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Ultimately, the satisfaction of our customers is what comes first, therefore there is complete transparency through every stage of the installation. We want you to feel confident that your money is being put to good use and with us, it always is. We excel in the creation of bespoke products, especially those designed to increase living space, like conservatories and orangeries.

Plus, we solely limit ourselves to the best quality materials, meaning whenever you require our services, the best is exactly what you'll get. Guardian are a small, family-run company that specialises in bespoke home-improvement solutions and a friendly, reliable service. We aim to leave every customer nothing less than delighted when hiring us to improve their home, so we solely use the best products that are available and always put the needs of our customers before our own.

Whilst it's essential for products to provide the practical benefits required by modern homes, these benefits feel somewhat limited if their look isn't right for the property.

read more › We serve homes located throughout the South West of England, taking us across a number of counties in the region. This includes the counties of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire. We've ventured into properties of all shapes, styles and sizes across these areas, provided everything from composite doors to tiled conservatory roofs. For the duration of our trading tenure, we've travelled extensively across the South West of England, helping to improve properties across the region.

read more › With a Guardian Warm Roof you can replace your existing Conservatory roof to benefit from a new room that you can use all year round. One of the best conservatory roof options currently available, a tiled conservatory roof can reinvent the look and feel of a conservatory. Constructed from lightweight, hardwearing tiles and expertly designed to maximise the amount of insulation, they're a wonderful addition to any conservatory and will last for decades. A Guardian Warm roof is suitable for any type of property and for new or existing conservatories.

read more › Why choose the Market Leading Conservatory roof expertly installed Guardian Roof Designs?. A Guardian Roof fitted by Guardian Roof Designs is the ultimate solution for new or existing conservatories. Get it right the first time and fit the very best, superior comfort, performance and looks, saving both time and money. The market-leading Guardian Warm Roof fitted by Guardian Roof Designs is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement - a high performance, lightweight roof replacement system that dramatically transforms your conservatory into an ambient, much needed space that can be used daily, all year round.

read more › Guardian Roof Designs Instant Free quotation for a Guardian Warm Roof - Conservatory Roof Replacement. Try our on-line quote system to see how your new and improved conservatory space fitted with a Tiled Guardian Warm Roof is a lot more affordable than you thought. In seconds you will get your instant guide price for a Guardian replacement conservatory roof. Order Now and be one of the first 10 orders placed to receive FREE Velux windows worth up to 1000*. Terms and Conditions apply. This promotion is offered only on the first 10 orders placed with Guardian Roof Design Limited.

read more › Although their structure is still mostly made up of glass, modern conservatories from Guardian can support a variety of different roof types, meaning they're more versatile than ever before. Whether you require the maximum amount of light, quiet or warmth, we can tailor make a conservatory in Berkshire, Wiltshire and beyond, so it fulfils all your practical and stylistic requirements. Both traditional and modern conservatories are the perfect solution for increasing your living space with a warm, well-lit area that you, your family and any guests can enjoy.

read more › A lavish, traditionally elegant solution for expanding your living space, orangeries from Guardian come tailor-made to your home. An orangery from us is guaranteed to absolutely ooze with style. Loaded with tons of practical benefits too, no matter what your plans are for the extra space, an orangery will provide all you need to get the most out of it. Despite originally being used to house various trees, the usage of orangeries has evolved to accommodate a different type of living organism, humans.

read more › A stylish roofing solution suitable for a variety of areas, our roof lanterns are available in various styles and sizes to suit the requirements of your home. Build from strong aluminium that allows for a clean, slender appearance, our lantern roofs possess plenty of visual appeal. But not only that, they're loaded with practical benefits to. Roof lanterns find their place atop orangeries and other flat roof structures, including extensions. The perfect solution for creating beautifully lit areas that will always feel spacious, their stylish, contemporary designs provide the added bonus of a focal point that will easily become the focus of where they are fitted.

read more › This includes thermal efficiency, security, maintenance and durability, plus they're incredibly stylish too. Windows are an essential component of any home, one which shouldn't be overlooked. Poorly insulating windows will mean less heat is kept in your home and you'll have to expend more energy to heat it. Of course, if energy was free this might not be such an issue, but any UK homeowner knows the reality is very different. So to ensure heating costs will be kept to a minimum, our collection of windows feature a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A as standard.

