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Origin Frames Here at Origin, our vision is to transform the way families enjoy their home - from inside to out. We always used to look out at the scenery through our old French doors, but with bifolds, they just frame everything so well. Sue and Terry Streets saw bi-fold doors as an essential part of the renovation in order to allow enough natural light in all year round and to maximise on their beautiful garden views.

We love the bi-folds and windows. We always have the doors open in the summer, and the kids run in through the kitchen and out through the lounge. We looked at a number of options and having seen the Origin Bi-fold Door, it was the preferred choice. Drew and Lauren have lived in Bath for nine years, but found they needed more space for their growing family.

For Dan and Tanya, Origin Doors were the perfect fit due to the excellent functionality, enhanced security features and the option to create a similar aesthetic to that of steel framed style doors. We use the doors every morning, bringing the outside in, and love how beautiful and elegant they are.

read more › When cousins Neil Ginger and Victoria Brocklesby recognised a gap in the UK market for high quality bi-folding doors back in 2002, they decided to be proactive and fill that gap. They decided to design, create and manufacture the highest quality bi-fold door system in the UK, and support this with uncompromising levels of service. Since then, Origin has continued to work tirelessly to create bespoke bi-folding doors that offer flawless design and functionality. Over the years, business growth and inevitable expansion has meant that Origin now offer the natural companions to doors - stylish aluminium windows.

read more › Whether a new or existing build, an extension, an unconventional build or even a period style cottage - the Origin Door range is guaranteed to change the way your home is interacted with, enabling you to enjoy it like never before. An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored exactly to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Whether it's a French Door, Corner, Bi-fold, Slider, Front, or Garage Door every door is made using premium grade aluminium for a smooth, flawless and effortless operation.

read more › Delivering first-in-class design, our sliding door range provides the most spectacular finish any building project. Available in four different sightlines across two different sliding door systems - the Origin Artisan Slider and the Origin Patio Slider - we have some of the slimmest sliding doors on the market, allowing for some of the largest glass expanses to be achieved to offer maximum, uninterrupted views whilst not compromising on quality or thermal performance. Both systems are modern, architecturally striking variations on the traditional patio door system.

read more › Minimal and sleek in design, the Artisan Slider OS-20 has ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm and, being made from premium grade aluminium, it's a combination that means less frame and more natural light, and makes for a truly breath-taking spectacle. The Artisan Slider OS-20 is unique in its design and manufacturing process, which ultimately decides the panel sizes it can accommodate, and the slim sightlines it achieves. Explore in more detail below. Lead Times Lead times displayed may change without prior notice and will depend on installation availability.

read more › A modern take on the traditional patio door, the Origin Patio Slider OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77 are the perfect fit for any type of home. Made completely bespoke, there are three sightline options available. The OS-29 is the smaller of the three, with sightlines of just 29mm, maximising glass and the level of natural light which can flood in. With sightlines of 44mm and 77mm, the Patio Slider still possesses some of the slimmest sightlines whilst providing a more traditional style of patio system, with an injection of effortless elegance.

read more › Unlike any other door, our bi-folds provide a completely uninterrupted view when open, and the flexibility to enjoy your indoor and outdoor space as one. Complementing the rest of the Origin range, our bi-fold doors create a harmonious look with existing door and window systems - right down to the slim profiles. The large expanses of glass sit within an ultra-strong aluminium profile, and you can choose the OB-49 or the OB-72, both with their own individual characteristics to suit different styles.

read more › Some people see corners, we see opportunities. Corner Bi-fold Doors offer the perfect way to enhance an unconventional layout, complement certain types of builds or simply open up more space in a different way. Usually when you think of corners, the first thing that comes to mind won't be light, airy spaces, but corner bi-fold door sets open up your home in a different way, to bring a truly unrestricted panoramic view. Available in the OB-72 system in a range of configurations, colours and styles, our Origin Corner Bi-fold Doors range from two to over twelve door sets, and open 90° or 135° so you can create a door set to perfectly complement your home's look and meet your unique needs.

read more › Enjoy lots of natural light with the large panes of glass and contemporary look and feel offered by the strong, sleek and secure Origin Single Door. The entryway for any home, it can be used for any purpose including side exit, internal, utility or even back door. Created entirely bespoke, this easy access door has the same profile as the rest of the Origin range, to create a harmonious look between your existing door and window systems. The large expanses of glass featured in the Origin Single Door are enhanced by the slim aluminium profile available - at either 110mm on the OB-49 or 154mm if you choose the OB-72 profile.

