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T F Tinting I can't recommend them enough, had my rear sides and windscreen done today and couldn't be happier with them. Helpful, friendly and a great price. Would highly recommend you go to these guys, just had my car windows tinted and over the moon with the quality and service. Friends and family have always highly recommended Trevor. Just recently got my Scirocco windows tinted and it looks amazing, would highly recommend this company!

read more › Auto window tinting and sun strips reduce annoying and potentially dangerous glare from the sun, reflections and headlights. This alleviates eye strain, driver tiredness and migraine on long journeys and is particularly useful with the low winter sun. All shades of tint including optically clear film block 99% of harmful UV light. This includes both UVA & UVB light that glass alone cannot block. This protects yourself and children from the damaging effects of the sun that can lead to skin cancer.

read more › We have fitted hundreds of homes and businesses around Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Halifax with a huge range of window tints. Conservatories can get so hot they become unusable. Turn your conservatory into a more usable space with window tints - reduce heat build-up and harsh glare in summer whilst keeping the open aspect of a conservatory. Blinds are expensive to install and replace, easy to damage, collect dust and dirt and block out your view. Tints have none of these disadvantages and can make your conservatory more pleasant all year round.

read more › By reducing problematic heat build-up and balancing hot spots in buildings you can greatly improve the working environment for your employees without losing the open aspect provided by windows. Similarly reducing glare in offices and on computer screens can reduce the risk of eyestrain and migraines in employees. Both solutions will lead to a better working environment, less complaints and increased productivity of both staff and yourself! Any building that relies on air-conditioning will benefit by have tints installed.

read more › All of the products that we use at TF Tinting are recognised as protecting the skin against sun damage in turn reducing the risk of skin cancer. Please find below a list of our most popular products and some of their uses. If there is anything that you want but don't see here - please don't hesitate to get in touch. 20% silver mirror tint is by far the most popular product we supply - this product can reduce heat build-up by up to ~80% and is most effective at reducing glare making it ideal for conservatories.

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