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Interseal Interseal works to provide clients living or working in Plymouth and the South West with high quality designs and installations on a range of products, including conservatories, windows and roofline products. We have a strong reputation across the region as a certified stockist and we are FENSA-approved. From Bay & Bow windows, Casement windows, and Sliding windows, to Energy Efficient options.

Browse our full range here. Our selection of doors include: French doors, Bi-Folding doors, Patio doors, Porch doors, and more. See all options here. We complete conservatory conversions and new installations, covering bungalows, garden rooms, and more. Explore our conservatories here. We're here to advise you on important fascias, guttering and rooflines for your home, and which options are best suited to your requirements.

At Interseal, we've built an unmatched reputation for high-quality products and professional workmanship, specialising in both domestic and commercial projects across Plymouth and the surrounding area.

read more › Apart from the obvious benefits of keeping out the elements, windows play a vital role in how a room feels and functions. Windows allow us access to natural light and air, stop noise, rain and pollution from entering the home as well as giving us security and privacy. For these reasons, it makes sense to consult a professional when choosing windows for your home. The experienced and knowledgeable team at Interseal in Plymouth can give you practical advice on what windows will best suit your needs and fit with your lifestyle and budget.

read more › Imbued with a timeless grace and charm, bay and bow windows will really let the light flow through your living spaces. By expanding the window area outwards, allow a room to breathe and are always a real talking point with guests. Bay and bow windows also provide more seating and storage areas for you to utilise, making them practical and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The expert glaziers at Interseal can design and install a range of Bay and bow windows in a variety of styles. At our showroom in Plymouth, you can find a dazzling array of wonderful windows that will bring brightness and character to any room in the home.

read more › The French are rightly renowned for their sense of style and flair. You can add a touch of Gallic lan to your home with our magnificent French casement windows. Similar to normal casement windows, French casement windows are hinged at the side and open outwards rather than vertically. This allows you to let light and air into your home easily, making French casement windows perfect for kitchens and living rooms. At our Plymouth showroom, Interseal's specialist team can present you with a wide variety of superior quality French casement windows.

read more › For windows that are easy to operate and will bring a touch of classic styling to your home, you can't go past casement windows. Casement windows are mounted on side hinges and open vertically, usually by means of a hand operated crank. As they can be opened more fully than any other window design, casement windows are the perfect choice for those who prefer to ventilate their home. Interseal offers you a wide selection of quality casement windows at our showroom in Plymouth. If you're still unsure, our specialist glaziers will consult with you on the spot to ascertain which windows will best suit your home.

read more › Sliding sash windows are the perfect blend of both high-performance modern functionality and convenience, with the aesthetic charm that has historically made sash windows so popular. We offer a broad range of styles and material options for sliding sash windows, making it possible to find something to match every home and environment. Whether you live in a traditional British home, or in a more modern property, adding sliding sash windows will not only improve the look and functionality of your property, it will also add value.

read more › The main feature of sliding windows that really sets them apart from other designs is the fact that they open horizontally, instead of vertically or away from the home. This allows for ease of use and makes them simple to clean and maintain. At the Interseal showroom in Plymouth, you can discover a wide range of top quality sliding windows. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will offer practical advice on what model will best suit your needs and fit your budget. Quick to open and close, easy to clean and with great insulation properties, sliding windows are always a good choice.

read more › At Interseal in Plymouth, we realise that for most families, keeping household expenses to a minimum is always a priority. Saving energy is also an important way to help do your part for the environment. For these reason, we are proud to present our range of energy efficient windows. Utilising the very latest in technology and building materials, our energy efficient windows provide exemplary insulation and will help to cut your household heating and cooling costs. If you are interested in finding out more, we offer no obligation, free consultations with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

read more › A front door is more than just an extra security measure or a way of getting in and out of the house - it's also a statement about your style and personal tastes. The range of exterior and interior doors on the market has expanded rapidly in recent years, and doors are now available in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours. Interseal has a massive selection of doors that will allow you to match your door to your home's architecture and your personality. From low maintenance uPVC and composite doors to stylish French doors to let the sunshine in, Interseal can fit and install any door in your home.

read more › When choosing materials for your home, make sure you consider Solidor doors. Solidor is a well known brand name that is synonymous with secure, stylish and long-lasting doors. Solidor doors recreate the beautiful, timeless effect of timber combined with all the benefits of today's modern security and insulation techniques. Solidor doors have been enduringly popular since their arrival on the market in 2004. Each Solidor door is produced to precise specifications and this painstaking production is backed up by the company's careful selection of vendors such as Interseal in Plymouth.

