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Kesgrave Glass & Windows We are specialists in all traditional glazing as well as double glazing installations and repairs, for both domestic and commercial properties. Feel safe knowing that our double glazed windows are constructed from quality materials and come with a long warranty. So, whether your windows or doors need to be repaired or completely replaced, do not hesitate to contact Kesgrave Glass & Windows today to discuss your requirements or request a free quote.

read more › At Kesgrave Glass & Windows we supply and install high quality uPVC windows. We can install all style of uPVC windows, including Casement windows, Sliding Sash windows, French windows, Tilt & Turn windows, Bay windows and various Shaped windows. Kesgrave Glass & Windows supply high quality uPVC windows manufactured in the UK by REHAU. REHAU offers an expensive range of double glazed and energy efficient windows, with the highest possible thermal and accoustic performance. REHAU windows come in various stylish options to complement any home.

read more › At Kesgrave Glass & Windows we supply and install the following doors for both commercial and private properties. All uPVC and composite doors, as well as double glazed units are covered by a 10 years guarantee. We supply and fit high quality front, back and panel GRP filled composite doors from the manufacturer Distinction Doors. Distinction doors are highly stylish with a wide range of options of colors and designs. Plus they offer enhanced security and are highly energy efficient.

read more › It is highly recommended to fix a broken glass as quicky as possible for safety reasons. It may be possible to repair the broken glass but sometimes the entire window must be replaced. This depends on the extent of the damage and the overall condition of the window. When the window is structurally sound we may carry out a repair of the broken glass to a high quality standard. We repair all types of broken glass, including double glazed windows. If a window replacement is required, we can also advice you on the most suitable replacement window, which we can supply and install.

read more › There are many reasons why your door handle or locking mechanism may be malfunctioning. Stuck or frozen door locks, malfunctioning or misaligned latch assembly may on occasion be repaired rapidly without the need to replace the full mechanism. At Kesgrave Glass and Windows we will investigate your faulty door handle or locking mechanism before recommending the best course of action. We will either fix or replace the necessary parts in order to provide you with a secure and reliable solution at the right cost.

read more › A loose or broken window handle or a faulty locking mechanism can prevent you from opening or closing your windows properly. This can have a negative impact on the overall insulation of the room. It can also have a negative impact on the acoustic performance of the window and can also compromise the security of your dwelling. Though window handles and locking mechanisms are an integral part of the window frame they can easily be fixed or replaced without the need to replace the whole frame. Kesgrave Glass & Windows can advise you on the best way forward.

read more › Window hinges are probably the part of the window that is solicited the most. It is essential to maintain the window hinges by cleaning and on occasion re-oiling these to further improve their performance. It can happen that window hinges become too loose, misaligned or too tight impacting on the ability to open or close your windows properly. Should this be the case, we, at Kesgrave Glass and Windows, strongly recommend that you either repair or replace these window hinges. This will help keep your windows securely closed while making the most of the energy conservation and acoustic performance of your windows.

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