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Our core products are bespoke high performance door sets, doors and screens, with associated joinery and ironmongery, predominantly, but not exclusively, for public sector buildings. We do also offer the usual 'off the shelf' standard sizes too.

We manufacture fully certificated fire rated door sets from 30 to 60 minute, acoustic sets from Rw29dB to Rw43dB and offer a wide range of constructions, materials and finishes in every commercially available timber, veneer and laminate, all in keeping with our stringent sustainability policy.All of our sets are bespoke, therefore there are no predetermined dimensions, other than those restricted by fire and acoustic certification.

We automatically take into consideration the constructions, configurations and designs available, with our team having over 100 years of specific door set manufacturing experience. With versatile production techniques and staff we will look to help develop, certificate and ultimately manufacture to assist in achieving your vision.

read more › Although we will happily manufacture individual components, the majority of our doors are supplied as part of a pre-hung door set, fully finished, consisting of the frame, door leaf or leaves (with any vision panels), stops, architraves and essential ironmongery. They are delivered to site preassembled ready for installation or with the doors and frames separated for easy of handling should you require it. This is in contrast to traditional assemblies consisting of the same components, but usually supplied from various different sources, with assembly and finishing carried out on site.

read more › We offer a diverse range of set configurations from the standard single leaf to unequal pairs and equal pairs, through to those incorporating over panels, fanlights, side lights or combination sets. Our frame sections can be manufactured to suit any supplication in a wide range of dimensions and combinations. Our most common frame sections are shown below.

read more › Wood veneers are formed by peeling or slicing de-barked logs to produce a layer of wood, usually 0.6 mm in thickness and cut through their length into halves or quarters known as flitches, which are steamed prior to being sliced into veneer sheets, reassembled, cured and dried. These are then matched to produced combinations of veneer or 'layons' specifications. These sheets are then cut in the width and height so that when joined in a specific style they will produce layons. Unless specifically requested layons are normally assembled with flitches of a minimum 100 mm for quarter cut and 150 mm for crown cut layons.

read more › The illustration opposite shows common openings that provide up to 60 minute fire rating. These can be found in a number of industry standard documents and available in many other manufacturer's offers, however due to the bespoke nature of our products and the CNC routering capabilities available to us we offer specifiers the freedom to design doors that are unique or to recreate existing designs in a specific building. A key feature to any door, for both aesthetics and industry standards, is the ability to integrate vision panels.

read more › We have the technical knowhow, experience and manufacturing flexibility to manufacture stand alone or integral screens of all descriptions, sizes and configurations to compliment our sets. Our screens, as with our door sets, are all bespoke and can be manufactured up to and including 60 minute fire ratings in keeping with fire certification limitations.

read more › Our pre-hung door set offer is substantially enhanced when complimented by our range of high performance ironmongery' fully prepared for in-house, with the offer of none protruding items pre-fitted if required. This heavily reduces site preparation in fitting costs and ensures accuracy and project coordination. We are primarily offering architectural ironmongery packages specialising in the specification of schools, hospitals, student accommodation and the likes taking the vision of the architect and/or client into reality through the process of scheduling from drawings providing samples and experience to the every day needs of the building.

read more › Our latest service to be introduced is a complete installation package, ensuring complete compatibility from manufacture, the supply and fitting of hardware, through to and now including the installation. We are one of only a handful of companies to offer the whole package managed from design through to handover. Our site management will co-ordinate all deliveries and installations in keeping with your program, offering total control and taking full responsibility to ensure the smooth running of this section of your build.

read more › All of our fire rated sets are fully certificated and independently tested to BS476: part 22. Our processes, quality procedures and constructions are audited annually by an independent third party to ensure sustained quality and compliance. Other than the obvious everyday use and practicality of our products we are one of a few industries who hope that the time and effort put into their design would never actually be called upon, however we offer the certification, assurances and accreditation to show that when needed our sets are fit for purpose and offer the protection required.

read more › In keeping with our commitment to being a responsible manufacturer we strongly support international efforts to improve forest management, we will therefore not trade in timber species prohibited under appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) legislation. ALL of the timber we purchase will be sourced from responsible suppliers who are carefully selected, certified and third party assessed. SFI - The Sustainable Forest Initiative of the American Forest & Paper Association - Established in 1995 the SFI currently has in excess of 63 million ha enrolled and about 54 million ha independently third party certified forests in the US and Canada.

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