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Celsius Home Improvements Celsius can build and install a fantastic alternative to a conservatory or extension with our range of Orangeries. A great way to extend your home. Celsius can design and install your dream kitchen in a range of traditional or modern styles. Huge choice of appliances to choose from. Celsius have a great range of Bathroom styles to choose from modern and contemporary to the more traditional.

Visit the LARGEST Showroom on Merseyside. All our range of doors, windows, home extensions, conservatories and orangeries can be seen there. Walk around and see for yourself. Our experienced and qualified staff can advise you on how your dream can become reality. Planning your dream home improvement can be a problem - we're here to solve it for you.

Due to our building experience we will assist you from initial design stage to completion handover. Doors, windows, conservatories, home extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, - we can plan it all and create your desired living space.

read more › Do you have problems with an existing window such as foggy glass, dirt or condensation? Then don't worry, if your existing window panels have failed you don't have to replace the whole window so no expense of changing the complete frames, we simply replace the existing glass panels with new ones. Sometimes when double glazing units get older the seals can fail and become less air-tight. Dust and condensation can then get in between the glazing panels making them dirty, damp and goggly foggy. Simply call Celsius Home Improvements and one of our qualified installation team will examine the problem and measure up to provide glazing to fit your existing window.

read more › More and more people are creating that extra space in their home by converting their existing garage into a beautiful room. We can help make this happen. A fantastic alternative to extending out from your home is to convert your existing loft space. Celsius can help with every aspect of creating a new loft space. If your house has an existing basement that is not being utilised why not consider converting your basement into a desirable, stylish living area. When extending your home you are likely to require planning permission and the extension must adhere to building regulations.

read more › Look no further than Celsius for your new build project, whether you are knocking down and re-building or building on an empty plot our in-house team will cover every aspect of the project including building regulations and planning permission offering a dynamic and meticulous approach to your new build. At Celsius, we do not sub-contract any work, so our professional team can ensure a seamless transition from an empty plot to a beautiful new home delivered to schedule and budget. We build all our properties to the highest standards using innovative materials such as A rated eight chamber windows with 1.37 U - value making your property thermally efficient allowing you to enjoy lower running costs, and all of our products come with a ten-year manufactures guarantee as well as ten-year installation guarantee.

read more › Building a single storey extension is a great way to create extra living space, and Celsius can help you build this to suit your lifestyle. Designing your single storey extension is the most important decision you will make and Celsius will guide and work with you to help you make the best decision. Whether you are looking to create a bigger kitchen and dining area or simply create a new living space for your home you can trust Celsius to help design and guide you through the process of creating your dream extension.

read more › A double storey extension can be the perfect way to transform your home as you can increase living space and bedroom accommodation at the same time, making it a very viable option for a growing family. Building a double storey extension with Celsius can be a good a financial decision as it will add value to your property as we as being more cost-effective than moving to a new house or even building a single storey extension. At Celsius we aim to eliminate any stresses to your build and make the whole process comfortable and streamlined, as all aspects of the project are undertaken by professional employees at Celsius from the planning and designing to the groundworks and interior design you can relax knowing that Celsius is the only company you need.

read more › Transform your unused loft space with Celsius, whether a bedroom with en-suite, a home office or just extra space we can work with you to create high quality extra living space for your home. Not only does a professionally installed conversion make a great addition to your home it also typically adds 12.5% to a selling price, so choosing a loft conversion is the perfect way to increase the size and value of your home. At Celsius we want to create your dream loft and we take everything into consideration when creating the best design for your structure.

read more › A standard single garage is approximately 150 sq ft. and that can be wasted space if not used the way you want. At Celsius we can help you turn wasted garage space into a brand-new room to maximise space and increase value at your property. The options for your garage conversions can be endless so whether a new bathroom, bedroom or home office Celsius will work with you every step of the way to transform your new bespoke space. Celsius do not sub-contract any work so all work is done in house making your conversion run as smooth as possible.

read more › Basement conversions are a great way to give your home extra living space in a fun and creative way. If a home extension is not feasible for you then a basement conversion with Celsius can give you the extra space that you desire as well as increase the value of your home. With only a few minor checklists to ensure your basement is suitable for remodelling, your home can become a new place. Our designers at Celsius work attentively with clients to create a bespoke space designed for living and your project will be delivered in a professional manner from start to finish by a company which is full of innovation.

