Squareline Profile with aluminium external fascia, Aluskin is a brand new design concept in the UK. Aluminium Bi fold Doors View details Fully made to measure aluminium bifold doors available from only 2476.00 incl VAT.

read more › Royals Doors - is a family-owned business. Our office staff are always on hand to give honest, independent advice on all makes and types of garage doors or security doors. Our fitting teams are all headed by an experienced fitter. The Company supply and install doors for both private and trade customers. We offer fast and efficient services concerned with the designing, manufacture, delivery and installation of safe and secure doors, bulletproof windows and panic rooms. We are dedicated towards ensuring your home and office security and to fulfil this purpose, all our doors and windows are constructed in accordance with the modern and established standards of security and visual aesthetics.

read more › RYTERNA garage doors is known as a manufacturer specializing in overhead sectional doors, hinged and side sliding doors for garages and industry, also house entrance doors and other products. Our distribution network provides sales, service and logistics Europe-wide. We fulfill the needs of customers looking for the top quality, flexibility and velocity, large product range, customized design, and reasonable quotes.

read more › Space-saving design means sectional garage doors open vertically. Door panels do not protrude through the opening whilst in operation. Hence space-saving feature means that space close to the garage door can be functional and utilized. Most of all it is important in situations with short driveways and garages. With flexibility indoor size and many track and spring options "Royal Doors" make the door to fit your building in the very best way. Options for further external trims, posts and fascia's avoid the need for chopping away brickwork or adding timber/UPVC liners.

read more › Door panels slide vertically suspended from a high performing aluminium top rail. Consequently, the guiding rail allow the door to pivot against the garages sidewall. Special design guiding rail, trolleys and threshold ensure smooth and reliable operation. Ryterna manufacture round the corner garage doors from own made panels. All panels are filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result, the door have the best possible insulation. Also, brush seals are all around the door perimeter. Above mentioned features give maximum available protection from the elements.

read more › TL track system with torsion springs provides a perfect counterbalance for sectional garage doors of any height or width. For challenging installation conditions we have developed LHR-FM and LHR-RM hardware types. Also +SR track models available for fitting under the sloping roof. Doors are tested and meet CE norm 89/107/EC. Ball-bearing rollers, safe track system, reinforced frame with finger protection, anti-pinching panels - outside and inside.

read more › Heavy-duty Industrial Garage Doors made to work in harshest conditions. Door models with stainless steel hardware and aluminium glazed panels will fit the highest food processing industry and agriculture requirements. Standard spring lifetime 25,000 cycles. For heavy-duty and super heavy duty doors available 50,000 and 100,000 cycles lifetime springs. Full View (FV) glazed industrial garage doors is a perfect solution when you have to show something and want to be seen. Aluminium profiles can be painted in any colour.

read more › Choosing the right garage door for your home can be a difficult task with so many choices and different options. If you need some help choosing to make sure to browse our "gallery" and "products" sections above to learn more about the options. Warm, reliable and safe doors ensure comfort and convenience every day. Wide choice of designs and colours for Royal Garage Doors will help to emphasize the individual style of modern architecture in hi-tech style or in a classic cottage. Royal Doors can be installed in any garage.

read more › Non-certified doors provide basic levels of security, which can be improved by combining different combinations of quality of door hardware, however, the only proven option is with certified doors, for which testing is carried out to various standards, at each level the implements and tools change. For example, level 1 will allow the use of body force and light implements, level 3 will allow all the implements of level one plus many more tools such as crowbars and hammers of a certain weight. Insurance companies may specify exactly which certification they require, if the detail of certification is not provided we have all the test data for you to provide to your client, to allow them to make an informed decision.

read more › Aluminium Entrance Doors are precision engineered top quality front doors for your home which can be customised in any way possible to suit your personal tastes. When only the best will do these are the entrance doors to look at. Ryterna front doors offer a wide range of made to measure doors with numerous design choices including bespoke options. Every day you see, touch and use it. Front doors must be safe, warm, maintenance-free and match the exterior. Furthermore, we can manufacture matching each other front doors and garage doors so your kerb appeal may look like a million worth.

