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Bolton Gate Services With more than 30 years of experience under our belts, Bolton Gate Services is the number one choice for servicing an array of doors and secure entrance systems. From automatic and manual revolving doors to security doors and ICU doors, our maintenance and repair services are widespread and thorough. Our growing list of loyal clients are offered affordable maintenance packages and flexible contracts, depending on their needs.

Our qualified engineers go above and beyond for our clients, using tried and tested methods to keep your doors safe and secure! Our list of services is extensive and showcases our incredible capabilities. Whether you require a bespoke servicing plan, an emergency callout, or a brand-new installation; we have you covered. Industrial doors play a vital role for warehouses and production facilities up and down the country and our experts are here to help with them.

Gates and grilles are a widely used security feature and so need to be kept maintained in order to maintain their effectiveness.

read more › Here at Bolton Gate Services, we pride ourselves on providing a first-class service for all of our clients. In order to continue providing the highest quality service, we have teamed up with other professional and reliable companies, all of whom have their own track record of excellence. You can find out more about our Partners below. Novoferm are a trusted supplier of quality garage doors and operators. Their residential garage door systems are top of the range and completely automated, ensuring clients can open and close their garage doors from the comfort of their vehicle.

read more › Are your doors, gates or shutters in need of fixing or servicing? Do you require an installation carried out? Then you're more than likely searching for a company to handle the work. Before you dial the first number you come across, do a little research first. You'll often find that companies and their employees aren't accredited or certified to the same level, which can have an impact on the service you receive. Not only do we have decades of experience backing us, a comprehensive knowledge base, and unrivalled resources to call on, but our entire team is clear with safety too.

read more › For a business to function in a fit and proper way, health and safety measures need to be respected and carried out. It is imperative that all of your employees are working in a safe environment, as not only will it look after their well-being, but it will increase productivity. Many of our clients here at Bolton Gate Services regularly use industrial doors, as well as gates and loading bays. For this reason, it is essential that each and every door passes safety checks and is compliant with current legislation.

read more › Are you looking for a reliable maintenance provider that can fix and look after your industrial doors, barriers, gates or shutters, whatever the weather? Your search is over now that you have found Bolton Gate Services. We never close our doors, so you can always rely on us to arrive on site promptly - any time of day, 365 days a year.

read more › Having fully functioning automatic entrance doors is essential for the smooth running of many businesses. If an issue should occur, it can be detrimental to daily operations and cause severe disruption. It is for this reason that it is essential to have a contractor, such as us at Bolton Gate Services, available for regular maintenance work. We are proud to offer competent maintenance servicing for automatic entrance doors and are also available to carry out thorough repairs when necessary. Our twenty-four hour availability, as well as our depots around the country, mean that we can easily access all clients who are in need.

read more › It is essential that your fire shutter doors and smoke curtains are up to code as they are crucial in preventing fire spreading within your premises. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and repairs service, ensuring that your systems are working correctly. As well as performing regular checks, we also operate a nationwide 24-hour emergency callout service. So, if you encounter sudden issues with your fire shutters, we will send an engineer to your site within 4 hours.

read more › Folding shutter doors are vital to the daily operation of many businesses, thanks to their ease of use and practical design. Problems with these doors can occur over time, and when they do, it can cause severe disruption. To prevent these issues from happening to begin with, it is vital to have a proven maintenance contractor available such as Bolton Gate Services. Our team are able to deliver both competent maintenance and repairs services for folding shutter doors. Thanks to our depots strategically placed throughout the country, as well as our twenty-four-hour availability, we can reach you in no time to carry out the relevant service.

read more › Sectional overhead doors are a vital part of any commercial or industrial setup. Not only are they important for providing quick and convenient access, but also for keeping out intruders and maintaining the internal environment. While designed to be as durable as possible, issues can still arise. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we provide maintenance and repair services intended to keep our customers' doors fully functional. And what's more, is that your doors will remain compliant with the 1992 Workplace Regulations - Maintenance of Equipment, Devices and Systems.

read more › Steel hinged doors are a common feature of many business properties thanks to their ease of use and durability. Many companies rely on the smooth operation of these doors, so it is essential that they are regularly maintained to avoid disruptive breakdowns. It is for this reason that many people reach out to us at Bolton Gate Services, your local door maintenance company. Our team are capable of carrying out both maintenance and repair work on steel hinged doors. We have depots strategically placed all over the country, so we're never more than four hours away if you require work to be done.