read more › The beauty of casement windows is that they can be adapted to suit virtually any home. Yet despite their incredible versatility, the abundance of practical qualities they possess are always consistent no matter how different they might look from one casement to the next. Thermally efficient, supremely secure and considerably more, our casements are some of the best on the market. One of the reasons why casement windows enjoy such popularity is due to how versatile they are. Whether you're living in a country cottage, a Victorian terraced home or an ultra-modern property, there's a casement window to suit it.

read more › Built to emulate the original timber flush casements, enjoy this classic design with all the practical benefits of modern uPVC. Such benefits include low maintenance and high levels of security for an excellent quality window. Additionally, they will insulate your home exceptionally well, thanks to high-grade glazing. With sashes that are flush to the window frame, the design of flush sash windows makes them the perfect fit for classically styled homes. Although, because of their clean, minimalistic style, properties that are more modern in appearance are equally good locations for these elegant windows.

read more › Ranging from ultra-sturdy composites to sleek patio doors, within our door selection is something to fulfil any purpose. Regardless of what you require, rest assured that the materials in use are of outstanding quality. Combining this with our extensive door installation expertise, we guarantee they'll improve the look and performance of your home. Unlike some home-improvement companies, providing products that are compliant with Building Regulations is not enough for us here at Guardian. We want to offer a selection of products that easily meet and then far surpass their minimum requirements.

read more › The perfect way to gracefully transition between different areas of a property, our uPVC bifold doors will transform the look and feel of your home. Filling it with light so your home instantly feels more spacious, the doors simply fold to the side, completely opening up any property to the elements. If you're looking to add a touch of contemporary elegance to your home, bifold doors are ideal. They possess the unique ability to be stacked to one side, allowing you to open up your home to the elements and blur the lines between the inside and outside.

read more › A popular choice with homeowners for years, patio doors are a practical and stylish way for smoothly moving between different areas of your home. Manufactured from high quality uPVC profiles, they are opened by sliding them to one side. Choosing whether they open to the left or the right is up to you and so is the number of door panels in use. Because patio doors slide to either the left or right instead of opening inwards or outwards, they are a fantastic way to add light and air to a property without taking up excessive amounts of space.

read more › Combining the performance benefits that are expected of a composite door with a unique opening mechanism, stable doors are a fantastic entrance door solution. They possess high levels of thermal insulation, excellent security hardware and can be maintained with relative ease, all of which are highly desirable qualities for any homeowner. Suitable for use on either the front or back of a property, stable doors are known as such because the upper and lower parts of the door leaf can be operated independently of one another.

read more › The traditional solution for injecting light into your property, once opened, French doors provide incredible levels of ventilation too. Manufactured from uPVC, a material which has been consistently reliable since its emergence in 1980s and has only gotten better, the way they look and perform is remarkable. Although their design is from the 16th century, French doors have such a timeless quality that thousands of homes around the UK still use them today. So you needn't worry if your home is as old as their design or considerably newer, they fit beautifully wherever they are placed.

read more › The perfect mixture of various high-grade materials, composite doors embellish the entranceways of any home marvellously. A Glass Reinforced Plastic exterior fitted over a dense foam core and supported by a selection of high-grade hardware, their thermal performance and security levels are virtually unsurpassed. Before composite doors came on the market, homeowners were relatively limited in their choices for a front or back door. Whilst older entrance doors still performed the basic functions, the levels of insulation, security and durability are no way near that of the composite doors of today.

read more › Featuring within the Guardian gallery are some highlights of our installation work. If you're looking for extension inspiration or you've wondered how a set of flush sash windows might look on your home, you've come to the right place. If something does take your fancy and you'd like to learn more about a specific product or two, feel free to get in touch with the team here at Guardian.

read more › A window style that is synonymous with the Georgian and Victorian eras, vertical sliders are also known by a host of other names, such as sash windows or box windows. They feature a timeless design which will significantly enhance the visual appeal of any type of home, all whilst keeping your home warm and secure. Vertical sliding windows are named as such for the way they are operated; they are opened and closed via a sash that slides vertically, allowing you to easily inject as little or as much air into your home as you'd like.

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