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Clearview Conservatory Roofs Timberlite is a leading system manufacturer of solid roofs for extension or conservatories. Timberlite is an innovative alternative to aluminium conservatory roofing. The system is lightweight, durable and easy to install, an ideal replacement roof for existing conservatories. The Timberlite roof is supplied in kit form and made to your exact specifications.

This allows for quick installation without need for time consuming and awkward alterations. Jobs can be completed in as little as two days! Traditional conservatories are renowned for being too cold in Winter and too hot in Summer. Timberlite offers a solution to this problem, ensuring the conservatory is insulated appropriately. This allows the conservatory to be used comfortably all year round.

It meets all current Building Regulation requirements for structural performance and has an unrivaled insulation U-Value of just 0.13. This means it will retain heat better than other systems on the market. The roof exterior can be finished in either light weight steel tiles or slate effect tiles.

read more › In 2010 the law changed in regard to translucency percentages of conservatory roofs. This change now allows homeowners the option to put a solid roof on their conservatory. In response to this almost all companies adopted aluminium roofing as an alternative, but here at Timberlite we decided to go back to the drawing board and eventually came up with a new innovative approach to solid conservatory roofing. With extensive testing and painstaking attention to detail, we finally developed a new roof system that is lighter, warmer and easier to assemble than its aluminium counterpart.

read more › For a standard size traditional style conservatory, the whole project usually takes 3 to 5 days. Although in some cases it can take as little as two days! The Timberlite roof sytem has been awarded the approved system certification by the JHAI which are an independently approved building regulations authority. Timberlite Roofs are indeed weather tight. Once the roof is fitted and the timber structure is in place a breathable membrane is put on the roof, once this has been completed the roof will be water proof.

read more › If you have some spare time on your hands & you're keen to get those jobs done you keep putting off, why not replace your own conservatory roof? Take a look at this short video. The Timberlite roof system is so easy, even a 9 year old boy can build one in less than 6 minutes! All we need are the internal sizes of your conservatory, your choice of tiles/gutters/fascias etc. and then we can design your roof. We'll email you the quotation and, if it's acceptable, the manufacture of your brand new Timberlite roof can begin.

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