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Acorn Glass Window & Door Services Acorn Glass and Glazing is a well established and respected, aluminium and glazing company that has been established for 30 years and continues to grow at a steady rate whilst remaining fully focussed on customer requirements, quality and service. An extensive range of glass products including structural, fire and security glass - balustrades - canopies - curved glass - double glazed units - shower screens - glass walls - mirrors - painted glass - leaded lights - all to standard or bespoke sizes shapes and thicknesses.

Bi fold and sliding doors - shopfronts - curtain walling; -rooflights/lanterns - secondary glazing - security doors - security screens - reception hatches, all available to a finished colour of your choice and to standard or bespoke designs. All design is carried out by experienced and trained staff who have the use of an integrated computer system containing up to date technical programmes and packages.

Legislation is constantly monitored to ensure that all designs meet, or exceed, current regulatory requirements.

read more › Acorn Glass and Glazing is a well established and respected aluminium and glazing company that has been established for 30 years and continues to grow at a steady rate whilst remaining fully focussed on customer requirements and service. We continue to invest in our commitment to staff training and new technology, which enables us to manufacture up to date products that provide for maximum efficiencies that include thermal and solar, as well as providing sufficient loading capacity, and also the ability to produce bespoke individual items.

read more › These double glazed units are much thinner than standard double glazed units and consist of a vacuum between an outer pane of low emissivity glass and an inner clear float pane resulting in a double glazed unit of high thermal performance, similar to a standard unit, without the traditional thickness and sight line. The 'slimline' units are produced at our Newport factory, using Low Emissivity Glass, and provide the designer and end user with extremely thin glazing units that have high thermal efficiency and have good acoustic properties.

read more › Acorn Glass and Glazing provide thermally efficient glazing to minimise potential heat loss and reduce energy costs and energy usage. Acorn specialise in the manufacture of 'oversize' units and all IGU's, large or small, are produced in our Newport factory with each and every one quality checked and stamped before being despatched. The incorporation of low-emissivity glass, in our windows, is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust as a means of reducing heat loss from a property. To help improve thermal efficiency in glazing and we use low-emissivity' (low-e) glass which is designed to reflect heat back into a building, greatly improving its thermal efficiency and maximising the use of the freely available heat from the sun.

read more › At Acorn Glass and Glazing we produce double glazed units in our Newport factory using ScreenLine integral blinds sets, installed within the double-glazed unit making them maintenance free with excellent functionality and providing you with both ease and a sleek, stylish finish to your glazing. They provide you with the privacy you need, when you want it, and are available in a wide range of colours. They are not prone to external damage through building use, pets or children, and will assist in increasing the overall solar and thermal efficiency of the glazed unit in which they are installed.

read more › At Acorn Glass we offer a durable, coated, neutral coloured, self-cleaning glass and, compared to ordinary float glass, it provides clearer vision during and after rainfall as well as requiring less frequent cleaning. It has good scratch resistance and durability, and in most circumstances can be treated the same as ordinary float glass. All self cleaning glazed units are produced in our Newport factory where we can produce units of all shapes, sizes and thicknesses to suit the frame in which it intended they are to be fitted, whether it is wood, aluminium, steel, uPVc or other and can be available within 5 days.

read more › The use of glazing in buildings, externally to facades, walkways, canopies etc. and internally to atriums, walkways and partitions has, and is continuing to, increase along with the associated building code requirements. It is imperative therefore that all fire glass specified, manufactured and installed has been fully tested, certified and accredited. All fire rated glass installed by Acorn Glass will meet this requirements giving architects, developers, fire officer, building control, and building users confirmation of the adequacy and suitability of the fire rated glass installed.

read more › Frameless systems are a very popular choice of balustrade system and they are suitable for domestic and light commercial applications. Where a frameless system is to be installed the base rail is securely fixed to the base structure and the toughened glass panes clamped within it. Alternatively the glass panes may be face fixed to the supporting structure. Glass clamps are used to connect the glass panes together and the system may be fitted with or without a handrail and, where a handrail is required, there is a wide choice available in various types of profile section; circular, square, steel or timber.

read more › A Juliet balcony will enable you to add light and ventilation to your property and at Acorn Glass we are able to design, manufacture and install Juliet balconies to suit your requirements and create a distinctive appearance to your property. The Juliet balconies we install are securely fixed to the external structure to prevent someone from falling out of the building and offer a safe and secure balustrade system. Our Juliet balconies can be provided with minimal, or no obscuring of vision from its supporting members; all dependent upon the location in which they are to be installed.

read more › At Acorn Glass we work closely with clients, designers and architects, from their initial design concept, through to final design and installation, helping them to achieve the desired outcome of their glass canopies and entrances. We can provide a wide range of glass canopies in many styles and colours, and they can be produced with self-cleaning glass, colours, tints, patterns and textures. There is a large choice of fittings and systems available to suit your desired application and the technical team at Acorn Glass will provide you with a depth of knowledge and provide suitable options that may be available to you, after they have taken due consideration of any technical or practical matters surrounding the design.

