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Door Industries Uk Through experience we have found many of our clients have been dramatically over-charged by competitive Door companies prior to choosing Door Industries for their Door requirements. We operate on a one fixed fee basis. We charge one fixed hourly rate, 24/7, 365 days per year, therefore you can be assured of no extra hidden charges.

90% of our initial telephone enquiries can be quoted without the need for site surveys, (with the help of basic customer information), in turn reducing customer "down time" and reducing time required for our site attendance.Door Industries UK is a family run company specialising in Roller Shutter repairs, Industrial Door repairs, Dock Leveller repairs & Loading Bay repairs throughout Stockport, Manchester & the North West.

Other areas can be covered on request. Having the knowledge, capabilities and expertise from over 50 years combined experience we can provide all of your Industrial Door & Dock Leveller Requirements.

Through experience we have found our clients prefer to use a diverse / one stop shop company that can fulfil all of their requirements, we maintain many large sites for our clients, including installations & repairs of Roller Shutter Doors, Industrial Doors, Fire Exit Doors, Dock Levellers & Loading Bay Equipment including Dock Shelters, Dock Bumpers, Traffic Lights & More.

read more › The core side of our business is Roller Shutter Repairs in Stockport, Manchester and throughout the North West. Whether Industrial or Commercial we have the knowledge and capability to Repair or replace all types of Roller Shutter Doors. Our Engineers Can Attend Site, Give You a Free Quote & Repair Your Roller Shutter The Same Day. Roller Shutters are the most practical and versatile of all Industrial / commercial doors. They are commonly used on a wide variety of applications, from large Industrial premises, loading bays, garages to smaller commercial applications such as shop fronts and doorway security.

read more › Converting Manually operated Roller Shutters to electrically operated Roller Shutters is proving extremely popular for Door Industries UK. We have been asked by numerous clients for quotes to replace their manual doors with electrically operated doors. After being told by various Roller Shutter companies that their doors cannot be converted, they are always extremely happy when we tell them we can convert their Roller Shutters by just replacing the barrel assembly with an electrically operated assembly.

read more › Section Overhead Doors are the most common alternative to conventional Roller Shutter Doors, particularly preferred on new build applications for their high thermal insulation values, noise reduction, aesthetically pleasing appearance and versatile overhead tracking options. As with conventional Roller Shutter Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors suffer damage, wear and tear and also require regular servicing and maintenance. Although there are many different manufacturers of Sectional Overhead Doors we have the facility to carry out repairs to any make or model of door.

read more › Due to their fast operating speeds, (which conventional Shutter doors cannot achieve) the loss of critical heat from inside a building is significantly reduced by the introduction of one of our "Dynamic" range of High Speed Doors, this in turn will help reduce energy costs. Recent project to remove existing double steel door set and install a Door Industries Combi-Door. The Combi-Door consists of a Steel Roller Shutter and a High Speed Door merged into one complete unit. The Roller Shutter gives the building a secure external door, whereas the High Speed Door lets traffic pass through all day with minimal heat loss to the warehouse.

read more › Door Industries UK can replace any make or model motors, control panels and hydraulic power packs for roller shutters, loading bay doors and dock levellers. Many of our clients ask us to repair their door or dock leveller control panels, most of the time we repair the control panel and leave the door or dock leveller in full working order, but sometimes we come across certain makes that we cannot repair, this is because the engineer needs a programmer to work on these panels which only the manufacturers engineers have access to.

read more › Door Industries can offer you Door Security Products that can prevent criminals from entering your premises, as well as physically preventing break ins some products offer a visual deterrence preventing criminals targeting your premises at all. Anti Ram Barriers are great for achieving a visual and physical means of security, as they are installed on the exterior of a loading bay door they prevent people from ram raiding your door, as well as stopping people from driving through your door it also provides a visual deterrent, making people think twice about targeting you.

read more › Steel Hinged Doors are the preferred choice when it comes to Fire exit doors, Personnel doors and Security doors. Door Industries UK can supply and install your Steel doors with a wide range of locking products to choose from. Steel Hinged doors can be supplied and installed from 5 days of our engineers site survey. Be assured that Door Industries UK can provide the most economical solution for you.

read more › Door Industries UK are so confident in our knowledge of Aluminium Doors that we guarantee we can repair or replace any Aluminium Door parts, Closers, Locks and Pivots. Through our experience and knowledge within the door industry we pride ourselves as being one of very few companies left having the capabilities to repair all types of Aluminium Doors, no matter what the age, make or model! Some of the most frequent problems we encounter are failed, damaged or worn Door Closers and Floor Springs, Locks, Pivots, Hinges, Flush Bolts, Keys & Cylinders.

read more › We Don't Just Repair Our Own Dock Levellers & Loading Bay Equipment, We Can Service & Repair Any Other Brand Of Dock Leveller Or Equipment As well. We Can Inspect Every Aspect Of Your Loading Bays & Recommend The Most Effective Action To Keep Your Loading Bays Working At Peak Performance. Door Industries UK Will Not Just Quote To Replace Your Dock Levellers. Over The Past 5 Years, We Have Serviced & Repaired Hundreds Of Dock Levellers, There Has Been Only 1 Instance Where We Have Not Been Able To Repair A Dock Leveller.

read more › For many companies, the loading bays are the heart of their businesses operations. Be sure that Door Industries UK can keep your Loading Bays working at optimal performance. On many occasions Door Industries UK have been called to site to replace various Loading Bay Equipment. We supply and install all equipment including Dock Bumpers, Dock Shelters, Loading Bay Lights, Traffic Lights and more.

read more › We are proud to claim our Dock Leveller repairs services are second to none. We carry out repairs and replacement of Hydraulic Rams, Hydraulic Hoses, Power Packs, Control Panels, Mechanical Parts and components. We also carry out welding repairs, Ramp and Lip replacements as well as structural steel support frame repairs. Whatever your needs maybe you can be assured we have the most economical solution to the problem. On numerous occasions Door Industries UK have been called to different sites around the UK to survey and assess a viable plan of action to rectify these issues.

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