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Ace Sash Windows Sash-Style is a website about traditional timber box sash windows. We've been promoting plastic-free windows for twenty years - how time flies! Here you will find information about how to carry out some of the simpler repair and maintenance tasks such as how to re-cord a sash and where to get draught-proofing kits (draft-proofing kits if you're American).

If you are not sure about how to carry out jobs not mentioned here check out our FAQs page for sash window repair hints or email us for advice about all aspects of sash window renovation. We don't actually do any window repairs ourselves. Sash-Style no longer does work on sash-windows or provide quotations/estimates.

If you're too busy, too lazy, or need someone to repair sash-windows for you, there are sash window repairers who specialise in restoration & renovation and can fix up old sliding sashes and windows or replace them with new wooden ones to match.You'll also find makers of sash windows, stockists and manufacturers of sash-window hardware and glazing suppliers here.

read more › The sash window companies listed below are a random selection from the complete list of specialists in sash window repair and restoration, and sash window installers. They're mostly in Great Britain and Ireland, but there are some in other countries (mainly suppliers to the trade and manufacturers interested in exporting to Britain). We are a small specialist company. We re-cord, repair, reglaze and draught-proof original windows, fit new double glazed sashes into old box frames and install complete new FENSA sash windows.

read more › With some basic tools and skills and a DIY sash window draught-proofing kit you can fit parting beads and staff beads incorporating draught seals to your windows. Good ventilation is essential to prevent the humidity levels in a room or house from causing condensation which can lead to the growth of mould. The gaps around an average wooden sash-window without draught-stripping effectively comply with the Building Regulations' requirements for background ventilation. However, most of us would like more control over the howling gale that this can seem like in the depths of winter!

read more › Here you'll find manufacturers and suppliers of sash-window suspension hardware (sash weights, axle-pulleys, spiral balances, spring balances) and window furniture such as the various forms of sash-fasteners, sash-lifts. Timbabuild wood repair for the professional user market such as renovation specialists and window companies. ERC rapid suited to "same-day" repair by sash window specialists. Q wood beading. Q-wood profiles reflect the natural appearance and feel of wood whilst still retaining the beneficial properties of pvcu.

read more › Whether you're looking for a one-off sash window or to replace all the windows in your house, you should be able to find a manufacturer of sash windows here who can supply to your specifications and many also provide a window fitting service. Many of the manufacturers supply to the trade for either new build or restoration work. Sash windows were traditionally made using softwoods such as red deal or hardwoods like oak, or a combination of the two. These days wood from a wider range of trees is used, some treated with new, more environmentally friendly timber treatments than were available in the past.

read more › Looking for slimline double glazed sealed units to fit into timber sash windows? Specialist manufacturers and suppliers can provide sealed unit double glazing to fit into your timber sash windows. Supply to the trade and individuals for either new sashes or restoration of existing windows. In restoration work specialist glass may be specified to preserve the appearance of old sash windows in historic and listed buildings.

read more › A pocket is the cover to an opening in the frame. The top is wedged into the pulley-stile and it is secured by a screw at the bottom. In most cases it is fairly simple to remove the screw and prise the bottom of the pocket out, though due to a build of paint-layers it can sometimes be hard to locate the screw. A mouse is what you use to pull sash-cords through the box sections of sash-window frames. It is basically a weight attached to a piece of string, the main requirement being that it can be threaded over an axle-pulley.

read more › If you can, check that the axle-pulleys are not damaged or too badly worn to run smoothly, now is the time to replace them if they are. With the knife, score through the paint where one of the staff beads meets the inside lining, this makes for a much neater job, especially if there are lots of layers of old paint. Using the chisel, start about halfway up and prise a staff bead away from the frame, taking care not to damage the arris (corner) of the inside lining. Work your way up and down until you can spring it out from where it is wedged in by the mitred joints top and bottom - watch out for the nails, they can be a bit vicious.

read more › If you haven't found what you are looking for elsewhere on the site, take a browse through this FAQs page - the questions and answers are based on queries I have received. Can you tell me where there is a good company that can fit seven sash windows and not charge the earth to do it?. The weight mechanism in one of my windows is malfunctioning on one side so I cannot lower the top sash without using excessive force. Should I replace the window?. I have recently had my single-glazed sash window double-glazed but it won't work on the pulley system because the window is now heavier.

read more › One of the advantages of living in a new house is the improvement in standards of draught-proofing and insulation of modern window frames, and most more traditional homes have been fitted with double-glazed uPVC windows to improve their energy efficiency. If you ignore the carbon footprint of the manufacturing of uPVC windows the claims of energy efficient design and low maintenance are indisputable. However, while it takes decades to recover the energy costs of uPVC manufacture, timber windows are actually locking up carbon for the lifetime of the windows and possibly beyond, depending on method of disposal.

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