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Based in the West Midlands, Access Innovations provide specialist door installation, repair, servicing and maintenance for a range of commercial and industrial doors across the UK. Whether it is an automatic door on a shop front, a roller shutter securing a commercial garage space, or specialist security and environmental doors, we are confident that we can solve any door faults both major and minor.

Access Innovations UK Limited install, repair, service and maintain manual doors, fire doors, automatic doors, rapid action doors, roller shutters, fire shutters, sectional doors, manual and automatic traffic barriers, manual and automatic gates. We also supply and fit security fencing, bollards and crash barriers as well as dock levellers, dock shelters and dock bumpers.

We cover the majority of England & Wales but do not currently offer our services in Scotland or Ireland. All of our engineers have undergone rigorous training to achieve the necessary qualifications to carry out correct installation, maintenance and repair of all types of doors, gate and barrier systems.

read more › Ensuring your commercial doors meet the required health and safety regulations and operate efficiently. At Access Innovations we provide responsive, reactive repairs to a variety of commercial door types. Whether it's an automatic door, industrial door, environmental door or security door, we have the expertise to keep your premises safe, secure and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most owners/managers have a legal obligation under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure that any systems under their control are safe for anyone coming into contact with them.

read more › Whatever the type, size, model or make of automatic door, you can rely on Access Innovations to perform an attentive automatic door repair service tailored to your needs. Automatic doors provide quick, easy and safe access to a range of commercial and industrial environments. We are experts when it comes to automatic doors, so if you are upgrading your shop entrance, or need automatic doors for your new construction project, we can help. Get in touch with our team, discuss you requirements, and get a quote.

read more › From shops and offices to hospitals and leisure facilities, sliding automatic doors are arguably the most effective easy access solution for any busy, high traffic premises. At Access Innovations, we are proud to be leading specialists in sliding glass door repair throughout the West Midlands and the rest of the UK and we have lots of experience with working with businesses or domestic properties with a high amount of footfall. Our repairs service is fully comprehensive, whether you're experiencing trouble with door parts such as the tracks or door sensor - or have even suffered damage to the glass panels - we can provide efficient sliding door repairs with minimal disruption to your commercial premises.

read more › Automatic swinging doors are a perfect internal and external access solution for a range of buildings, including hospitals, hotels, offices and shops. These doors are operated by a two-way motion sensor, which triggers the doors to swing open slowly, making access completely safe and hassle-free. However, these doors do sometimes suffer breakdowns or damage, requiring an attentive repairs service from experienced professionals. Based in the West Midlands, Access Innovations carry out a full swing door repair service; whether you're having trouble with the motion sensor, one or both door panels, the glass materials, or the swinging mechanisms, we ensure an efficient and reliable service to get your doors back up and running without any disruption.

read more › Telescopic doors are widely used in many public and commercial properties, from offices and supermarkets to restaurants, hospitals and more. But these doors can sometimes fall victim to damage, faults or breakages, requiring specialist repair services from industry-leading experts. At Access Innovations, we provide full telescopic door repairs throughout the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. Whatever the problem - from minor mechanical faults to broken glass panels or misaligned rails - we have the knowledge and experience to resolve your issue in a timely, non-disruptive manner to keep your entryway functioning as efficiently as possible.

read more › Automatic bi-folding doors are commonly used to provide reliable and efficient entry to a building where space is limited. Narrow entryways can be turned into an asset rather than a hindrance with quality bi-folding doors, and Access Innovations are on hand to provide any repair work you need to keep your doors operating smoothly. Operating across the West Midlands, our specialist engineers deliver prompt bi-folding door repairs to resolve breakages and faults of all sizes. Whether the door is failing to open fully, is opening and closing unevenly or has suffered damage to the glass panels, we have the equipment and knowledge to fix the problem without causing further disruption to your business.

read more › Commercial and industrial properties need effective fire prevention and fire control provisions installed. These protective products also need to work correctly, so they can be relied upon during an emergency. At Access Innovations, we can repair any fire shutters and industrial fire rated doors in place throughout your building. If there are any issues with your fire doors, it's essential that you have them repaired immediately - even if it's a minor issue. Our highly skilled engineers will work meticulously to bring your fire rated doors back to full, efficient operation, keeping your premises protected should a fire ever break out.

read more › If you're experiencing problems with your industrial sectional doors - whether it's mechanical faults or damage to the door panel itself - the team at Access Innovations provide expert industrial sectional door repair services, available 24 hours a day. Our skilled engineers can identify and resolve major and minor issues promptly, ensuring the safe operation of your sectional doors while keeping disruption to a minimum. No matter the size, make or model of door, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, experience and tools to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

read more › Compact, convenient and secure, roller shutter doors are one of the most effective industrial door solutions available, suited to a range of industrial working environments. Commonly installed in warehouses and commercial storage spaces, roller shutter doors are a great solution wherever regular access is required. This is exactly why we chose to provide roller shutter door repairs in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Due to the heavy-use nature of roller shutters/security doors, they can suffer mechanical issues over time, so the team at Access Innovations are here to help when they do.