read more › The design of the airline (an alloy of aluminium, manganese and silicon), ideal geometry, waterproof materials and high performance allow Domani to be the pioneer of the new generation of front doors - a generation in which the operation of the door becomes easy and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, the modern front door, first of all, should have good performance in terms of tightness, frost resistance and durability. And when all the indicators are at the highest level, the most pleasant thing remains - the choice of a door that is suitable for your home.

read more › The highest level of security, excellent acoustic insulation and a guarantee of smooth functioning for many years - these are some of the features that characterise our windows. We offer PVC, aluminium and wooden windows. Veneers are available in dozens of colours, which will perfectly match to any faade - modern and classic.

read more › Tilt and turn windows offer a practical and modern dimension to homes. While most windows open outwards, tilt and turn windows open inwards for increased safety, ventilation and easier upkeep. The tilting vent position is also considered by many to be a very attractive option. What are tilt and turn windows? European Tilt and Turn Windows have long been a popular choice for homeowners on the continent due to their excellent weatherproofing and security features. These windows are very practical and versatile as they feature a hinge mechanism which means they can be opened in 2 ways.

read more › The new generation windows. When choosing them, you choose the comfort of warmth, silence and aesthetics. Windows based on the Ideal 8000 system provide thermal and acoustic insulation at the highest level. They are recommended for passive buildings. The safety of our windows is provided by above all the fittings invisible to the naked eye. Windows based on the Ideal 8000 system are equipped with Maco Multi-Matic fittings. Choosing the hardware depends on a customer's individual needs and requirements.

read more › Guarantees top energy efficiency. The solution combines modern technologies, functionality and a great design, all in top-quality windows. Intensely snow-white and glossy profiles are a characteristic feature of the system. Standard BluEvolution 92 windows provide the best possible thermal insulation. Two-chamber glass package, three gaskets and the installation depth of 92 mm enable the windows to provide an effective barrier for escaping heat. All these elements affect the heat transfer coefficient - the most important factor when selecting energy-efficient joinery.

read more › A perfect choice for those who value comfort and elegance. Windows-based on Salamander Streamline 76 combine top safety parameters with great thermal and acoustic insulation. Resistant to external factors and characterised by their intense white colour. Energy-efficient windows with high thermal and acoustic efficiency. Standard Streamline 76 windows provide optimal protection. One-chamber glass package, two gaskets and the installation depth of 76 mm enable the windows to provide an effective barrier for escaping heat.

read more › Wooden tilt and turn windows have a dual-hinge system, allowing the window to open into the room from the side, or to open from the top. The Royal Windows tilt & turn window is ideal in a modern setting allowing good ventilation and ease of access for cleaning. This versatile window comes in three different formats allowing for either a double or triple glazing unit depending on the energy efficiency required. The modern profile design, extensive colour options, ease of access and good security levels make it an extremely popular timber window for your home.

read more › Tilt and Turn French Doors is our inward-opening design that functions in two ways. They are hinged from the side and open inwards, or, for ventilation, the leaf can be tilted. The tilt function is available on the 'master' leaf only. Complete with a large glass area for plenty of light intake, it's the ideal door for many styles of the modern home. We present a comfortable and safe door. The most popular solution is a single or multi-leaf door installed independently, in which each leaf has a separate opening or tilt mechanism.

read more › PSK Sliding Patio Doors can be built on the basis of all PVC window and door profiles from our offer - Aluplast Ideal 4000, Aluplast Ideal 5000, Aluplast Ideal 8000, Salamander Streamline 76, Salamander BluEvolution 92, Eko Sun 70, Eko Sun 6 or Eko Sun 7. Moving the wings is possible thanks to the use of a special hardware mechanism. After turning the handle from the closed position, the sash extends into the room, perpendicular to the window plane, and then moves to the side. The advantage of PSK doors is undoubtedly the possibility of obtaining a comfortable exit to the terrace while maintaining the functionality of the rooms.

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