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Anglian Home Improvements is one of the UK's most popular manufacturers and approved installers of double-glazing windows, doors and conservatories. You'll find the biggest selection of styles, colours and finishes to suit your home improvement project and a remote design consultation which is right for you. TrustMark is a government endorsed not-for-profit organisation that operates through more than 30 scheme operators.

Certifies products made from start to finish in a British factory by British craftspeople. At Anglian, we have over 55 years of experience in the home improvements industry. All our products are tailor made here in the UK, and for that we've been awarded with the Made in Britain marque. We are also accredited with Secured by Design and numerous British Standards - you can find all our accreditations here.

read more › Replacing your single glazed windows with double glazed windows is an upgrade worth the spend. There are many benefits to installing double glazing. They include retaining heat, reducing noise pollution and improving the value of your home. Our double glazed windows are fitted with an advanced locking system to keep your property safe and secure. It's time to release your inner designer and give your home a fresh lease of life. Keep your house warm with Anglian double glazed windows. Two 4mm glass panes separate a 16mm cavity to reduce heat loss through your windows.

read more › For 50 years Anglian has been at the forefront of the nation's home improvements industry. Right from the start in 1966, a commitment to quality and genuine customer care has been at the heart of Anglian's philosophy. We, very quickly, established a reputation for the quality of our windows, opening our first showroom in Ipswich in 1969 to showcase our unique and contemporary designs. We've grown massively as a company since then, opening more showrooms across the whole country and new factories where our windows, doors, conservatories and other products are made.

read more › Our uPVC windows are a popular choice because they're hard-wearing and come in several finishes. There's the classic smooth White Knight finish and for some of our uPVC windows a numerous range of foiled woodgrain effect colours including Golden Oak, Dark Woodgrain, White Woodgrain, Sage Green, Anthracite Grey, Cream, English Oak, Agate Grey, Black Ash and Grey Cedar. Dual coloured uPVC windows are a growing trend - with coloured uPVC window frames on the outside and white frames on the inside.

read more › For an authentic look, all sashes are designed to sit completely flush with the wooden window frame and achieves an energy efficient A rated as standard. The sash on these wooden windows overlap the frame providing additional protection against the weather and achieves an anergy efficient A rated as standard. Browse our timber windows online, and you'll find a huge variety of colours and finishes available, for both hardwood and softwood windows. Whether you favour a traditional sliding sash window or a more modern casement window style, we're sure to have a colour shade to suit your home - with 9 standard finishes and over 200 RAL colours to choose from.

read more › Each aluminium casement window is individually made with your choice of colour, configuration and glass. Our stylish double glazed aluminium casement windows are powder coated for durability and come with a 10 year guarantee, sealed units are guaranteed for 15 years. They exceed building regulations and come with a B energy-efficiency rating as standard. As well as being secure and energy efficient, they're incredibly effective at noise reduction, and cutting down sounds from outside. Each aluminium window has three aluminium window weather seals to prevent draughts and leaks and keep the windows water and air tight.

read more › For almost half a century, we've been developing and installing double glazing in houses across the UK, helping to make homes warmer and more secure. Whether you're replacing original windows in an older property or trying to reduce your heating bills with energy-efficient glazing, we've got a window that's right for your home. Our double-glazed windows will not only make your home feel cosier, but they'll also give it a facelift and transform the look of the property immediately. Each of our double-glazed windows is A-rated as standard and feature two equal 4mm glass panes separated by a 16mm cavity.

read more › If you want a home that's both warmer and more energy efficient, our A+ rated triple-glazed windows are the perfect choice. As well as trapping in warmth, they have great acoustic performance and sound insulation properties. With our triple glazing installed, your home will be cosier, as well as benefit from less noise and increased security. You could also enjoy cheaper heating bills. To maximise the sun's energy, our triple glazing features two panes of Low E glass and one pane of Low-Iron glass.

read more › By providing an additional layer of sound insulation between your home and the outside world, this will help to see a reduction in noise pollution - whether it be troublesome neighbours, street noise or early morning wildlife. Secondary double glazing is a much less disruptive solution than replacing your windows, and our slim frames need little upkeep, requiring only minimal lubrication and the occasional clean. With a faster installation process and fewer materials involved, opting for secondary glazing is considerably more affordable than replacing all the windows in your house completely with double glazing.

read more › Our uPVC casement windows come A rated or higher as standard, which means they're a high performing option whose energy efficiency can help cut your heating bills. Each window is individually designed and unique to you, and will also help to keep you safe with modern security technology. With Anglian, achieving the cost and energy savings you're looking for is easy. One of our designers will visit you at home to give you expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances. They'll show you the benefits of opting for our A+ rated double glazing or A+ triple glazing, guide you through the choice of frame configurations that will make your windows perfect for each room, and show you our range of hinges, openings, handles, decorative bars and glass to ensure your windows are bespoke down to the very last detail.

