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Welcome to the Conservatory Base Company, where we've brought together the UK's leading conservatory base manufacturers to give you real choice and comparison. If you're thinking about building a conservatory, you need to make sure you do all the research you can before you make a decision so that you make the most of your time and your budget. Our website gives you the opportunity to ask for an online quote for your conservatory base build.

There's no need to worry about finding the right companies, dealing with salesmen and trying to work your way through the information. With the Conservatory Base Company, everything is hassle-free, leaving you to concentrate on the rest of your project. In many cases, customers choose a pre-fabricate base, which is a great choice if you're handling the building process yourself, with no extra fuss, no deep foundations to dig and perfect measurements - giving you the best possible start.

We understand that it can be daunting to start your own building process, and we'd advise you to read up on what you need to do and take the time to plan ahead so that you put yourself in the best possible position to build your conservatory successfully.

read more › Conservatory base company is the leading pre-fabricated independent conservatory base supplier in the Uk. We started out supplying all the base types on the market but over the years have settled on the Durabase system. Although most people see this as a new product Durabase is in its 26th Year of production. All three durabase systems come complete with all the nuts bolts and parts to complete the job. The unique split skirt and damp course linings are all included along with the adhesives, silicones matching slip bricks and mortar.

read more › Durabase plus will pass Scottish building regulations no other base on the market can do this. The average base can be installed within a day! EASIER.Uneven or sloping sites and difficult site access are easily overcome with Durabase. There's no need for large scale excavations, which minimises the amount of soil to dispose of and the disruption caused to the site. Durabase and DurabasePlus are covered by our own 25 year guarantee and are covered with the BBA certificate.

read more › Its solid steel conservatory walling system makes it the quickest and easiest wall to construct your conservatory base and wall. Please use this video introduction to see if the durabase system is the one for you. Designed to be put up in all weathers without all of the hassle of digging out large excavations for footings the durabase conservatory base system is bringing conservatory bases into the 21st century. This conservatory steel base video shows a real time construction of a base and conservatory dwarf wall being erected and the how the skirt and wall work together with the damp proof membrane.

read more › Durabase now offer a 25yr conservatory base manufacturer backed guarantee. Is your builder offering a 15year guarantee with his work? Is his conservatory base going to be BBA certified for build quality and weather proofing? Not sure what the exacting BBA standards are? This conservatory base system can be modified to even meet the stringent thermal properties demanded by the Scottish building regulations for conservatory bases please put on your enquiry of you would like the increased specification.

read more › Durabase conservatory bases come with a wide selection of different brick types for you to choose from for your conservatory base. This means that you can select the brick size and type to exactly match your house so your conservatory base blends in with your current building and does not look like an add-on. With over 20 of the most common conservatory brick types we are sure that you will be able to find the brick type of your choice. We can mix and match these to your house for example if your house has 2 blue engineering bricks to start with at the bottom of the conservatory base wall and then changes to a red brick we do exactly the same.

read more › Lay out the outer cill and attach the adjustable legs. Position the rear cill along the house wall then drill and fix using the raw bolts provided. Bolt all the outer cill sections together and position the base legs on top of the pads. Check the levels throughout using a spirit level and adjust using the adjustable screw legs. Lay out the damp course membrane onto the base and position the wall sections as shown in the plan provided. Bolt all sections together then screw each section to the steel base.

read more › The original BBA accreditation document is over 12 pages long and really shows that the durabase is a tried and tested product and a real building solution not some temporary structure that will not be blown away the first time the British weather unleashes itself. The durabase is not new to the market and is now on its second round of warranties and in its 25th year of production so there are a lot of bases out there. Being in its 25th year of manufacture In 2015 the decision was made that with the current changing market the durabase was to be moved forward to a fast track approval by Jhai.

read more › Durabase is manufactured and used in single and two storey buildings and so can cater easily for all your high wall needs. Durabase has a wall and skirting system that comes in two parts and has an enforced damp course membrane (like houses) creating a moisture break between the ground and the wall section. Its skirting system is made of non-porous concrete board that can happily be dug into the ground to stop unwanted rodents nesting under your floor system. Durabase walls sit directly onto the steel base on top of the damp course membrane.

read more › Everything we make is bespoke for you whether so if you are after something and cant see it give us a ring or contact us here. Our bases can be used for a variety of uses, we have people that have built orangeries with the durabase or ordered the base frame only to make a lasting base for a wooden home office.

read more › Our customers often write to thank us and to comment about our products and services. Below are just of few of the testimonials we have received to date. We are proud of what we offer and strive to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers. We stand behind everything we do and offer great value, quality products and reliable service, every time. Earlier this year I purchased an Edwardian dwarf wall conservatory and base package. I was immediately impressed with the short delivery time and the very high specification of the units.

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