read more › Curved glass has become extremely popular with designers, architects and consumers to form distinctive, high impact and charismatic building facades, canopies and roofs to make their building unique and a conversation topic. Acorn Glass are able to provide you with curved glass of simple or complex shape and conical, convex or parabolic curved shapes that can, if required, be subjected to additional treatments with safety glass resulting in an insulated glass. Curved glass is being used, by Acorn Glass, in a wide variety of installation areas that include balustrades, shopfronts, office partitions, reception screens, stairs and elevators, domestic properties, shower screens and lifts.

read more › Fitness centres, dance studios and gymnasiums, for both health and leisure purposes, have been increasing at a substantial rate for the past two decades with an associated growth in the requirement for mirrors that are both aesthetically pleasing, have excellent reflective optical qualities and have a safety resistance against breakage. There are instances where a framed mirror may be required, and at Acorn Glass we are able to offer framing in aluminium, stainless steel; polished or brushed; or timber.

read more › At our Newport factory, Acorn Glass produce one way mirrors that create a visual barrier between subjects and their observers, where clear and discreet vision is required for clients who require the mirrors to be installed in a broad range of environments and the need of each customer is different. Our technical team at Acorn Glass will provide advice and assistance to help you achieve your desired outcome and our advanced jet cutting facility enables plugs and sockets to be accommodated within the design to give a crisp, clean line without a hole or frame being visible in the finished product.

read more › In a wide range of situations, schools, banks, cash points, supermarkets, stadiums, libraries, factories, warehouses, and many more, it has become an increasing necessity to provide safety and security of some description in almost all of these environments. At Acorn Glass and Glazing we are able to offer volumatic surveillance/security mirrors that can assist you in providing this requirement at a low cost and with a wide range of options from which you may choose. Our mirrors are lightweight, easily to install and maintain and are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your particular circumstances.

read more › At Acorn Glass we have an in house manufacturing process that enables high quality antique looking mirror glass to be created and set in antique and reproduction frames - no more old frames and modern silver glass! Our antique mirror glass can also be provided without frames and supplied with concealed fixings for fixing direct to the wall. Remember antique mirrors don't have to be old you just need them to have the appearance of looking old. We have supplied our antique mirror glass, framed and unframed, to a wide range of clients for installation in commercial premises such as restaurants and hotels, and also to domestic clients who wish to have antique mirrors of a bespoke nature for their home.

read more › When security of people and property from deliberate attack is of paramount importance, Acorn Glass manufacture a wide range of screens, partition, counters and doors that incorporate security glass able to withstand physical, ballistic or blast attacks. Security glass that we install will provide you with, the security and peace of mind you require, without you needing to compromise on the availability of natural light and allowing you to compliment your building or room designs. The technical team at Acorn Glass will work with you to ensure that the security glass is installed in a compatible framing system that will not compromise its integrity and achieve the level of protection you require.

read more › Processed glass has developed to a stage where it has a great versatility which is very much restricted only by your imagination. At Acorn Glass we have the facility at our Newport factory to manufacture a wide range of products that include glass table and counter tops, display cabinets, sliding doors, shelving, and sandblast designs. We are able to manufacture all of these products to any shape or design you require and they may be finished with polished, chamfered edges and are able to have cut outs for handles or any other purpose incorporated.

read more › Working closely with designers and architects, on both commercial and domestic projects, Acorn Glass design and manufacture bespoke frameless glass screens, doors, enclosures, splashbacks and wall paneling that give their finished projects the look of originality and uniqueness; something you will always remember. By using frameless glass to create your shower enclosure you will obtain a simple, stylish and elegant area with no heavy or unsightly fixtures, fittings or curtains and seamless glass to glass joints.

read more › Glass splashbacks and worktops provide you with flat, hygienic and easy to clean surfaces that will eliminate dirty grout joints remove areas where mould may accumulate. Our glass splashbacks and worktops can be drilled, polished and have bevelled edges, all carried out by us at our Newport factory, enabling them to accommodate cut outs for sockets, sinks, lighting and can have draining board grooves incorporated in them. They are extremely durable and both impact and heat resistant and as the finished colour coating is a permanent coating it will, with correct maintenance and cleaning, remain looking like new for many years of use.

read more › Acorn Glass are an approved locksmith and safe engineer that have extensive experience in the complete range of locks from multi point systems, 5 lever mortice locks, fire door mechanisms, cylinder barrels, garage, containers and cabinet. Commercial buildings, domestic dwellings, public buildings all have varying degrees of security requirements and all this can be accommodated by skilled engineers and our technical team, including the installation of a master key system. Whether it is to upgrade an existing lock, enable you to gain entry, enable you to secure your premises or if it is for installing the most suitable locking mechanism on your new building or room our technical team are available to help you.

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