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Bolton Gate Company Ltd has been established since 1924 and is well known and respected in the door and shutter manufacturing industry. The Company offers a comprehensive product portfolio, the design of which is particularly tailored to provide maximum flexibility and adaptability to provide solutions to satisfy most of the many varied customer driven needs.

The market place today demands a competitively priced product, which satisfies a requirement for high standards of quality, reliability of performance, pleasing appearance, longevity of life, with low life-cycle maintenance costs.

Accordingly our quality procedures ensure that all of our products incorporate modular design, are engineered from superior quality parts and materials, assembled in purpose developed factories by our own craftsmen utilising the latest techniques, which can then be installed on site by fully trained and specialist installation teams.When you choose Bolton Gate Company Limited, we can promise you the best product and service available.

read more › Bolton Gate Company's range of Fireroll E30 roller shutters is designed to provide compartmentation for smaller openings where its attractive close-fitting lath curtain makes it eminently suitable for all applications but particularly servery type openings or where aesthetic appearance is paramount.

read more › Bolton Gate Company offers probably the most comprehensive range of modern fire resisting shutters available on the market today; products which satisfy the needs of large/complex packages as well as meeting the most stringent safety and insurance requirements. All Bolton Gate fire doors and shutters are tested and assessed by officially recognised and competent authorities. Bolton Gate fire resisting roller shutters are designed for fire protection with durability and reliability in mind. Fireroll E120 is suitable for various installations including department stores, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, and car parks.

read more › Bolton Gate Company, the acknowledged leader in the field of rolling fire door technology, introduces Fireroll VR60, a revolutionary product designed to provide 60/60 minutes fire protection between individual compartments. The door has been successfully tested to EN 1634-1 for one hour integrity and insulation. Up to the present time, the insulation requirement of a fire door was only met by unsightly hinged or sliding products with thick panels and the disadvantage of their associated space requirements.

read more › Bolton Gate Company, the acknowledged leader in the field of rolling fire door technology, introduces an enhanced design of fire curtain to provide not only one-hour fire integrity between fire compartments but also provides a smoketight seal in accordance with EN 1634-3. The Fibreroll S Rolling Fire Curtain which has been successfully fire tested to EN 1634-1, offers major advantages over other types of fire curtain since it incorporates reduced radiation in addition to keeping fire and smoke at bay.

read more › Bolton Gate Company Insulated Roller Shutters provide a secure and weatherproof closure to large or small openings. They are suitable for loading bays, factories, warehouses and any applications where security is required together with thermal insulation. Roller shutters provide a virtually unobstructed opening and when open, the shutter and mechanism are out of the way above the doorway and clear of any risk of damage from vehicles moving through the opening. The doors are robust and have a long life with little maintenance required.

read more › Bolton Gate Company's Sonaroll Roller Shutters combine several features / benefits into one high quality attractive design. In addition to acting as a secure and weatherproof closure, the shutters offer a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. Extensively tested at the Department of Acoustics at Salford University, the door achieved a sound reduction of 27dB Rw, a considerably higher value than other roller shutters on the market.

read more › The Sonafold insulated folding door is ideally suited to the closure of internal or external openings where a reduction in noise transmission is required. Its flat faced robust construction renders it capable of with standing severe wind conditions whilst maintaining a high aesthetic appearance. They have been provided on many power stations worldwide where they enhance the acoustic envelope of buildings such as turbine halls.

read more › Bolton Gate Company have been manufacturing lift gates for over ninety years and have supplied thousands of gates on goods lifts worldwide. Mid Bar Collapsible Gates are renowned for their strength and reliability, important features when considering the heavy usage the majority of goods lifts are expected to cope with. Their compact bunching action means that they take up little space relative to the size of the entrance and headroom requirements are minimal. All gates are custom-built to suit individual openings affording maximum flexibility to clients' designs.

read more › Bolton Gate Comapny's Superior folding shutters offer all the advantages of a compact folding door but with the addition of an extremely robust design perfected over sixty years. The door is ideally suited to goods lifts where there is a heavy-duty requirement or where the client is seeking greater longevity. Many of the leading companies such as supermarket chains, factories, warehouses etc. specify the door as they recognise the value for money the Superior door offers particularly when ongoing maintenance is considered.

read more › Bolton Gate Company's horizontal shutter is ideally suited to provide security compartmentation between floors of a shop or store where escalators, travellators or stairwells entail a floor aperture. Available in various configurations, the design parameters are versatile allowing the shutter to be incorporated within light wells, plant rooms or as special tank covers. Prior to delivery, each shutter is assembled, pre-wired and factory tested to eliminate commissioning problems.

read more › Bi-Fold Gates are the perfect solution to securing car park entrances whilst allowing the maximum ventilation necessary to allow exhaust fumes to escape. The leaf design is available in a standard format or purpose-made to suit individual clients' requirements to interface with and complement external building cladding features. The design presents a host of advantages over other types of gate/door as it is simple in operation thus avoiding high maintenance costs associated with cables, springs, bottom tracks etc.

read more › Bolton Gate Company's Collapsible Gates provide high security against vandals, burglars and other intruders. Collapsible Gates are specified for use in underground stations, car parks and in a wide range of commercial situations where the ability to see through the gate not only deters criminals, but also provides optimum ventilation and vision.

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