read more › Revolving doors are regular features in large commercial buildings, including shopping centres, retail outlets and hotels, among others. There are multiple versions that different buildings adopt, including automatic, manual and security. Here at Bolton Gate Services, we're experienced in all manner of revolving doors, so if your systems malfunction or require servicing, our team of engineers are on hand to help. To ensure that your revolving doors work at 100%, enlist the expertise of Bolton Gate Services by calling us on 08009178583.

read more › In busy hospital environments, it is imperative that the ICU and CCU doors are fully functioning to cope with the high demand. Fortunately, our team at Bolton Gate Services has plenty of experience regarding the maintenance and servicing of these doors. Read on to find out what our team can do for you and discover why our services are in such high demand. To ensure that this doesn't happen, enlist the expertise of Bolton Gate Services by calling us on 08009178583.

read more › Sliding door systems are extremely useful as they allow for ease of entry and are suitable for users who struggle with manually-operated doors. Such systems are electronically operated, however, and so when they act up or fail entirely, it can make it almost impossible to enter and exit a building. If you require fast and efficient solutions for your sliding doors, pick up the phone and call the professional team at Bolton Gate Services on 08009178583.

read more › Many businesses rely on their roller shutters as they are a truly versatile multifunctional option. Properly installed units from reliable manufacturers can greatly increase productivity and significantly speed up your daily operations. However, roller shutters are susceptible to damage, and if something does go wrong, your entire workday will be put to a halt. To ensure that this doesn't happen, enlist the expertise of Bolton Gate Services by calling us on 08009178583.

read more › Are you looking to equip your commercial or industrial property with a proven set of distinctive, dependable, and durable doors? At Bolton Gate Services, we're proud to supply and install some of the finest doors around. We're committed to opening up a world of opportunity, providing customers with more choice when it comes to all-new industrial sectional doors. Further details can be found below, but if you require assistance, pick up the phone and call us today on 08009178583.

read more › Many properties have gates for their lifts as they act as an important protective barrier for employees. When one of these gates breaks down, it can be detrimental for daily operations as lifts are more often than not then out of commission. It is for this reason that we at Bolton Gate Services offer an impressive range of maintenance and repair services for clients that have such gates. Thanks to the versatility of our team, we can offer the same high level of service for both our maintenance and repair work.

read more › If you're a business owner, then you rely on your gate or grille to provide security for your property. It's an essential part of protecting your stock and other valuables that you may keep on the premises. Not only is it an effective deterrent to intruders, it's also the fascia of your property. This means that it needs to function properly at all times and also look aesthetically attractive to make the right first impression. If you've been a victim of vandalism, Bolton Gate Services is here to take care of it quickly and comprehensively.

read more › Most businesses that operate on large premises take advantage of useful electric gates and barriers. Such entranceways allow you to conduct daily business smoothly, so it is essential that they are kept in excellent condition. As such, we at Bolton Gate Services are available to carry out vital maintenance work on such industrial doors to ensure that they function correctly. We have depots strategically place all over the country, so we're never more than four hours away from your site. This proximity means that our team can be with you promptly to maximise the efficiency of your doors, and see to any repairs that you need to be carried out.

read more › Has a vehicle crashed into one of your traffic barriers and you need it repaired or replaced as soon as possible? You have come to the right place as that's exactly what Bolton Gate Services specialises in. Welcome to Bolton Gate Services, where we're the number one choice for traffic barriers in the UK. Regardless of whether your traffic barriers have malfunctioned due to a lack of maintenance or sudden impact damage, we have got you covered. Once we're done, you can be sure that your traffic barriers are fully fit for purpose and working to maximum capacity, in line with manufacturer recommendations.

read more › Secure exit lanes are vital at airports to ensure the security of the airport's passengers as well as its workers. There are many different types of exit lanes in use all over the world, and Horton Automatic Door Services has experience with servicing all of them. Some exit lane systems rely primarily on mechanical setups. This can include revolving doors, corridors, and one way escalators with boundary doors at the top. These systems are present in all airports, and require checking on a regular basis.

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