read more › They can not only enhance the aesthetics of a building but provide essential security against break-in and vandalism. Roller shutters are inherently secure but the level of security will vary by application from a simple visual deterrent to LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved or the Police Crime Prevention Initiative certified Secured By Design. Every roller shutter is made to measure and is selected to meet size, appearance, budget and security criteria. All of our roller shutters are installed, repaired and maintained by our directly employed team of trained and experienced engineers to ensure that they are safety to use and continue to provide years of uninterrupted service.

read more › Environmental doors are a great way of keeping your commercial or industrial premises more eco-friendly and energy efficient. But should these doors become damaged or worn, you'll start to lose out on the benefits gained from dedicated internal environmental protection. Our door repair service is prompt and non-disruptive - we can restore full functionality of your environmental doors ensuring the safety and efficiency of your property is never compromised. To complement our repair services, our expert engineers can also keep your doors running smoothly with our environmental door maintenance packages.

read more › Perfectly suited to busy warehouses and commercial properties with regular internal transit routes, rapid fold doors allow swift and smooth movement through the premises. Access Innovations provide an expert rapid fold door repair service for folding doors of all sizes and types. Our highly skilled engineers can perform urgent repair work to resolve issues big and small, working to minimise disruption as they restore full functionality of your rapid folding doors. To keep your rapid fold doors in peak condition at all times, Access Innovations offer reliable maintenance and servicing packages to ensure your doors always perform as they should.

read more › Rapid rise doors are ideal for entrances that are in constant use, whether to transport stock and equipment or simply to accommodate heavy foot traffic. These doors can open and close in just a few seconds, making them some of the most efficient and convenient doorways available. However, if your high speed doors become damaged or develop a mechanical fault, it can bring your warehouse to a grinding halt. That's why Access Innovations ensure prompt, comprehensive repair services to rapid rise doors of all makes, models and sizes.

read more › Plastic door curtains are a cost-effective and simple doorway material designed to maintain a comfortable and energy efficient internal environment. They are particularly useful in warehouses, supermarkets and factories, as well as commercial kitchens and freezers. Made up of individual PVC strips - securely hung over the door frame - your transparent curtains can become torn in places after heavy use. Access Innovations can provide tailored repair services to ensure your PVC strip curtains are fully functional once more.

read more › Dedicated security doors are designed to protect commercial and industrial premises, keeping valuable stock safe and preventing unwanted intrusion from trespassers and thieves. At Access Innovations, we provide comprehensive security door repair services to keep your internal and external security doors operating as reliably as they possibly can. Should damage or wear and tear render your doors ineffective and insecure, we can perform reactive security door repairs to restore full functionality when you need it most.

read more › We offer a range of steel doors designed for internal and external use to enable entry and exit to suit any need. Whether it's a personnel door, security door or emergency exit door, each door is built to order, individually constructed with a choice of hardware, frame, threshold and vision panel options. We can provide them thermally rated, acoustically rated, fire rated, attack resistant and secured by design approved. Also available with side and over panels and louvre panel design for use on plant room applications.

read more › Dock Levellers provide a smooth transition for forklift trucks, pallet trucks and personnel to move from factory floor onto lorry loading beds. If you dock leveller fails then you cannot get your products out to your customers or your raw materials in from your suppliers. Therefore, rapid repair is vital to ensure that you can continue to trade. We have the expertise to repair and maintain all makes and models of dock leveller, nationwide. We can clean, lubricate, adjust and inspect your dock leveller to ensure that it continues to provide fault free service and ensures product longevity.

read more › With Access Innovations, we aim to deliver peace of mind through our expert services and products, and our extensive door servicing works are a testament to this. Whatever means of access you have installed - be it a large fast-action speed door, automatic sliding door or commercial roller shutter - we offer in-depth services on both a responsive and prearranged basis. Our highly trained experts will make sure any problems with your doors are solved quickly with minimal disruption to your business.

read more › For Access Innovations account holders, we offer a 24 hour support service to ensure round-the-clock access to our team of skilled engineers and technicians. This means that, wherever you are, we can attend to your industrial door issues without delay. With our specialist 24 hour service, we can make maintaining safe and easy access to your premises as straightforward and non-disruptive as possible. No matter the time of day, if you require door repairs or door servicing for your automatic doors, roller shutters or any of your access options, it's just a matter of getting in touch and requesting a call out - a member of our expert team will be with you as soon as possible.

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