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Comely Bank Glazing Based in Edinburgh, Comely Bank Glazing has provided professional glazing services to residential and commercial customers at an excellent, competitive price. We have also helped our customers protect their properties by offering a 24-hour service to board up their windows in the event of unexpected damage. With more than thirty years of experience in the glazing industry, we have the expertise to assist you with a variety of tasks.

A large part of what we offer at Comely Bank Glazing involves helping you replace problematic or broken existing double glazing which you've already had installed. These issues can develop either just from general wear and tear over time, where condensation can build up between the sealed unit, or if the unit gets broken and needs a quick replacement.

Comely Bank Glazing provides all services relating to Glazing and Boarding - if there any services you require and do not see listed, please contact one of our team on 0131 332 5618. One popular service that we offer is the installation of fire-rated safety glass.

read more › We provide a glazing service for both residential and commercial customers, which includes the installation or repair of standard windows and doors and the installation or repair of more specialised glassed areas, such as roof-glass, cupolas and skylights. In both a residential and commercial setting, we can replace single and double glazed windows or carry out a range of repairs on various fixtures on the glazed unit. These repairs extend to the replacement of handles, hinges, locking mechanisms and sash balances.

read more › Our double glazing service offers the replacement or repairs of any part of your existing windows or doors. We have a team of trained and qualified glazers who will visit you and make an assessment of the current state of your windows or doors. We'll then make recommendations as to the best ways to effectively remedy the problem. We find that it is often not necessary to replace the entire window, as the lack of functionality is regularly caused by a break down in any number of aspects of the window or door unit.

read more › At Comely Bank Glazing we offer the professional installation of secondary glazing with our range of products offering added insulation for your property and effective draught prevention. The process of installing secondary glazing involves inserting a new and separate glazed frame behind the existing one. The new glazed frame can be open or fixed, and is positioned internally, facing the room. A key feature of this type of glazing is the level of protection against external noise. Comely Bank Glazing assures customers that they will experience a significant reduction in noise pollution where properties are in close proximity to noise from cars, trains or planes.

read more › Unfortunate things happen unexpectedly to people all of the time. Fortunately for you, Comely Bank Glazing has your back. Whether your window has broken from a misaimed ball, or a break-in, we've got you covered. You can rely on us to effectively protect your property and put your mind at ease. You've worked hard for your possessions and your property; why put them at risk? If you have a broken window or want to protect your property from potential harm, don't hesitate to call us about boarding up your business or home.

read more › We offer a wide range of high quality splashbacks and mirrors that can be installed by our experts in homes and offices. At Comely Bank Glazing, we value the importance of imagination and customization; that's why we allow our customers to choose the colour their glass splashback is painted. Our splashbacks are a stylish and strong alternative to standard ceramic kitchen tiles. Splashbacks are designed to protect your walls from grease marks, water, and splatters. Although they perform a basic task, they can do wonders to improve the look of your bathrooms or kitchen.

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