read more › A modern take on a traditional style, our French Doors allow you to flood your home with natural light and make the most of outdoor views without compromising on security. Offering traditional styling with a modern touch, French Doors bring the perfect balance of privacy and connection between the inside and outside. They are especially great for areas where space is at a premium, to ensure you get the most from your view. French Doors are available as part of a bi-fold door set up or standalone, in widths ranging from 800mm-2,400mm, and over 3000mm tall.

read more › The Origin Front Door is a precision-driven, expertly engineered object of beauty. From single front doors and French doors that can be used in a home or garage space, through to grand entranceways with side flags and transom windows, our range of front doors enables you to create a personal statement with ease; because first impressions matter. Turn your entranceway into a masterpiece that's a true reflection of your unique tastes with either a single or a French door, which can feature a panel or mid-rail.

read more › For complete front of house unity, the Origin Garage Door is made in the same style as the Origin Front Door, to bring your home together and keep its unique look consistent. The traditional garage door is often referred to as a hinged or swing garage door, as the doors are hinged at the sides and open outwards. This means there's more room available to use inside - whether or not the doors are in use - without having to add extra height to the space to accommodate a rolling or retractable garage door.

read more › Whether you're looking for something beautiful, elegant, modern or traditional, there's something for you in the Origin Window range - no matter what your style of property. From new builds to the unconventional, period style cottages or existing builds, you can open up your space in a way that completely suits your needs and fill your home with natural light. The Origin Window collection consists of two systems - the OW-70 and the OW-80. Both feature stunning design and an exceptional finish - the main difference is the width of the window sightlines.

read more › Origin Windows are completely bespoke to your specification and will be manufactured to the exact sizes provided. OW-80 is a casement system encompassing fixed or sashed casement configurations, bays, gables and French windows. Whatever your requirements, we can help. Extremely low maintenance and energy efficient, the premium grade aluminium used for Origin Windows combines strength and robustness for an extremely strong yet lightweight structure - weighing 67% less than steel. The aluminium frames won't flex, warp or corrode in variable weather conditions, making aluminium the solid choice for your windows.

read more › The Origin Slimline Window (OW-70) is our slimmest window yet, combining strength with sleek design to create the finest aluminium window on the market today. OW-70 offers the slimmest sightlines at just 65mm wide, ideal for those looking to maximise on natural light and views. Both OW-70 and OW-80 are manufactured using premium grade aluminium, are durable and low maintenance, and come with an industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years. Learn more about our OW-80 window. Completely bespoke and made using premium grade aluminium - just like all Origin products - the OW-70 offers a slimline alternative guaranteed to modernise your property.

read more › Available in both OW-70 Slimline and OW-80 Premium ranges, the Origin Casement Window combines traditional design, advanced manufacturing and versatile premium grade aluminium for high levels of security and thermal efficiency to complement any type of build. Our Casement windows can feature left, right or top openers, and can be specified as a side hung, top hung or dummy sash - or a combination of all of these to suit your needs and your windows' desired function. Because everything we do is bespoke, we can manufacture your window in a configuration that works for your home.

read more › In fact, it's for this reason that the fixed frame window is also referred to as the picture window; it's the perfect frame. With a minimum size of 0.06sqm and a maximum of 7sqm, there's a fixed frame window to suit every space, and let the light flood in. As this window type doesn't include an opening element, sightlines can be even slimmer whilst still maintaining their structural rigidity, as there are no mechanical moving parts. This means you can have a single fixed frame window up to 4.8sqm for the OW-70, and a hugely impressive 7sqm window option on the OW-80.

read more › The bay is a window that demands attention, both inside and out. Rather than sitting flush with a wall, a typical bay forms a half hexagonal shape, with a longer central window and its two side windows set at an angle - this style is called a canted bay window. Bay windows can also be triangular, square, and three or five sided. If you're hoping to add an extra dimension to your room and allow in more natural light, a bay window is for you. Read our article about how to choose the right bay window design for your home.

read more › The gable window can bring the ultimate striking look to a home. Beautifully designed in symmetry and sightlines, an Origin Gable turns a home into a masterpiece. Able to be installed into even the shallowest of roof pitches, its striking appearance can be taken even further by aligning the mullion sightlines with our bi-fold doors or sliding doors sitting below the gable, for a truly breath-taking architectural solution. Your home is one of the few places you can truly make your own, which is why we offer lots of different ways to make your gable windows unique to you.

read more › Traditional, timeless and effortlessly elegant, the Origin French Window allows you to bring more natural light into your home, in a way that is classic yet contemporary. Available in the OW-80 system, our French window features a moving mullion, so when you open both the right and left windows, no profile remains - leaving just a completely unobstructed view of the outside world. It's a window that not only looks great, but can also meet emergency exit requirements. Friction hinges also allow you to choose how far you want your windows to open, removing the need for catches or hooks.

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