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We manufacture and install high quality, energy efficient double (and triple) glazed units. For your peace of mind, all of our products are made and tested to the BS EN 1279 parts 2 and 3 Kitemark standard, awarded for quality control processes. From our factory at Well Meadow Street in Sheffield, we extend out to our satisfied customers across both South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Dronfield - no matter where you are in the local area, you can have confidence in Central Glass to deliver you the highest in quality glazing units, at the time agreed and always at the best price. Whether it's wood, aluminium or uPVC; we can change just the glass and not the frame. We are also happy to assist with anything from fitting a bathroom mirror to re-glazing a glass roof.

Central Glass prides itself on a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. We are delighted to offer our glazing services to members of the public, trade clients, glass manufacturers and merchants.

read more › Founded in 1997, our domestic, commercial, public sector and trade customers depend on our quality, reliability and value. Central Glass is one of the leading suppliers of glass and double glazing in South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Founded in 1997, and now part of the Sheffield Window Centre family business, you can depend on our knowledge, expertise and attention to detail! Our satisfied customers are domestic, commercial and public sector clients, and trade users (merchants, contractors, architects, specifiers and developers).

read more › With over 30 years of experience in the glazing industry, the Central Glass team take pride in outstanding customer service and quality work - for members of the public, trade clients, glass manufacturers and merchants. We are experts in the replacement of misted glass units, with energy efficient argon-filled double glazed units, leaving the existing frame undamaged. We can fit new glass into any type of existing frame whether they are made from timber, aluminium or UPVC. We stock a range of mirrored glass, which comes either standard-backed or safety-backed (quick explanation here to make the difference clear).

read more › Misted glass unit replacement is a cost-effective solution to replace condensed or broken down glass - whilst keeping your original frames. Existing double glazing units misted? Windows full of condensation? Our skilled and experienced glaziers will replace them for you with energy efficient argon-filled double glazed units, leaving your existing frames undamaged. If your glazed units are misting up, then the vacuum between the glass panels has been compromised. This can happen for a number of reasons: failure of the seals; degradation; wear and tear; or even poor installation in the past.

read more › Mirrored glass is always in stock at Central Glass and our range can be cut to whatever size you need. Either standard or safety-backed, it is perfect for a variety of domestic and commercial uses. Use mirrored glass in the home, to reflect more light around a room and provide a feeling of space in smaller areas. Obvious uses are in bathrooms and hallways. You could think really creatively and use mirrored glass to create a stunning feature of an entire wall - or even for a home gym or dance studio.

read more › From modular rooflights to bespoke roof glazing systems, you'll find a cost-effective solution from our product range. Rooflights allow homeowners, builders, developers and architects to create wonderful environments, illuminated by natural light. They reduce the need for artificial light, helping to save energy, cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and reduce costs by providing bright and naturally lit interiors. What if you already have a conservatory or orangery, but want to change the roof? No problem: we can use your existing base and frames and replace your old roof with a state of the art glass one (subject to survey).

read more › High performing, efficient, and long-lasting units: you can count on Central Glass for quality and value. Every glass unit that we produce is Primary and Edge Sealed (Dual-Sealed) for longer life. All are also Argon Filled and incorporate Warm Edge Spacer Bar Technology as standard to ensure excellent thermal efficiency. Our units have been thoroughly performance tested by BSI - gaining BS EN 1279 Parts 2 and 3 Kitemark Accreditation. You can depend on them for performance and functionality. We manufacture all of our products at our Sheffield factory and have over 30 years of experience in the glass and glazing industry.

read more › And cost-saving: solar control glass from Central Glass Ltd can save you money, reduce emissions, and make your building or a conservatory a much more pleasant place to be. Solar control glass can be can be specified for any situation where excessive solar heat gain is likely to be an issue, such as large facades, glass walkways, atria and conservatories. Or if you have a window that suffers from excessive glare, this can be controlled too. Buildings that use more energy than they need to in order to stay cool, are a major source of unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions.