read more › With our flush casement windows, a choice in material means you can select timber for a classic look, or uPVC for high performance with low maintenance. Whatever you decide, you're guaranteed the energy efficiency and security Anglian windows are known for. Schedule an appointment with one of our designers, and we'll walk you through all the unique features you have with our flush casement windows. You'll have a chance to look through our wide range of colour options and select your home's perfect match.

read more › Wide range of decorative bars and configurations to create an authentic country-cottage look. Our cottage windows use cleverly-designed glazing bars fitted within the window unit to make each pane look separately glazed. With a wide range of bars available, you can choose a shape and configuration to give your home an individual look. With Anglian, achieving the cost and energy savings you're looking for is easy. One of our Anglian designers will visit you at home to give you expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

read more › Our bay windows not only offer more light and a feeling of space, but they also add a stylish and beautiful feature point. What's more is, our bay windows match all of our window styles, so the choice and variety available to you is enormous. Bay windows can help you achieve the cost and energy savings you're looking for, and are effective at noise reduction, as they're great for dampening external sounds. They can also provide added heat retention, especially if you opt for triple glazing. One of our Anglian designers will visit you at home to give you expert advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

read more › Sash windows are renowned for their classic, traditional and elegant appearance and give a touch a class to any home. Our timber sash windows are all about authenticity. These double glazed sash windows come with B-rated glazing as standard but we can upgrade this to A-rated so you get the traditional and modern benefits. Anglian offers new or replacement sash windows in traditional timber or virtually maintenance free uPVC. Design your sash windows to suit you with a splash of colour. Anglian uPVC sash windows come in a range of 8 handpicked traditional and contemporary window colours and either a paint or woodgrain finish.

read more › Made for your home in our Norwich factory, Anglian uPVC tilt and turn windows are available in a range of colours and finishes. Select from double glazed tilt and turn windows, or upgrade to A rated triple glazing - a great energy saving choice with extra soundproofing if you live on a busy street or near a train line. Tilt and turn windows are a good choice for family homes with small children as you can still ventilate the house without the danger of a child falling out or trapping their fingers.

read more › Windows in all shapes and sizes gives you more choice than the standard rectangular window shape. Made from our own uPVC, Anglian shaped windows are double-glazed, made from toughened glass and come in a range of colours. Customise your glass with decorative glazing handmade by our skilled artisans in our factory. Imagine a stained-glass effect circular window above your staircase, or curved windows around a new front door with a frosted finish. If you can imagine it, we can almost certainly create it.

read more › Anglian's standard A-rated windows provide a sound protection level of 33dB, helping to reduce unwanted noise. But if you require an even higher level of noise reduction - for instance you might live near a busy road, next to a railway line or under a flight path near an airport - you can opt for our "Safe and Sound" range of sound-reducing windows. They offer a superb level of 39dB sound insulation - significantly greater than our standard windows - to give you even more peace and quiet. They achieve a standard energy B rating, which can be upgraded to A for extra energy efficiency.

read more › 2. Solar, (G factor) - This evaluates how well your window harvests the sun's natural heat. Expressed as a number between 0 - 1, the higher the number, the better your window is at capturing heat. Your security is of paramount importance, so at Anglian we manufacture windows to reflect this. Each window is made with robust multi-chambered uPVC with welded joints for added strength against forced entry. All our windows achieve a high energy rating, with triple glazing guaranteeing maximum performance.

read more › We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the important task of ensuring that your home is as "safe as houses", so all our secure windows are fitted as standard with a range of modern anti-burglar features. We manufacture our uPVC frames from our own uPVC formula to guarantee their strength and quality. They're designed in a robust, multi-chambered construction, and we use welded joints for extra resistance to any attempted break-in, ensuring your uPVC window security is working at its best. High security steel shoot bolts lock into every frame at two points for additional strength and an effective excluder device offers top levels of protection against your window being forced open by a jemmy (except on fire escape vents).

read more › Classic and period styles are perfect for owners of older homes, or for traditionalists with a modern home. Classic Fleur De Lys or traditional North Star and Snowflake patterns will all be created and installed by our craftsmen into your chosen window or door. More contemporary designs can inject some individuality into a modern home. Be bold with funky geometric patterns, make your glass as pretty as a picture, or simply choose a design which complements your existing interior dcor. Etched glass always boasts an understated air of class, which is why simple border designs work so well.

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