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The York Glaziers Trust (YGT) is the oldest and largest specialist stained glass conservation studio in Britain, and one of the largest in Europe, counting amongst its staff an unprecedented three ICON accredited conservators (ACRs) and 16 permanent members of staff. The YGT is a charitable trust dedicated to the care and conservation of historic stained glass in York Minster and throughout the UK, and is a centre of excellence for conservation, innovation, research, and training.

The Trust undertakes conservation projects on behalf of owners and custodians of stained glass of all periods, in historic and modern buildings, from great cathedrals to the smallest of parish churches, in museums and art galleries, and in private collections.

Based in a workshop in the centre of the historic city of York, the Trust offers a wide-ranging service, including conservation, repair and protection of medieval stained glass, of enamel painted glass of the 17th century and Georgian era, of Victorian and Edwardian stained glass, of twentieth-century windows and of historic plain glazing.

read more › With over half a century of experience operating at the highest levels of stained glass conservation, the York Glaziers Trust have accumulated a vast and diverse collection of over 400 customers, from all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Our clients range from the custodians of major cathedrals, to parish churches, museums, art galleries, country houses, and heritage and academic institutions. As well as our work with customers nationwide, the Trust is also in exclusive partnership with York Minster.

read more › Monuments, historic buildings, and works of art provide the most solid and tangible links to our ancestors and their way of life. These rare survivals cannot simply be copied or replaced; they are irretrievably lost once they are destroyed or allowed to decay. It is therefore vital to deploy new and sustainable ways of preserving our cultural heritage so that its value and significance as original artefacts can be safeguarded for future generations. Preventative conservation is central to this endeavour.

read more › The York Glaziers Trust employs an in-house photographic team with the expertise to deliver professional images. Whether it is an individual panel, a single window, or a full scheme of windows, we are able to offer photographic surveys at the highest resolution currently available on the market. Photographic surveys can be combined with condition surveys or can be dedicated purely to the production of a set of digital images. The use of such images may include publication, archive, inventories, interpretation and display, publicity or merchandising.

read more › Our team of fully trained conservators and art historians have wide experience handling stained glass of all periods - from medieval to modern and contemporary. The Trust is able to offer advice to those considering the conservation of their historic windows, including the appropriate use of preventative long-term measures such as protective glazing and other methods of environmental and mechanical protection. Advice on all of the costs associated with the commissioning of conservation and new work is also available.

read more › From the initial conception of an idea, to sketches and full-size cartoons, and fabrication and installation of a design, the York Glaziers Trust offers a completely in-house service. Our highly experienced team of artists and designers have been responsible for the design and execution of many prestigious new commissions. We also have vast experience in a range of styles, and are also able to very accurately replicate original medieval and later compositions. The Trust are also proud to have worked with several acclaimed artists.

read more › Since its inception over half a century ago, the York Glaziers Trust remains committed to excellence in training and education. The Trust's first apprentice, Keith Barley MBE, is now the head of his own internationally acclaimed stained glass studio. Many other of the Trust's former employees have also subsequently gone on to forge outstanding careers in the industry. We continue to offer students, and those early in their careers, unparalleled opportunities to gain practical experience and intellectual understanding of the craft.

read more › To grind away the coloured upper surface of a flashed glass, revealing the base glass beneath. Tell-tale scratches left by the grinding tool will often remain around the edges of the abraded area. This technique is most commonly found in the context of flashed ruby glass. A shaped iron framework inserted into a lancet window-opening to provide support for panels of stained glass. Armatures were common until the late thirteenth-century. A broad brush, traditionally made of badger hair, used to spread glass-paint evenly across the glass.

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