read more › Featuring large glass panels that allow light to flood into a room, French doors make a stunning addition to any home. A perfect choice for homes where natural light - and space - is limited, French doors provide the same safety and security as a solid door, but with a more aesthetically-pleasing finish. It is this combination of style and performance that makes French doors so enduringly popular throughout Plymouth, the South East and the rest of the UK. Interseal offer a range of top quality French doors in a selection of materials and finishes.

read more › Allowing the maximum amount of light into a room while also protecting your privacy, bi-folding doors are attractive, versatile and practical. World renowned architects and interior designers often choose bi-folding doors due to their space saving design and sleek contemporary look. Interseal has a huge range of top quality bi-folding doors on offer at our showroom in Plymouth. Our team of experts can provide friendly advice and expert guidance to help you find the right doors for your home. No matter whether you are building or renovating, are searching for a contemporary look and want a classic feel, Interseal has a great selection of top quality doors to suit any style of home.

read more › As the name suggests, composite doors are constructed from many different materials, making them incredible durable and strong. With great insulating properties and available in a huge array of styles, composite doors are versatile, attractive and smart choice for any homeowner. At our showroom in Plymouth, Interseal offers you a wide range of quality composite doors to choose from. All of our doors are backed up with a 10 year guarantee and no initial deposit is required. Drop into our showroom in Plymouth and our expert staff can help you find the perfect interior or exterior doors for your home with a no obligation free consultation!

read more › As the old saying goes, first impressions matter. When it comes to the family home, your front door is crucial in making a lasting impression upon a visitor. Exterior doors act as architectural focal points so making sure that your doors are eye catching will help to enhance the overall aesthetic of the property. Interseal has a huge selection of quality external doors manufactured by some of the most trusted names in the industry, including market leader Solidor. You can find all types of doors in a range of amazing designs at our showroom in Plymouth.

read more › A patio is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a little quiet time. Ensuring that the transition between the outdoors and the inside of your home is smooth and comfortable means choosing the right patio doors for your space. Interseal offers homeowners a huge choice of top quality patio doors. At our showroom in Plymouth you'll find a massive range patio doors in all types of designs, colours and styles to suit all types of homes. Creating a truly perfect patio is simple with a little help from the expert team at Interseal.

read more › If you are searching for a stylish, space-saving and affordable door that will last a lifetime, then uPVC bi-folding doors are a great option. Combining all the benefits of uPVC construction with the versatility and elegance of the bi-folding construction, these doors are a magnificent addition to any room in the home. Interseal is proud to present a selection of the very best uPVC bi-fold patio doors on the market. At our showroom in Plymouth you can browse uPVC bi-folding doors in many different colour schemes and designs.

read more › Having a porch installed will allow you to have more storage space and create an elegant entranceway into your home. Choosing the perfect porch doors will ensure that your new porch blends in seamlessly with your home's design and will stand pout as an added feature all on their own. Interseal specialises in supplying, designing and installing top quality porch doors and windows for homeowners throughout the Plymouth region. Our experienced and friendly team can come to you and provide a no obligation free consultation to determine which doors will best suit your living space.

read more › Adding a conservatory to your home is a great way to create a new, sun-filled space for relaxing and entertaining. Offering an attractive vantage point overlooking your gardens, conservatories come in a wide range of styles and materials to complement your home. The market for conservatories has boomed in recent years - not least because they are proven to add worth and desirability to your home. The professional glaziers at Interseal provide comprehensive conservatory design and installation services for discerning homeowners throughout the Plymouth region.

read more › Whilst conservatories are a great investment due to their timeless style and Interseal's high-quality installations, sometimes you may want to make changes. Whether your conservatory is too hot, too noisy or if it's leading to higher heating bills due to poor installation, the conservatory specialists at Interseal can help. Book a free consultation with our team today and we'll listen to your needs, recommending a conservatory conversion that'll work for you with minimal hassle. If you're looking to modernise an older conservatory, our team would be happy to talk to you as we can carry out conservatory conversions even on designs that aren't our own.

read more › Thanks to the inherent strength and high-performance of aluminium, the demand for aluminium conservatories has increased rapidly in recent years. Interseal has been at the forefront of this resurgence, designing and installing for customers throughout the Plymouth region. Aluminium conservatories tend to have slim, elegant frames that lend a modern edge to the traditional style. Alternatively, these conservatories can be built with sturdier frames for a more contemporary feel. Often featuring large panes of glass, aluminium conservatories offer clear visibility and provide a sunlight-filled space.

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