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Snug Sash We are a small team of craftsmen based in Bristol specialising in Sash Windows, timber windows and doors. We are experts at sash window renovation, repairs, draught-proofing, double glazing and painting. We do most of the work onsite in our client's properties. Utmost care is taken to protect the floor and walls by preparing a room in the house to work in with sheets and floor protection.

We take out the windows to work on and reinstall them at the end of each day so your house is always secure. Our particular expertise is in double glazing. We can remove the glass from your window and replace it with a double glazed unit. We are able to do this to windows with glazing bars, curved glazing and all shapes and sizes.

read more › Using modern renovation techniques to sensitively restore traditional timber windows back to their original beauty. We specialse in cleanly removing the glass from your windows and replacing with double glazed units. We have a tried and tested techinique and can change the glass in windows with glazing bars and curved windows.

read more › Replacing your windows is unecological and unnecessary. Whereas renovating them is not only ecological but will also retain the original appearance and cost less than replacement. With our renovation method we go back to the bare timber, fill all joints with flexible resin which will stretch and never crack so the water cannot get in.

read more › We have developed our renovation technique to make permanent repairs to woodwork that flex with the natural expansion and contraction of the timber. Initially, all the paint is removed from the flat surfaces so any rot to the timber is clearly visible. If there are any rotten areas, the timber is removed back to where it is dry and sound. We use a combination of spliced in hardwood and resin to replace the damaged section. No nails or screws are used as these could potentially rust in the future and compromise the repair.

read more › Once a Snug sash renovation and draught-proofing job are done, the windows will slide smoothly and easily using only one hand. The weights that the sashes were originally paired with are usually only close to the correct weight. We accurately weigh the windows and the weights and add additional lead weights so they are balanced perfectly. This results in a perfectly smoothly running window.

read more › Our area of particular expertise is in swapping the glass in your windows for double glazed units. Often companies claim that windows are too big or too thin to swap the glass and try to convince people to replace the whole window. We are yet to have found a window we cannot double glaze- We can install into windows with multiple glazing bars(muntins), curved and angles windows. We also can install a double glazed unit discretely behind a stain glass window. This doesn't affect the look from the outside at all and is barely detectable from the inside.

read more › Over time timber front doors can develop leaks as houses move and the frames become offset. Using the same methods of insulation as in sash windows we install discreet airtight bushed seals into the edges of the door and door frame. We can fully renovate your door by stripping back the old paint and applying flexible resin to all the joints. The resin will flex with the timber so cracks do not develop over time.

read more › HIGHLY RECOMMENDED The sash windows on the front of our Victorian house have been transformed. The original windows were drafty, broken, rattling and some hadn't opened for years. We thought they would need replacing but Rob has saved them all; installed double glazed glass into the frames, replaced all the rotten bits, cords and weights, and added beautiful locks and handles. SUPERB QUALITY WORKMANSHIP AND COURTEOUS SERVICE AT ALL TIMES I am very happy to give Snugsash a 5* rating. From initial quotation stage right through to coordinating when work would be done (and the slightly more complicated element of liaising with the tenants of the property), communication was excellent.

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