read more › Contact our team of expert glaziers to talk through your requirements: our standard laminated 6.4mm glass can offer you a 4 decibel reduction in noise layers: better than triple glazing, this could be the ideal solution for you if you just need a modest reduction in sound levels. Central Glass also stock specialist noise reduction glass. This is a laminated glass with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer that greatly reduces noise from one side of the window to the other. This product offers you a 10 decibel reduction in noise levels and our team can cut it to whatever size you need.

read more › Central Glass UK offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass with varying levels of protection. Developing a modern building or refurbishing a commercial or domestic property? Architects, specifiers and end users can combine fire safety with building quality and open space design using fire resistant glass. Fire protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only. If you need advice you can contact our team of experts for assistance.

read more › What's more you can use toughened glass in your home or for your interior design projects. It looks incredible as a balustrade for a chic modern staircase, as part of an internal mezzanine or external balcony, for shelving or even to create internal walls. Its strength and resistance to impact also enables you to use toughened glass in other places you've never thought of before to create stunning features and design elements. Peace of mind. And scope for fabulous design. Get in touch with our experienced team of glaziers for more information about how to use toughened safety glass or laminated glass in your project.

read more › Save time, save money and save effort cleaning glass in inaccessible places. Fit self cleaning glass from Central Glass: glass which harnesses the power of nature to stay clean. It's ideal for roof glazing or places where a window cleaner would struggle to reach. Self cleaning glass has a special coating which uses daylight to break down everyday dirt and grime which is then rinsed away by rain water. The unique dual-action coating firstly uses UV rays to break down and loosen organic dirt (such as bird droppings) - and then uses rain to wash the dirt away.

read more › Your style and creativity; our traditional skills, state of the art design software and attention to detail - together we can make your decorative dreams come true! Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary style, add elegance to your home or create a memorable first impression at your business with our range of decorative glass. Textured glass, frosted glass and patterned glass allow you to create a distinctive effect while also taking care of privacy, safety and security requirements. If you're looking for something completely unique, we can create unique glass designs incorporating stained glass, textured glass, etching, leading and even bevels.

read more › Add a touch of privacy, or a dash of style. Textured and patterned glass from Central Glass Ltd is a simple - but stunning - solution for many practical and decorative requirements. It can also help to allow more light into internal rooms. Choose from our extensive range of 18 different patterned glass designs. From elegant and classic to contemporary and modern: whatever your taste, there's a design to suit most architectural styles. And with 30 years of experience working with patterned glass it's fair to say our creativity and flair for design have had plenty of development!

read more › Create an eye-catching contemporary feature or recreate a Georgian or Victorian design with etched (sandblasted) glass. You might also want to use our etched glass for kitchen or bathroom splashbacks, kitchen cupboards and doors, shower screens, domestic and commercial partition walls, signs, and even in furniture. You could have the edges or just part of a glass panel sandblast-etched to add a beautiful finishing touch to a mirror or a glass panel. Or you can use etched glass to create privacy.

read more › Central Glass Ltd employ in-house specialists dedicated to the design, manufacture, restoration and enhancement of leaded glass and leaded lights. Leaded glass can add a classic look to any period and style of property and can also break up the space of large windows without any reduction in natural light. We can recreate existing leaded glass panels, to enhance your home by matching a bespoke, original design. You can depend on our 30+ years of experience in this delicate art, for a unique and totally bespoke service.

read more › Bevelled glass designs are "three dimensional": - their angled, multi-faceted surfaces look stunning and let light flood into your home. Bevelled glass consists of small pieces of shaped glass, which our skilled in-house designers then bond to larger glass panels to create beautiful artistic designs and patterns for windows and doors. The angles in the glass are the bevels. They act as natural prisms, diffracting colour from natural sunlight to create a wonderful colour spectrum effect. Our bevelled glass designs can be used for toplights in doors and bay windows, sidelights and transoms.

read more › Central Glass Ltd is one of the only double glazing companies in the UK to employ in-house specialists dedicated to the creation, restoration and enhancement of stained glass. You can count on our 30+ years of experience in this delicate art, for a unique and totally bespoke service. Our team use traditional techniques alongside cutting-edge design software: from traditional stained glass to contemporary designs, they can help you. Upgrading your old windows or doors with a modern, energy efficient replacements, doesn't mean that you have to lose any beautiful existing stained glass or compromise the character of your home.

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