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Smarts Bifold Doors Give your home a new lease on life when you add bifolding doors to different rooms in your home. Whether you're updating a bedroom, kitchen, living room or conservatory; Smart's bifold doors are the perfect versatile solution. With bifold doors, you don't have to choose between the comfort of indoors and the calming allure of outside. Our doors seal tightly, so if it's cold outdoors, you can stay warm; and for those perfect summer days, you can open all the doors and make the most of your beautiful garden.

For a seamless transition from inside to outside. Customisable bifold doors that fold internally or externally, available in a colour to complement your home. With Smarts bifold doors, you can choose the opening configuration that suits your application. The doors can be folded internally or externally, with the option to create a single or double entrance door.

Smarts bifold doors are the trusted choice for home and business installations, and with so many years of experience, it's no surprise that they're the best-selling doors on the market.

read more › Smarts Bi-Fold Doors is a trading name of Improvement House Ltd. We're a family run business based in Alcester and South Croydon, specializing in delivering bespoke sliding door, patio doors and roof solutions to homes and businesses across the United Kingdom. At Smarts Bi-Fold Doors, we supply the best quality bi-fold doors, patio doors, and windows and roofs in a range of different colours and finishes. We'll sit with you to design the perfect fit for your home taking into consideration your tastes and preferences, as well as fulfilling the legal requirements so that the installation passes local council checks.

read more › Our Smarts Visofold 1000 Aluminium Bifold Doors designed to meet the highest technical specifications, offering a fully flexible solution for homes and businesses. The configuration of the doors can be individually customised, and set to fold internally or externally. You can also choose whether you want the single entrance door at the side, so all the panels fold one way at one side, or in the middle, with a double door entrance. The Smarts high quality roof lights and door systems designed to make the transition from inside to outside seamless.

read more › When you choose a sliding patio door, you're choosing a solution that is going to open your home to the outdoors. You can completely transform the look and feel of a room when you open up an entire wall to let in the light. Not only do you get an enhanced sense of brightness and space, but you can also enjoy an unimpeded view of your garden and beyond. Sliding patio doors are an excellent choice for many homes and businesses, and depending on the application, can be installed on double to triple tracks with the option to slide or lift and slide.

read more › Whether you're planning a new kitchen extension or need to replace an existing flat rooflight, our bespoke solutions are designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs. We want to help you create a light, spacious-feeling living area that the whole family will enjoy. Lighting is one of the best ways to transform the look and feel of a living area. We recommend installing a minimalist roof lights for flat roofs that will link the inside of your home to the outdoors seamlessly. And because they are flat roof skylights, rather than windows, more light doesn't mean that you need to compromise on privacy.

read more › We want to help you maximise the feeling of light and space in your home, without compromising on build quality or usefulness. Our designs have rafters and a main ridge that are noticeably slimmer than any others on the market. Our roof lanterns have been developed with both beauty and durability in mind which come together in a modern, minimalist design. Clean, simple lines and strong, durable aluminium construction ensure that you don't have to compromise when you order a rooflight for your home.

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