read more › When it comes to kitchens, everyone has their own, very personal idea of what suits them best with many different styles and colours plus the budget and functionality. Celsius Home Improvements will guide you through the process of choosing your ideal kitchen from start to finish helping you make the best choice for you with an emphasis on functionality, design, manufacture and most importantly the cost. Firstly we will not only survey your home first for FREE but then provide the diligent expertise before you make your decision.

read more › Whatever style you dream of, we can design, supply and fit to create that perfect environment. Our huge range includes freestanding sinks, baths, shower enclosures, bathroom taps and furniture, basins, shower doors and trays, walk in showers plus everything else you need for the bathroom. No matter how complex or challenging your new bathroom installation proves to be, our great experience of both old and new systems guarantee our ability to work to the manufacturers specifications. With designs that meet the needs of the modern family, our range offer the perfect solution for every family member.

read more › Whether your require plumbing and heating for your new kitchen extension or are looking to replace your existing boiler, Celsius offer a wide-range of plumbing services to cater for almost all needs. Take a look below to see our range of services, we have broken this down into separate categories to make it easier for you to choose the service of interest. Whether you require plumbing for your bathroom or kitchen or heating for your entire home, we have the expertise and manpower to make sure you get what you need.

read more › Our team of experienced commercial & domestic rendering experts offer a wide range of finishes and treatments that will enhance and improve the exterior of your property. When you are planning your rendering job there are several factors to consider, such as the existing substrate, age of the property, desired colour and finish. To increase the aesthetics of your property and provide a flexible shell to protect all year round, a modern system may be best for the exterior render. Or if a classic look is for you, then a traditional system may work best to return your exterior to its original condition.

read more › Browse our range of uPVC and Aluminium windows, each one offering supreme fit, warmth and security. Choose from a variety of casement windows, tilt-and-turn windows and sash windows, all designed to make your home feel safe and comfortable. Among our choice of windows we also supply secondary glazing, which can be applied to your existing windows for increased energy efficiency and insulation. Speak to us now to talk to us about your glazing and insulation requirements, and we'll only be happy to help.

read more › UPVc Windows help make your home warmer thus save money on heating costs and they also lessen the outside noise. It is so easy to replace your existing windows from the wide range of casement windows styles we have to offer. Finding a style to complement your home and within your budget will be simple. All our UPVc windows are manufactured to the highest standards and are environmentally friendly. They also come with an 'A' energy rating as standard, which will reduce heat loss by up to 30% saving you on fuel costs.

read more › Tilt and turn windows are An alternative to traditional casement windows, tilt and turn windows are available in a superb range of glazing and framing designs that ensure we have the perfect match to complement any style of home. With our energy saving designs plus innovative security you simply have call us today to find out how your home could benefit. Our tilt and turn windows can also be manufactured to much larger sizes than conventional windows, a great way to bring so much extra light to your home.

read more › With Celsius sash windows you will void the pitfalls of sticking, rattling and weights and cords while retaining the distinctive charms of the traditional style. You will get a smooth gliding action, plus inward tilting for easy cleaning. Our improved and updated UPVC sash windows slide up and down and also have a clever tilt feature for ventilation and easy cleaning. At the same time they will provide the benefits of modern double glazing plus the character and appearance of the traditional vertical sliding sash windows.

read more › Celsius are one of the leading suppliers and installers of aluminium & UPVc windows and doors to commercial businesses across the country. We can also provide and install high-security and automated doors. Not only that, we also design and install conservatories and orangeries to businesses such as hotels and pubs across the UK. Whatever the requirements are for your business you can be sure that Celsius provide the best possible solution for your needs. Celsius can design, manufacture and install various types of windows to commercial properties and businesses.

read more › They are a long-lasting, cost-effective choice with very low maintenance, no rotting or warping and are B-rated energy efficient. Aluminium is also a sustainable resource - 100% can be recycled after its use. Available in a choice of frame RAL colours you'll be able to select one that suits your home and style perfectly. As with all our windows they are designed to significantly reduce heat loss and outside noise, keeping your home warmer and quieter all year round. A state-of-the-art multi-point locking system combined with an anti-lift design make our windows amongst the most secure in the marketplace.

read more › In this section we will cover a whole range of frequently asked questions about window styles, materials we use, colours and energy efficiency. Find out how double glazing and triple glazing works, their energy ratings and how improving your windows will help you save money and reduce sound pollution. As there are so many options available with different styles, colour and materials to choose from, in this section we'll explain why we can't provide a "quick quote.". Want to know what the Celsius installation process is?

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